Welcome back to another installment of Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column. I am your host, Mr. Tito. Ha. Well, the ratings are in!! Did Nitro get super ratings since it was unopposed? Did WWF fans stay up to watch RAW? Let's find out, on to the PDC.

Ratings Analysis

Nitro unopposed, normal time

First Hour: 3.3
Second Hour: 4.2
Third Hour: 4.5
Composite: 4.0

RAW is WAR unopposed, but at a later time for the East

First Hour: 4.2
Second Hour: 4.2
Composite: 4.2

Incidentally, NFL football which had my Niners pounding the Raiders recieved a 9.1 rating, and US Open tennis recieved somewhere around a rating of 1.0.

-Alright, this week showed that Nitro can get a little more ratings when unopposed vs. the WWF. They did gain a little more this week, but they didn't dominate. Monday Night Football pounded them and told them who their daddy really was. When the WWF is in that equation, Nitro's numbers go way down. Also this week, it shows the age of the viewers in the WWF since RAW began at 11 or 10 for the East. With school starting up, many younger fans were probably yelled at to go to bed, and they probably had their cable disconnected from their rooms. Anyways, we get to go through another week of RAW at a later time, and next week will truly prove if Nitro gained any viewers from this week's show. This is a real tester for WCW, so keep an eye out for next week's ratings!


-According to Bob Ryder, it appears that Konnan, Kidman, and Public Enemy were at Nitro, BUT they weren't used for the show at all. I don't really care for the other two, but I was concerned about Kidman. Here is one of WCW's most talented wrestlers, and he's disgruntled about his position in WCW. Why? Who knows. I'm wondering why WCW used Rey Mysterio Jr. in a match, and they held Kidman back. After all, Mysterio asking to be released is more of a letdown since WCW has given Mysterio all the pushes that he's requested.

-Haha, I loved how many people sent me e-mails about a different hummer color. Hey, maybe they have a new hummer. Maybe that isn't the original hummer, which means that isn't the hummer driver, duh. Maybe they repainted it? Geesh. Do I have to think of everything. So Macho was in Hogan's locker room, so what? Maybe they were planning a game of strip poker after the show? Nah, enough of me messing with your head. It's obvious that WCW did some poor planning here. It was probably the only hummer available in the area. I think WCW was thinking that nobody would realize the mistake..but many did.

-It's very hard to say if WCW will continue the Revolution. If you listened closely yesterday, they got NO crowd response from the fans when they got on the mic or when they all were in each corner. You must remember what WCW does to angles that get no heat at all, especially involving Benoit and Malenko...they drop them like a bad habit! So don't be surprised if they all drift apart or someone turns heel within the group. Oh darn, just when they get shirts too.


-Many of you are probably wondering why X-Pac and Taka (I'm not about to spell his last name) wrestled. Well, it appears that the match was a 'feeler' for crowd response to a match of arguably two of the best lightweight wrestlers around. It apparently, was a tester to see if a Lightweight match can get over for a possible resurgance of the Lightweight division. Terry Taylor has been pushing for the return of the Lightweight division, and the WWF officials probably decided to finally use Taka for a RAW. The WWF is paying Taka a decent amount of money anyways, so they figured why not use him? The WWF has collected some decent Lightweights recently, but it is still undetermined if they will greenlight a returning Lightweight division.


-According to Slam! Wrestling, Paul Heyman is rather pleased with having Raven back in ECW. Raven was a HUGE part of ECW before he left for WCW, and Heyman stated that he thought he would never come back to ECW. Well, now he's back in our faces, and back to what the real Raven was. Raven in ECW was much different than the one in WCW. The one in ECW was mean, cruel, and he was the most evil heel probably in ECW's history. It may not be much of a loss for WCW in losing Raven, but it sure is a large gain by ECW.

@That's it for today. I'll be back tomorrow with yet another edition of the PDC. Chill till then!!!

Take Care, and Happy Wrestling.

Mr. Tito 1999