Why am I late? Why am I late?!?! IT DOESN'T MATTER WHY I'M LATE!!! Ok, all poking fun at the Rock aside, welcome to another edition of the Phat Daily Column. Today's column is late because I decided to choose sleep over being really cranky while writing this column. Does that work?

Several of you are pointing the "FINGER OF SHAME" at me for what is considered grade inflation on grading shows. HA! First off, nobody can use the term FINGER OF SHAME but anyone who had a certain professor at my University. Secondly, before, everyone thought I purposely gave the shows bad grades. Now look.... the show had lots of wrasslin', while having a good mix of backstage segments. Instead of the stupid 20 minute interviews and about 10 Steve Austin segments, the show had more time delegated to the matches and about 3 Austin segments (or 4?). You have good wrestling on the show, and I'll gladly give it a good review. If you have bullshit "sports entertainment", with really cheap laughs and repetition in what's being said, I'll rip the show apart. That's how I've always been.

Oh look at me, I'm keeping up with the current wrestling multimedia. On Tuesday, I purchased the Tough Enough soundtrack to eventually review. I worked all day, yesterday, so I wasn't really able to get a good listen to the CD. However, I'm listening to as I write this column and should listen to more of it later today, therefore, I hope to have a review for y'all, possibly tomorrow. I'm licking my chops for this CD, because it has a lot of non-wrestling bands on it to discuss. I can remember reviewing the ECW 2 CD, and getting TONS of feedback for ripping apart some bands.

I've seen many question the WWF and pro-sports about returning to their normal routine. Sure, the terroristic attacks were harsh and we'll NEVER forget them, but I know that, personally, I enjoyed seeing the return of baseball the other night and I've enjoyed watching wrestling to divert my mind off of what's happened. In that context, I have no problem with that, because they say to return to your normal lives, and I consider sporting events to be a crucial part of my enjoyment during whatever free-time that I have. But that's just me....


-RAW is WAR scored a 4.8 in the ratings, which I *think* is slightly up from last week's show. I think it was a 4.6 or something? Anyway, it seems that the 4.8 area, give or take 2 each way, is the average rating that RAW now gets. I guess that's some stability, and the ratings should get stronger when Triple H returns in November from his knee injury. I bet that the ratings would get higher if the WWF actually let the Alliance members do more than just constantly job to WWF wrestlers. I'd say that the growing popularity of Rob Van Dam has certainly helped the show, but you still have the eyesores of the Undertaker (& friends) and other WWF lamers lately to hurt the show.

-Speaking of lamers (or should I say flamers?), former WWF wrestler Grandmaster Sex-ay or Brian Christopher or Jerry's Kid was backstage at Smackdown, "visiting friends" like every out-of-work wrestler claims to be these days. If they wanted to visit friends, why not personally go to one's house? Anyway, it's highly unlikely that Sex-ay would get re-signed with the WWF, again, because he really isn't that great. He once was when the Cruiserweight division started, and his popularity was strong during the 2nd coming of Too Cool, but once the dancing poser gimmick died, so did his character. With that, Grandmaster only received television time in spite of his father's quitting, and was probably a target before he was fired for carrying drugs over the Canadian border. Plus, I really don't see the WWF focusing too much on Tag Team wrestling anymore, as teams are breaking up or just jobbing to Undertaker/Kane.

-I don't know about you, but I'm still avoiding WWF Excess. Sure, Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler are quite nice, but I really don't have much incentive to see them speak for a decent amount of time or to take screened phone-call or e-mail questions. Same goes for most wrestlers, including favorites, such as Booker T or Triple H. The show just simply isn't worth my time or effort to tune in. Now if they didn't screen calls/e-mails and had some matches, then maybe I'd tune in. It just seems as though that RAW and Smackdown are enough WWF dosage per week to see a show with cheesy interviews and recaps, or whatever mark stuff it contains.

-Wow, Bill Goldberg has his own site now. It's at GoldbergBook.com, if you want to keep an eye on it. It has personal commentaries by Bill Goldberg himself, and in this week's commentary, he addresses the terrorist attacks like everyone has. Now not to overlook what he's said this week, but now that he's working on his site, I'm wondering if he'll use the commentaries to officially state his status in the wrestling world. Does he have any interest in coming to the WWF? If not, what does he plan to do with his time, especially once his Time Warner/AOL contract runs out? Believe it or not, wrestling fans, like myself, really want to know because I'm sure that we'd all buy the Pay Per Views that he wrestles WWF wrestlers on.

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@That's all Tito wrote for today. There's not much, really, to cover in the wrestling world with the ongoing sadness about the terrorist attacks still going on, which is very understandable. I'll be back, tomorrow, with a FULL review of the Tough Enough soundtrack, which should be fun, I hope. Until then, just chill till the next episode.

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