Welcome back to the ONE and only Phat Daily Column. Well, the Monday Night Wars continue tonight, so will have to see if Nitro begins to put pressure on the WWF to produce. That would be nice, but we'll see if it actually happens. Anyways, on to the PDC.


-WCW needs a stronger all around card to even consider competing with RAW. Last week, Nitro began their second hour with Disco Inferno vs. Erik Watts. Now that wasn't a bad match, but there was much more interesting stuff on other channels. So THINK WCW! Book some main eventers or at least Revolution members wrestling each other for the beginning of hour two. We'll probably see the continuation of Hogan and Hart(if he's not faking an injury) going after Sting and Luger, as well as Flair coming back from last week. Hopefully, WCW loads the gun this week, because they are so unaware of what damage they can really do.

-Well, it appears that my favorite musical act(sarcasm) Insane Clown Posse will remain in WCW. They were rumored to be the 'mystery team' to go up against Dreamer and Raven, but they didn't feel like getting squashed. So for now, life in WCW for them. I'm sure WCW isn't too thrilled with ICP's attitudes as of late, as I would be pissed too if the talent I was paying was wanting to jump to another federation. Hopefully, WCW shows an iron fist in this situation, and cuts them loose before they get worse.


-RAW is WAR could very well feature Vince McMahon dropping the strap, but with my luck, it will happen on Smackdown. Anyways, expect RAW to feature some decent matches, with many of them setting up Smackdown. It does appear that Smackdown is their top rated show, but who can blame them? They are getting loaded on the UPN deal, and they really want to compete on Thursdays against some of the most powerful shows on television. It could strive in the ratings afterall, however. Most of those watching Friends, Chicago Hope, Frazier or whatever the hell is on Thursdays are a much older audience. WWF programming attracts a younger audience, so I'm thinking decent ratings will always be there. The only thing that I'll care about on Smackdown is the ratings. This week is when the Supershows start, so the WWF better get ready!

-God, I love those DirectTV previews. They are so full of sh*t. Anyways, the first hour they have something about introducing the new WWF Champion, Vince McMahon. The second hour they list something about Triple H's revenge. Of course, don't believe these anymore, as they have been wrong for the past 3 weeks! Of course, if I had this tool as well for giving out previews, I'd lie my ass off as well.


Mikey Awesome is Champ?!? Why? Now I'm not going to bash his wrestling ability. I've seen him wrestle a number of times, and I really think he's a good performer. Now on to what I think. I question ECW's judgement here, because I want to know why on Earth would they give the World title to an imported wrestler instead of one of their own. I heard recently, however, that Heyman was pushing to sign Awesome full time to ECW. This is probably an incentive, but still! Even some total ECW marks aren't too familiar with Mikey Awesome. Most know him as a wrestler which ECW gets to use on occasion. Then you take a look at the brand new fans that have come in because of TNN. They are like, who on Earth is Mikey Awesome? They probably just think of him as someone for Tanaka to pound on for the TNN segment two weeks ago. I'm hoping for some ECW star, like RVD or Sabu, to beat him, and quick! Please Note: I am not ripping on his wrestling skill, his matches, nor am I ripping on the talent he has.

So Long Taz Well, Taz will now be off to the WWF now, as I heard that it was an emotional time during his match as most of the ECW wrestlers came out to salute Taz. I'm wondering if this means he gets to go early? Yes, I've heard that his current ECW contract won't let him leave until January or so, but tonight's events make it seem that he might be leaving now. Oh well, whatever happens, Taz's dream has come true. He's now going to become that midcarder in the WWF that he's always wanted to be.

@That's what's going on! I'll have the usual Monday Night stuff for you tomorrow, and until then, just chill till the next episode.

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