It's WCW day! Last night, we were treated to the latest effort by WCW to grab us away from the WWF. But hey, that's what is needed in this Federation war, because creating a new audience is very hard to do, ask the WWF. We'll see how Thunder does in the ratings, later today, because that will tell you how good Nitro was to fans. It could also tell us if Nitro could have a stronger chance to screw with the WWF this Monday. Well, let's discuss Thunder and more, so on to the PDC!


-Thunder Thoughts-

Ok, I thought the stuff with Tygress getting the win was entertaining, but having Leah Meow getting the win over the Natural Born Thrillers was ridiculous! Unless it's going to put Mike Sanders into some kind of angle, this just isn't right. At least they are pinning Mike Sanders, because if they were to pin Jindrak or O'Haire, you'd hear a long column about it. I'm cheering for Jindrak and O'Haire, the most talented team in WCW right now, to win the match.

Oh God, Stevie Ray vs. Kronic was just a case of 3 bad workers together. Hell, later on, KroniK or whatever came down to attack the Harris Boyz during their terrible match with 3 Count. You know, that's a major problem I still see in WCW. They have a handful of untalented wrestlers with no personality, and they push them! I guess they still think the 1980s model of wrestlers will gain ratings?

The interview with Ms. Hancock from Mike Tenay was rather interesting. Mike Tenay was such a dick during that interview. I loved that! I found it funny that Hancock said "I am the victim" when if this was real life, she'd be in consideration for "WHITE TRASH MOTHER OF THE YEAR" for accepting the proposal of David Flair while really pregnant with another person's child. Oh, by the way, Terri Runnels won it in 1998 when she became pregnant with an unknown father(list of many), and Mae Young won the 1999 one for drinking while pregnant. Oh, by the way, Ms. Hancock is going to actually have her child, according to Russo. Yikes, David Flair, who is dating Hancock in real life, better start pumping away!

The face paint on Booker T, who was disguised as Sting, scared me. It was a bad GI Bro memory...


Major props to Scott Steiner lately. He's a very willing worker now, and his temper(besides the Goldberg match, but oh well) has been in check. I fear that Russo will throw the World strap around his waist for his "good behavior". Can you just imagine the problems of him as World Champ? He could very well threaten you if asked to drop the strap to another person. That title is known for making an ego out of someone(Goldberg, Hulk Hogan, and Kevin Nash), and if it happens to Steiner, look out!

Oh God, it looks to me as if Drunken Scott Hall will be at Nitro, this Monday. I'm sure he'll help the company out for ratings, but just asking him back lets his personal problems enter the lair of WCW again. The argument will be made "oh, he's clean now!". Yeah, he was also clean the other 6 times he came back from a rehab session. Brad Siegel might have made the wrong decision by letting Hall come back, as he should have stuck to his guns and kept Hall out. The close to $1 Million salary Hall makes is very worth it to lose for Hall staying home rather than Hall coming back and fucking up again.

Speaking of comebacks, Tammy Whammy(that's quoting the late Rick Rude), I mean Tammy Sytch and Chris Candido are coming back to Nitro this week as well. I hope they can remain in WCW, because both were doing well until Candido hurt himself and Tammy was blamed for drug use. They are both very clean now, and they are ready to give it their all again. It's going to be interesting with Scott Hall and Tammy Sytch in the same locker room, especially from that WWF incident on the plane where Scott Hall delivered a gourmet of his own shit on a plate for Miss Sytch. Yecch!!!

Hell, while we are at it, Diamond Dallas Page could very well be there as well. If he does show up, I'm not thinking of long term for him at WCW. DDP is very critical of Russo's work, as it seems, and I don't think DDP could go on any longer, putting up with Russo's odd ideas sometimes. But hey, if DDP comes back to a regular basis, you know Kanyon would return as well! That's a double plus! If DDP doesn't come back, just let him go. Same with Kanyon, so that they both can move on to bigger, and better things.

No, Lex Luger is NOT coming back anytime soon, as he isn't quite a draw for this Monday's show. You know, I'll have to agree with Kevin Nash on this deal, as Lex Luger stays at home while guys like Bryan Adams can refuse to job to guys like Juvy and Rey Mysterio, both guys have been in WCW longer than Adams. I just don't get that.

The Jackson 5

5. Jeff Jarrett- The Chosen One! I really wish Jarrett could have helped Awesome better in his match at Fall Brawl, as there was too much interference in that match to make it look good. Jarrett wrestled well on both Thunder and Nitro in the main events.

4. Mike Awesome- I can't believe how WCW is ruining this man's career!!! For Sunday, he got a big win over Jarrett, despite the TONS of interference. Last night, he just did his stupid-ass Lava lounge thingy. However, on Monday, the REAL Mike Awesome showed up. No, it wasn't the 70s guy there, it was Mike Fucking Awesome. He just proved that he does NOT need a stupid gimmick to perform in WCW, as he destroyed Vampiro in that hardcore match. But of course, WCW decides to throw him back down to hosting the Lava Lounge or whatever again after a show stealing performance.

3. Sting- He destroyed Muta and Vampiro at Fall Brawl, fought well on Nitro, despite lots of interference, and did the same for Thunder. I'm glad to see the Stinger getting one last push at the top because even in his 40s, he STILL can perform. I think his look is a bit overdue though.

2. Booker T- Somehow found the confidence in Kevin Nash to put him over cleanly, and he's been wrestling pretty good all week long. Somebody give him a new finisher so that many WWF fans you'll be stealing next week won't turn the TV off the second they see WCW's world champ doing the WWF's world champion's finishing move.

1. Scott Steiner- Attitude has been checked out at the door, and he's at his best right now! Be very cautious about giving him that World Title, if you happen to do it very soon, WCW.

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