Ah yes, it's time to reflect on the Monday Night Shows. For WCW, the momentum of having 2 weeks of no competition on the East Coast must be lived up to, and for the WWF, they must go out with a bang on the USA Network in order to enable their fans to find them on TNN. So you'd figure that both federations would put on great shows for this, right? On to the PDC.

But first......

Thanks to the two individuals at Nitro holding up signs. It's very much appreciated here at LordsofPain.net.


The highlight of the night was Vampiro vs. Mike Awesome. By far, out of both federations, the Match of the Night. See what happens when you let Mike Awesome perform with his WRESTLING ABILITY and not just off a cheesy gimmick? Mike Awesome also performed a miracle as well, bringing out the best in Vampiro. Vampiro has seemed to lost a step lately, letting too much ICP gimmick get in the way of what was his good wrestling ability. I'm asking for an encore on this match!

I also enjoyed the HOT opener by WCW, very much. It was fast action, and the crowd was very much into it. Hot crowd all night, as they deserve some recognition for that. Anyway, this was the best I've seen any woman wrestle tonight, as Tygress did well in the ring. Power Plant must be working out. Of course, there is some strikes for stupid ass Madden calling her "Mama-Cita" during this match. Gee, why not call Rey Mysterio "Latino Heat" while you are at it. I wonder if WCW actually notices how bad Mark Madden truly is?

However, Nitro does get a FINGER OF SHAME for the run ins during the advertised match of Booker T vs. Sting. When you advertise something, you should deliver. WCW didn't there, although it set up a good main event for later on. But anyway, the point is that don't advertise something that will end in a garbage run in. Now, for the main event, I enjoyed it. WCW should notice that 4 of their top performers were in that very ring: Scott Steiner, Jeff Jarrett, Booker T, and Sting. No Bill Goldberg, NO Kevin Nash...... Those 4 can usually put on a good match, no matter who it's with.

As for the ending of the main event... it did indeed make sense, as the whole point of Booker T joining the match was a deal with Russo. It wasn't confusing, like most WCW endings. However, I did have a problem with it, along with something during the whole show. Does anybody notice how much Vince Russo puts HIMSELF over on the show more than his wrestlers? Yes, the McMahons are very guilty of this too, as Russo has caught their syndrome. He was heavily involved in the show, wanting a World Title shot net week, and at the end of the show, he wins the match to become the #1 contender for that belt. I thought Russo's whole point of coming to WCW was to make other wrestlers look better, and not himself? I thought he was supposed to remain off camera? Although he put together a very entertaining show tonight, his ego needs to get in check, REAL FAST, if WCW can keep riding this momentum.

Although I found the chalkboard segments sort of funny with Kevin Nash, it's somewhat of a rip off of Dean Douglas from the WWF around 1995(or 1994?). I guess since Shane and Nash are actually friendly now, that Shane is nice enough to give him suggestions. Speaking of Shane, he is the smartest man in wrestling, not Nash, for the way he won his match last night. No, that's not women violence when Paisley is a legit member of the match.

The interview, after the hot opener, was WELL DONE. It had good things going on, and some good stuff being said. And guess what?? It was only about 10 minutes of Nitro's time. Can we say that about the other side? I actually did enjoy Russo ripping on Bill Goldberg with that phony letter. WCW better bring Goldberg back for next week's hot show!

I didn't think I'd enjoy the Jim Duggan heel turn, but I gotta say, I enjoyed it last night. Duggan had a new look to him, and oddly enough, it might have rejuvenated his career somewhat. Good job there. It was funny to see a Canadian crowd chant "HOOOOOOOOOOOO". Shame on Disqo for screwing the Filthy Animals, making a BATTLE ROYAL for the titles next week! Can't wait for that!(that's not sarcasm, I love battle royals) By the way, does anybody remember when Disqo used to be a decent wrestler? He was manhandled last night by the Cat, although he is a former Karate champion.

Oh joy, David Flair has a tape...which we'll probably get to see on Next Week's Nitro. Yay. Why can't WCW punish Bryan Adams for not wanting to job? Clark willingly lets people pin him. If Adams wants everyone to be down with KroniK, he better start listening to orders backstage. KroniK was in the limelight tonight, but the Harris Boyz disappeared. Odd.

Phat Stats

Matches: 8
Clean Wins: 3
Screwjobs: 4
Disqualifications: 0
No Contests: 1

Last Word: Excellent Nitro! By far, one of Russo's best in recent memory. Now I'm not parading, saying this is what will defeat or close the ratings gap of the WWF, but it was the kind of good show needed to help grab the biggest opportunity of WCW's life. Although I have a few objections, I remained entertained throughout the whole show. Bravo!


for this week's show, as I'm hoping for an even stronger WCW to actually give the WWF competition next week on their network switch. I predict a 3.0 for their head to head numbers with the WWF. Well, I think WCW held up on their side of the stick, putting on a good show to counter the WWF and ride the momentum of last week's ratings...but did the WWF do the same?


Ok, you have a very hot crowd in Chicago, right? With that hot crowd, you'd want them to be very excited, throughout the night so that every match can look good, right? So what better way to do that than with a HOT OPENER, right? Well folks, the WWF screwed that up! Did you hear nobody react to Stephanie when she was out there for the opening interview? Nobody popped for that whole interview for that matter, and the FINGER OF SHAME goes to the WWF for not capitalizing on one of the best crowds in the Nation. I can't believe how stupid the WWF was right there. This interview took 23 minutes!

Then, the let the Rock have a longer interview, which later involves Mick Foley, Chris Benoit, Undertaker, and Kane, burn up about 15 more minutes of the show. THEN, you have Mick Foley trying to make a promo on Bush and Gore for refusing the Smackdown challenge. Many other promos happened, which made this show about half talk, and half wrestling. Hell, add in commercials, and the interviews took over half the show. How ignorant of the WWF, as they are WAY too cocky right now on top. It's not like there is a hungry federation trying to climb the ratings ladder, just like you guys did in 1998.

Right To Censor now gives me the Right to Flip on to Nitro. The RTC gimmick was decent at first, but now it's becoming obvious that it was a way to group worthless wrestlers together. Poor Dudley Boyz for having to work with these guys.

Oh gee, the feud with T & A EVERY SINGLE WEEK is getting a little old. It did have a good ending though, and kept this hot feud with Angle and Triple H up. I thought Triple H and Angle couldn't touch each other until the Pay Per View?

I did enjoy Tazz as the ring announcer. By far, the most entertaining thing of the night. Rikishi...at 6,000 pounds! Now coming to the ring, Two Fools! Good stuff. Two Fools fought Edge/Christian who cheated, once again, to prove why they are the NEXT New Age Outlaws.

Steven Regal debuted tonight...well, re-entered I should say. He's back to his snobbish ways, which is the REAL Steven Regal. It's funny how X-Pac attacks Chris Jericho for Steven Regal, although X-Pac was feuding with Regal before he disappeared last time.

Chris Benoit vs. Kane was the SAME match they always wrestle, and the only amazing thing for Rock vs. Undertaker was the clean finish.

RAW Phat Stats

Matches: 6(?!?)
Clean Wins: 3
Screwjobs: 2
Disqualifications: 1
No Contests: 0

Last Word: Gee, don't overwhelm us with 6 big matches now! This was a TERRIBLE show for the WWF to make one final impact for their move next week. From long interviews, to just boring matches, the WWF has opened the door wide open for WCW to step up to the plate. Congrats WWF, you might be shooting yourselves in the foot. But hey, it does feel good on the top, doesn't it? You guys are feeling soo cocky now that Steve Austin is coming back. Well, that's all good, but like before, your great God Austin can get hurt, and that won't be good considering that Austin is your only new thing(besides Raven and Regal, who will be midcarding it) to attract interest. I'm giving this show a bold


because the WWF puts on a half ass show when they should be busting their asses to get fans interest for next week's move to the WORST CABLE NETWORK ON THE PLANET, TNN. But they didn't, and they might get burned for such ignorance and cockiness. I predict a 5.5 for their first hour rating. WWF could be in deep trouble for the first time in 2 years, thanks to this half assed show!

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