Welcome back to the one and ONLY Phat Daily Column. Another Monday Night went right by, and of course I'll tell it like it is on the Impressions, so marks beware. Anyways, I'm really wondering on the ratings this week, especially with Benoit vs. Sting as Nitro's second hour opener. We'll find out later today, so on to the PDC!

Monday Night Impressions

Filthy Animals- Looks like they are gonna feud with two groups at the same time. I was surprised that the Luchadores got the win, but oh well. I think Kidman should get out of that group while he can, because it, like the members of the Revolution, is holding him back from doing anything great on his own. Anyways, Psychosis has no chance in hell winning next week for the hair vs. mask match.

Brian Knobbs fights Goldberg?- I swear WCW really loves to give rubs off of their main eventers. Is there anyone else for Goldberg to wrestle besides shitty Brian Knobbs? I really hope so for the future.

Nitro woke up, and Benoit is elevated!- I'm so proud of WCW this week. They finally realized that an opening match can do wonders. Now let's see what it does in the ratings later today. Anyways, Chris Benoit needs to work on his mic skills beforehand, but hey, nobody's perfect at that. He does his business in the ring. Sting vs. Benoit, which was a dream match for myself, was a good battle. This match did two really good things. One, it helped establish Sting and Luger more as heels by cheating, and two, Benoit not only had Sid tapping at the PPV a few weeks ago, but he had Sting beat several times. He's really getting over now WCW, and he's molding into a possible main event wrestler. Notice that WCW.

Why Steve Armstrong?- I can see a Berlyn squash to get him more established, but why not someone a little recognizable, like a member of that lame First Family? Just horrible. I still feel that Alex Wright lost all of his wrestling skill when becoming Berlyn.

Sid will get squashed by Goldberg- Blitzcreig vs. Karagius would have been decent for an undercard at Thunder, but not here. Besides, Stupid Sid came down after their match up, so idiots could argue a purpose of this match.

Perry Saturn vs Uncle Eddy, AGAIN!- Can you say repetition? They could have accomplished this match ending last week, but nooo, they have to wait a week. Anyways, not a bad match, and it's setting up Shane Douglas as a heel, which he is better at.

Too many Mean Gene interviews- Nuff said.

Lenny vs. Shaggy- I must way what an excellent job Shaggy did in the ring. I really thought that he would win it, but oh well. I hate the duo of Lodi and Lenny. They make me sick!

Welcome Back Big Poppa Pump!- Finally, a fresh heel in WCW. Scott Steiner was the only interesting heel back then, and now that he's back, we get to see the best heel in WCW again. That man can really piss a wrestler and the fans off. Great to have him back, and he looks to have gained all of his size back.

Kanyon vs. Booker T was grrrrreat!- Great match between Booker T and Kanyon. This match shows where some of the true talent is, and it had no interference! Clean win! Great match to lead into the main event!

Flair vs. DDP, AGAIN!- Not a bad match, but you knew from all of the damn hyping that it would end with a run-in due to next week's prized 6 man match. I'm not much for the bat violence however. Wish they could stop that, because I'll look at the news headlines and see 'kid injured/killed by bat from his brother seeing it on WCW'. Oh well, that's WCW getting sued, not me.

Nitro Phat Stats

Matches: 9
Clean Wins: 5
Screwjobs: 3
No Contests: 0
Disqualifications: 1

====$$Besides too many Mean Gene interviews, Steve Armstrong, and the usual main event run-in, I will say this wasn't a bad show. I've seen better, but this week WCW showed efforts of improving by having Sting and Benoit begin the second hour, and I'm proud of that. Hopefully, the ratings for them during that match will really show a difference. Glad to see Big Poppa Pump return! Like I said, not bad, but a few loose ends to work on. I'll give it a


for this week's show. They are getting the right formula, but they still could improve a little. (ex. Steve Armstrong wrestling on Nitro) I predict a 3.1 this week for Nitro.

RAW is #2 on WWF's List

Long intro interviews are back!- I can honestly say that I missed this opening interview. The second I flipped and saw Vince talking, I immediately flipped back to keep watching Benoit vs. Sting on Nitro. So I have nothing to say about it. BUT, I knew what was going to happen, and I caught the ending with the challenge for the tag match later on. Of course, I didn't watch those boring Mean Gene interviews either, since I prefer to watch people actually wrestle, not hype.

The Rock is on fire!- I swear, this man gets funnier and funnier each week. When he said the thing about him trash talking in his sleep, I was on the floor laughing. I'm glad to see none of this shove it up your candyass stuff, although he almost told that poor old lady to do so.

Mr. Ass doing the J.O.B.- I was shocked when I saw that he let Jericho defeat him. Of course, that's the booker's decision, so this probably means that Jericho is beginning a push. Shamrock is going to lay down!

I hate the domestic violence crap!- I don't like Jarrett really attacking the women for no reason like after a match. That bothered me, but something else really pissed me off. The angle with Chaz an Marianna. I don't like that one bit, even if it's a set up. None of that should be hinted because little kids do watch it. That's all we need is more domestic violence in this world WWF, congradulations.

Dudley Boys are the best!- The Dudley Boys are so great, that they have the man, Stevie Richards, imitating them. Looks like the Hardys should reconsider siding with Gangrel, because they absolutely suck now. Acolytes vs. Dudleys will be a battle come Unforgiven!

Test- Geesh, Test made easy work of Jeff Jarrett in the mixed tag match, and he made the main event uninteresting taking Vince's place. Oh well.

Great Tag match for the titles!- I was cheering when Kane screwed over Undertaker and Big Show. I have a bad feeling that he'll eventually join them. :( I only wish for the tag team titles that it eventually goes to the upcoming tag groups, and not just two main event wrestler duos.

Shawn Stasiak has no future!- Stasiak made a horrible decision when he stopped using the name Meat, and following tradition. Everytime I see him wrestle when he was Meat, I can just think of those good old Porky's movies. Now, I see someone who will be wrestling Jakked in the near future. Nasty stuff during his match though.

Bossman vs. Holly- Glass Container to Bossman's face. Nuff said to impress you.

Weak Main Event without Vince- That main event bored me, because Vince's involvement would have made it much better, although he came down after the match at nailed Triple H with the chair. Nothing like a DQ main event.

RAW Phat Stats

Matches: 7
Clean Wins: 4
Screwjobs: 2
No Contests: 0
Disqualifications: 1

====$$Not a bad show, but it was sort of watered down. I wish Vince would have wrestled at the end, but we'll probably see him wrestle on Smackdown. Oh, I mean you'll see him wrestle on Smackdown. Anyways, I'll give it a


for their effort. I predict a 5.7 this week for RAW.

Overall, a decent night of wrestling.

Other Wrestling Related Stuff

-According to Slam! Wrestling, and I credit Ryan Boyd for pointing this out first, the WWF is suing Playboy for using her name in future layouts! Get them WWF, as she this will only affect her worthless career! For all of that trash that she talks on the WWF, it's time she gets what she deserves. Her proof an allegations are all false because of her lovely ring side seating on Nitro a few months ago. Wait a second, I'm talking about Rena Mero. Didn't I promise never to talk about her ever again in my column since she's an 'actress' and no longer a part of wrestling? Oh well, I'll let it stop now. She's so worthless, and I hope the WWF really puts the screws to her Playboy deal.

-Also from Slam!, WCW wrestlers will now be on the cans of Surge starting October 1. That's not bad publicity for WCW, and Surge probably loves how many times we get to see their commercial on Nitro. I'm about sick of seeing those commercials by the way. Anyways, this should be very good publicity for WCW, especially for students like myself who drink Surge in the morning for the caffeine.

-Taz mentioned that he's officially gone now on his website(Tazmission.com), so it's so long Taz in ECW. What will he do in the WWF? Well, he's not getting an early Jericho-like push if you are wondering. He's going to have to earn it like everyone else does. It's very hard to see if he'll be successful in the WWF, because he's probably used to winning all the time, and the WWF will probably make him lose a few times. I don't know if Taz is willing or not to do that. Also, he's not going to be a main eventer like he was in ECW. Maybe in time he'll achieve that, but not now. Lots of midcarding for Taz, so I'm wondering how he'll take it. Many keep telling me that he would be making the same amount of money in ECW if he stayed. Well, Taz wants less strain on the work schedule. WWF matches are much safer to wrestle, plus you make mega bucks off merchandising.

@That's it for today. Please keep in mind that this column consists of Daily Events and News, and it contains a lot of my Opinions, so there is no need to mark out on me. Anyways, I'll hopefully have the ratings for tomorrow, so chill till then!

Do the Evolution!

Take Care, and Be Nice to One Another.

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