Oh joy, it's the beginning of the week...which is usually torture besides that fact that the best wrestling is here. Last night, WCW attempted to impress more of their hidden fans to come back, and Fall Brawl has been getting mixed views. Well, that doesn't matter for now, as the Monday Night War is what matters. It's the final week for the WWF on USA Networks, as it could be the last dominant WWF night for a while. Well, let's hype the shows and discuss Fall Brawl, so on to the PDC.

But first.....


-Fall Brawl-

The one major complaint I have about this show is the stuff with the Mike Awesome vs. Jeff Jarrett match. Russo and company just love to overbook Mike Awesome's matches and his gimmick, and it made this potential match look really bad. Plus, it had lots of interference just to take Jeff Jarrett out. Sting came down, the Buffalo Bills help, and Gary Coleman of all people provided a distraction. Just let them wrestle!

Another complaint was that this show was pretty predictable. Of course, I'm saying this because I kept up with the news and rumors, therefore, I knew Duggan would turn, I knew Booker T was promised the World Title back, and you could probably figure that Goldberg might lose since he's not scheduled for any shows this week. However, I'm sure if you didn't read the news online or other places, these could be good surprises for you.

A couple of oddball things as well. Why did the Natural Born Thrillers come down for the Cruiserweight match and help Felix? It looks like Bryan Adams and Brian Clark pulled another fast one with the bookers, convincing them to do a First Blood match instead of them getting pinned cleanly. Gee, since the Harris Boys won, do we get to see more of this painful feud? That just sucks about Paul Orndorf. I REALLY hope it's not made into an angle, where possibly the NBT would brag about injuring their former mentor.

On some positive notes, Goldberg and Scott Steiner had another great battle. You might as well book them against each other, every night, so that their tempers can explode on each other. The ending, with the passing out from a submission hold, has been way over done lately. Also, Sting won his match, and Vampiro wasn't thrilled with Muta afterward, so the recycled feud between Vampiro and Sting could be over! Also, Kevin Nash lost cleanly to Booker T! Good God...but wait, I guess Nash must do everything willingly so that Scott Hall can return. Ugh.

We'll see how this Pay Per View helps Nitro when the ratings come out. Of course, they still must put on a good Nitro now as well...

-Nitro Hype-

Nitro will be in Canada tonight, so will the crowd be cheering "hoooooooooo!" for Jim Duggan now?

Sting will face Booker T tonight, which given the time and minus the many run ins, will be another great match. I'm betting Jarrett will aim for Sting, and that will probably set up an extended feud between Sting and Jarrett for Halloween Havoc, the next WCW Pay Per View.

Also, we will be treated to finding out the first suspect in the "Who Knocked Up Ms. Hancock" storyline. Yay. I'm sure David Flair will be there, acting stupid and crazy like he did last night...taking out the mailman on A SUNDAY. I'd suggest that WCW use Arn Anderson for the storyline, since his words of wisdom worked well on Thunder.

Oh boy, Tank Sinatra! You know, I'm starting to miss the Tank that managed 3 Count already. I guess corny gimmicks are the product of NOT going to the Power Plant to work on his "wrestling" moves.


-RAW Hype-

Since I predicted last week's RAW main event (Rock/Undertaker vs. Kane/Chris Benoit), I'll predict this week's! Since the Undertaker and Rock had problems on Smackdown, and since Kane and Chris Benoit had their problems, we could very well see Rock/Kane vs. Chris Benoit/Undertaker. Sure, Kane and Rock hate each other, but Rock and Benoit had a rough feud, same with Undertaker and Kane. So it just seems fitting for this week's RAW.

We'll have more from Triple H and Kurt Angle, as they aren't allowed to touch each other. So does that mean Angle could practically rape Stephanie McMahon and Triple H couldn't do a thing about it? They will probably be forced to team up, but I'm predicting that they do indeed brawl tonight, thus ruining their match for Unforgiven. Of course, they will somehow get it back at Smackdown.

We will also see the WWF quickly putting together feuds for this weekend's Pay Per View. As of right now, there are only 4 officially announced matches(Fatal 4 way, Angle vs. Triple H, Tazz vs. Lawler, and Hardys vs. Edge/Christian). Look for Eddie to start more stuff with Rikishi. Look for the Dudley Boyz to pick up someone to feud with. Also, the RTC will find something or someone to feud with as well. Gotta love the quickly slopped together midcard matches!

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