Finally, the Tito has come back to the Phat Daily Column. Nah, I'm always here, as I have had 179 consecutive columns in a row. Anyways, we have the ratings in this week, and no they weren't delayed like some cracker reported. Geesh. Did Nitro make a difference this week? Are RAW's ratings lower with too much WWF on television on? We'll see, on to the PDC.

Ratings Analysis

Monday Nitro

First Hour: 4.1
Second Hour: 2.8
Third Hour: 2.3 <---That's horrible!
Composite: 3.066666666


First Hour: 5.9
Second Hour: 6.2
Composite: 6.05

Head to Head

RAW: 6.05
Nitro: 2.55

-OUCH! Nitro took an ass kicking once RAW came on. Damn. What are your excuses when you score a 2.3 in the final hour, which should have your best matches? This is horrible, and it only means that Nitro is going straight downhill. A complete format change is now necessary. Throw out the current scripts, throw out the current pushes, eliminate the supergroups, change the set, change the friends and alliances, release the right people, and so on. I thought Nitro was decent, but many others could care less about it with the ratings proving it. Something truly needs to be done in Turner Land. As for the WWF, they pulled up a strong showing Monday, but of course, they are the only ones attracting ratings allowing Monday Night Football to capture a 14.7. I thought Nitro was good, but the ratings show that nobody cared, so WCW better do something about this.


-Well, this week the ECW show pulled a 0.7 in the ratings. Yes, that's right, so for all of those marks who told me off for giving it a C+, I ask you this question: How do you like them apples? Geesh. Anyways, this can't be making TNN jump up and down. They still have high expectations for this show, but the ratings aren't improving, but now they are going down. Looks like there could be some added pressure from TNN for ECW to really produce in their upcoming shows. But of course, my Friday theory comes into play, as everyone, including myself, is out on Friday Nights. Just imagine what the ratings would be if ratings registered when you taped it!

-It seems that Taz is going to do a little jobbing now that he's going to become a jobber in the WWF. What I mean by that is that Taz is set to do a program with Sabu for TNN, and then a program with Rob Van Dam at November to Remember. I'm wondering, however, if Taz will be around for this. If they had him lose the title to Mikey Awesome as quick as they did, I think that Heyman will release him soon. Heyman would do this just because Taz has always had the offers to leave, but he stuck it out in ECW. Whatever the case may be, expect an announcement sometime this week by the WWF about Taz's signing. (Credit: Calvin Martin for the news)


-Rather interesting news with the Blue Meanie rumored to be released soon. Even though the WWF is impressed with the weight he's lost, they feel that they don't really need him with Stevie Richards beginning to come into his own. The WWF loves having Stevie imitate other wrestlers, and they are happy with his in ring work. They probably feel, for the future, that by having Blue Meanie along, it would hold Stevie Richards from becoming a superstar in the WWF. Gotta feel bad for Da Blue Guy though.

-The WWF is really impressed with the Rock lately. He is so damn over now, it's ridiculous. I know of many people who now collect his speeches on the net, and I see memorabilia everywhere! I think the Rock is now way past Steve Austin in terms of popularity, and I really think that the Rock will win the World Title at Unforgiven, just for the fact that he's too damn over not to give him the title. As for Austin, well he best be accepting his role, and then shutting his mouth. Austin had his time on top, and now it's time to let someone else take the spotlight. Maybe then, Austin can turn heel!!! That would be great!

WCW Mayhem

-Wow, providing wrestling info. Impressive. They have the complete track listing, and just looking at it makes me want to buy it now. Here are the tracks:
Insane Clown Posse - "Take It"
Kid Rock - "Blast"
Limp Bizkit featuring Everlast - "Faith" (remix)
Metallica - "Seek and Destroy" (live '99)
Megadeth - "Crush 'Em"
Slayer - "Here Comes The Pain"
Deftones - "My Own Summer (Shove It)" (remix by Charlie Clauser)
Primer 55 - "Loose"
Ruff Ryders featuring Drag-On, Jadakiss, Eve, & Styles - "Pay Per View"
Big Punisher & Fat Joe - "Break, Rumble, Crash, Brawl"
Cypress Hill featuring Defari - "Fist Full"
Lyrical Giants - "Bone Crusher"
"Goldberg's Theme (Invasion)"
"Sting's Theme"
"Randy 'Macho Man' Savage's Theme (What Up Mach?)"
"Kevin Nash's Theme"
"Ernest The Cat's Theme (Cat's The Greatest)"
"Konnan's Theme (Bow Wow Wow)"
"Buff Bagwell's Theme (Buff Daddy)"
"DJ Ran (Make Some Noise)"
"WCW Monday Nitro Theme (Adrenaline V.1)"
"Nitro Girls Theme (Bailando)"
I think this track list is enough for me to make the purchase. I love wrestling themes, and WCW did include some for me to enjoy! Even if you don't like wrestling, this CD has many artists to sink your teeth into as well. Should be out on November 16, just two weeks after WWF 4 comes out. Get your bucks ready! (thanks to RP for sending in the link!)

@That's it for today. Well, that's all for today. I'll attempt to be back tomorrow with the usual PDC chaos! So until the next edition, enjoy life.

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