Well, as my final day before a mini-vacation, it's time to take an in depth look at the WWF. Since I won't be here Sunday, I will give out my Unforgiven predictions early, along with 2 trips in the Time Machine, and the usual Ranting that replaces the lack of UPN's Smackdown in this area! Well, let's get on with the PDC


Who Hit Stone Cold???

Well, I've given my choices in the past, so let's take a trip into the Past! Sing it with me! We all live on the Tito's Time Machine! The Tito's Time Machine, the Tito's Time Machine!

-Tito's Time Machine-

Sing to the tune of Yellow Submarine!

On the page, where I was born
Lived a Tito who wrote the PDC
and He told us of his past
In the Land of Time Machines
So it was done, for fun
till we found what was needed
And we checked out, how the past behaves
In our Time Machine
HA HA! We all Live on the Tito's Time Machine! The Tito's Time Machine! The Tito's Time Machine!

First, we travel to November 16th, 1999 for that day's Phat Daily Column. By the way, you can read that column by Clicking Here.

And I quote, as this column was done the Tuesday morning after the RAW after Suvivor Series 1999, where Stone Cold Steve Austin was hit: "The investigation to find who hit Stone Cold was annoying to put up with all night. Too much of it going on, as I've seen many other things in the WWF that should have had the cops involved. Anyway, they were the most boring segments of the show. My money on the "car driver" is HBK."

And we live, a life of ease
Everyone of us, enjoying the time machine
The Time Machine can prove and it could be mean
Because, it's Tito's Time Machine! HA HA!
(Sing Along!) We all live on the Tito's Time Machine! The Tito's Time Machine! The Tito's Time Machine!

We now travel to the wonderful WWF Message Board, which you can always check out by Clicking Here. The honorable "Original Bad Guy" started a post entitled I KNOW WHO HIT AUSTIN !!! ITS NOT BAD ASS !!!, which I gave my thoughts on. To read this post, Click Here.

Here is my message on who hit Austin, which was posted on September 18th, 2000: "Remember, Steve Austin REFUSES to work with Mr. Ass.

I say it's the Rock or in an interesting prediction........

Mrs. Austin!

What about a strange twist with Debra(in the storylines) hitting Austin?

Knowing WWF originality(see "Higher Power"), it will probably be Vince McMahon damn it!"

End Time Machine

Wow, now that was a trip, and that wasn't a drug reference. So if you didn't read those predictions, which I called in the past, my main two picks are Debra Austin and Shawn Michaels. Time to look at both suspects.


Debra will be coming back once her new hubby officially returns to a full time schedule. Jeff Jarrett is now the Chosen One in WCW, so what could she do? I'm sure she could possibly join a wrestler in need, and make them as good as she helped out Jeff Jarrett. But what if she came back as the driver of the car? I mean, sure, Debra is married to Austin in real life, but not in the storylines. Just like in the storylines, Austin was hurt by the car, and NOT by the neck injury which he needed time off in real life to recover from.

HBK Shawn Michaels

This is my top choice, as there are many factors behind it. For one, HBK is messing with our heads about his comeback to the WWF and a possible future match. Two, WWF.com just happened to release a HBK article questioning if he could return or have a final match. Finally, I believe that things have smoothed over between himself and Stone Cold, as HBK had some tough criticism about Stone Cold when he REFUSED to lose to Triple H at Summerslam 99. The WWF could actually live on this, and make it a better 'shoot' like situation than anything Vince Russo could dream of. The storylines could use a great shot to the arm, like HBK as the driver, to really help interest for the WWF during their TNN move!

If these two 'surprises' aren't it, I predict the Rock, Mick Foley, or ANY member of the McMahon family. If it's Vince, then the WWF better grab their ankles because competition will get that much better. Nuff said!!!


You know, it's kind of fun not having Smackdown around here. I mean that I don't get shoved two shows that my expectations are high for every week. Although my RAW grades have been low for the past 3 weeks without UPN, I'm sure that in the long run, my enjoyment of the WWF will be much better with only one WWF Primetime show to critique. You see, as a columnist, I tend to look at the shows with a critical eye. I'm not certainly the casual fan, and if I only I only get one dose of it a week, then I should be a nicer person in my writings...or at least I think so?

I do actually have a plus of being in this hole, also known as Ohio University, is that I've actually gained 2 WWF shows. Yep, I now get good old Jakked and Metal! Metal, around here, comes on around 3 O'Clock I believe, and Jakked comes on about 11 or so on the same day(Saturday). So if I wanted, I could watch 3 quality(sarcasm) hours of the WWF on Saturdays! I could watch Livewire, then Metal, and then Jakked. OH MY GOD, look what I get to look foward to. Nothing like many recap shows being shoved down my throat. Hey, maybe I could really torture myself and watch Superstars the next day as well, and maybe the Mtv hyped Sunday Night Heat too! Whooooo!!

This week's RAW, on The NATIONAL Network, which sounds worse than the Nashville Network, will make me laugh very much. Oh no, it's not about the WWF. I won't be laughing at the storylines, the matches, nor will I laugh at anything actually funny. No! I am going to laugh at the TNN sponsors! ROLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLER JAM!!!!!! Tune in, after RAW, for some Rock 'N Bowl! Forget FarmClub.com, which is decent when they aren't running the same clips over and over! Hehe, how about we plug the upcoming Rodeo so that these wrasslin' fans to watch later on! Better yet, how about we make them suffer through advertisements of terrible CBS reruns(not Dallas).

TNN is a garbage station, no matter what top rated show you shove on it. I was thinking more of loading Mtv than to load up TNN with WWF shows. Mtv is a constant top ratings network, which the Nielsons actually don't counter like they do for other shows. RAW would EXPLODE if it were on Mtv. Holy shit! But hey, since ECW on TNN, the TOP RATED show, had only 0.9 of a rating while all of the other TNN shows ABSOLUTELY SUCKED.

But hey, that's what you get for signing to Viacom and not remaining with USA. However, in the long run, stupid ass TNN will get better programming because the WWF will indeed make them money to attract good movies, good reruns, good sports, and many other things to make it possibly better than what the USA Networks currently has, and that's scary. Even worse, WCW might become a force this Monday, but in the Long Run, the WWF will be stronger competition than WCW has ever wanted.

Tito's Unforgiven Predictions

Props to WWFUnforgiven.com for not using Shockwave!!!

X-Pac vs. Chris Jericho
This is by far, the HARDEST match to predict. X-Pac seems to be getting the re-push right now, and Jericho, oddly enough, is getting a de-push. However, Jericho could move on to places like Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit if he wins this match, or X-Pac could continue his path to regaining glory. Hmmm..... Well, X-Pac has gotten the better of him lately, more than Jericho has of him.
Tito's Pick: Chris Jericho

Eddie Guerrero vs. Rikishi Phatu
Is it just me, or has Rikishi lost his touch already? Anyway, I think Eddie will crack the whip one more time, and help out Eddie Guerrero for the emotional break up on Monday...well, the final break up, especially with the Playboy issue just right around the corner. Gotta make Chyna that independent woman to promote herself, as that issue alone will make her famous. Hell, I know everyone is curious!
Tito's Pick: Eddie Guerrero

Tazz vs. Jerry 'the King' Lawler
Hey, this match has been declared a KISS MY FOOT MATCH!!! Ok, I'm kidding there, as I had to mention that for good old Bill Edgar at the Wrestle Palooza Audio Show who just LOVES those kinds of matches, eh? Tazz is starting to shine as a heel, plain and simple, so he'll get the win over the King. Nuff said!
Tito's Pick: Tazz

Hardy Boyz vs. Edge/Christian
No, this isn't called Caged Heat, as those kinds of matches are ALWAYS letdowns in WCW. This is a CAGE MATCH between two of the best tag teams ever! The Hardys will probably win this, as they should have at Summerslam. But NOOOOOOOO, this is the WWF, who drags everything out, thanks to the lack of competition. Now can you dig that?
Tito's Pick: Hardy Boyz

Triple H vs. Kurt Angle
Good lord is this one hard to pick. Nah, it's ANGLE's TIME!! I feel that Stephanie will do something here to cause Triple H the match, so that this angle could last YET ANOTHER MONTH!!! Whooooo!! It's a good angle, one that wouldn't hurt to keep dragging. I'll at least admit that.
Tito's Pick: Kurt Angle

The Rock vs. Kane vs. Chris Benoit vs. Undertaker
Rock is a lame duck champ, Kane isn't a champ in the WWF's eye, and Chris Benoit doesn't have as much heat, yet, to be World Champion, so.......
Tito's Pick: The Undertaker

I believe there could be an RTC vs. Dudley Boy match, or whatever else. Well, if any important matches are left out, blame WWFUnforgiven.com.....although, they don't have Shockwave, and that's a great thing.

If you don't take my word for it, then check out Jaymz's Unforgiven predictions by Clicking Here. If you don't take our word for it, then check out the Wrestle Palooza Audio Show, during Sunday afternoon, to check out their picks for Unforgiven by Clicking Here!

@Well then. I guess I'll be seeing you Monday for Monday Night hype, as I'm taking the weeked off(Saturday and Sunday) to go home and away from this prison camp known as Ohio University. I'm also taking Tuesday off as well for that same reason. Funny, tomorrow will be the first day off since June 17th, 2000. This has been the 97th consecutive column as well, as I bid goodbye to another decent string of columns in a row. Taking tomorrow off means no ECW on TNN recap from me, so you Justin Credible fans can relax. So just chill...........till the next episode(Monday).

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