Welcome back to the PDC. You know, I just love wrestling marks. They just love to tell it how it is when I tell it how it is in my impressions. When I grade a show which I thought was a sub-par show, all they do is piss and moan about it. A good example is the mail I get for grading ECW's show on TNN. The first two weeks I graded them as an A and an A-. Then, the past two weeks, boring to me, I have gave the show a D and a C+. Now what do I get? ECW marks attacking me. Those marks need to wake up and realize that their "prized" shows aren't that great all the time. The past two weeks have been the case, but of course, the marks don't know it. Am I being biased towards the Big 2? I don't think so. I am grading the TNN show fairly. If it interests me, it will get good grades. If it bores me and has some repetition, I'll give it bad grades. I do the same method with RAW and Nitro. No, I'm not afraid to give Nitro a higher grade than RAW. It has happened many times, and of course what happens? WWF marks crying. When I give RAW a good grade and Nitro a bad grade, what happens? The Hogan-lovers and WCW marks cry. But oh well. I'm not going to stop with how I feel on the shows. It's my column, and I always state tons of reasons why I didn't enjoy a show. I include Phat Stats© and lots of impressions to tell you how I felt on the show. I give clear reasons, yet I get marking-out e-mails. Oh well, but like I've said before, it's my opinion...so take it how it is. On to the PDC.


-Hey, good ol' Thunder pulled a 2.4 this week. I think last week they pulled a 1.9? Something around that I think. Anyways, it shows when you put up a decent show, like the excellent review show they had, you will gain a little ratings. I thought the show was great in the fact that if you didn't watch WCW all summer, you would have got caught up in all of the latest angles. It had many of the main events for the recent Pay Per Views, so if you missed those, it would have made your life a little better. But hey, next week it will be back to it's normal Nitro Highlights and lack of main eventers.

-It's a safe bet to say that Macho Man will be cut loose real soon from WCW. I have heard that he has been backstage at the last two Nitros, but WCW didn't bother using him. They used him for that Hogan lockerroom angle where Sting looked in, but they only used him then to create some shock value since viewers haven't seen Macho in ages. WCW wasn't too thrilled with his little strike that he did, and they haven't been too thrilled with his new attitude ever since he came back. If he goes, do you expect the WWF to sign him? Doubt it, but I'm sure they might think about it at a cheap price and to have Macho become a jobber.


-Smackdown pulled a lovely 4.5 this week. Many have told me that the network ratings have much more people than the cable ratings, so this is a fairly good number. I keep hearing people complain on how the ratings are so low for this show. I just laugh at them, but I'm wondering how this show will do next week when the "Must See TV" shows debut along with the many other strong network shows. Thursday is the top day for network television, as it seems to attract the most viewers. If the WWF can pull these ratings in this environment versus this powerful competition, then more power to them. If not, then maybe concentrate on your Cable shows a little more.

-I saw it on Livewire yesterday, as it had the new 6 pack match at Unforgiven. The match is the World Heavyweight Champ Vince McMahon vs. Kane vs. Undertaker vs. Big Show vs. Mankind vs. Rock. I have already heard rumors, however, that Vince will lose the title on this upcoming RAW or probably Smackdown back to Triple H or another competitor in the 6 pack match. Whatever the case maybe, Vince won't be in the main event at Unforgiven, but I'm sure if he was, the buyrates would be just a little higher.


-Alright, I decided to predict ECW's Anarchy Rulz for the hell of it. But, since ECW's Homepage has about 50 images on the main page, I didn't feel like waiting forever for their slow loading time to get the card. Plus, I clicked the "Pay Per View" section, and that didn't have any card. Just great. Anyways, I'll try to do this from memory from the TNN show, so here goes: Justin Credible vs. Sabu- I predict that Sabu will win this match up easily in is comeback. His win will be used to impress any of the TNN viewers who decided to buy the pay per view. Winner: Sabu!!
Lance Storm vs. Jerry Lynn- This one will go to Storm because Dawn Marie will distract Jerry Lynn enabling Lance Storm to pick up the win. Winner: Lance Storm.
Tommy Dreamer and Raven vs. two mystery partners- Whoever they are, whether it be ICP or whatever, they will get squashed even though both Raven and Dreamer are very injured. Expect Raven and Dreamer to push each other around in this match. Winners: Dreamer and Raven.
Rob Van Dam vs. Johnny Smith?- This is a Pay-Per-View television title match? Geesh. Easy winner for this match. Winner: Rob Van Dam
Yoshihiro Tajiri vs. Super Crazy vs. Little Guido- I have a strange feeling that Little Guido will pull a screwjob over these two talented superstars. If nothing of that nature happens, I expect Tajiri to win. Tajiri is one tough SOB. Winner: Little Guido
Taz vs. Masato Tanaka- Taz will win this one despite all of the rumors that he's going. If it were an ECW wrestler instead of Tanaka, then maybe Taz would lose. Tanaka will take almost everything Taz throws at him, until Taz gets him with the Tazmission! Winner: Taz
As for the rest of the card, I'm not very sure. I guess you'll just have to see tonight!

@Oh well, that's how I see it in the wrestling world. So until tomorrow the next PDC, just chill till the next episode. This is Mr. Tito, doing 176 consecutive columns in a row, signing off!

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