Welcome to PDC is Tito. Well, I got to catch ECW on TNN this morning, so the impressions are ready to serve up. This week we have Anarchy Rulz. Many might ask, would I have predictions for it? Well, I'm going to hold on those because I want to know about ECW just a little more. That way all of the marks won't be all over my ass when I make a prediction on a match. Oh well, on to the PDC.


-I don't know about everyone else, but the sound of the ECW show was horrible out here. Also, the commercials were labled. Right before a commercial would start, a screen quickly came up and said "Commercial Break #3" or whatever. Rather interesting I thought.

Raven I loved Raven's interview. He went over some of the old stuff with Dreamer, and how without Raven, Dreamer's life went bad. Good stuff. I'm sure many were expecting a shoot interview from Raven concerning WCW, but I heard that Raven's departure was professional enough where the two sides didn't leave on fighting terms.

Sabu should have came out on TNN- At least a run-in of some sorts would have been great for the TNN show, especially for the new viewers that TNN brings ECW. Oh well, gotta buy the PPV to see him!!

P.N. News?!? I thought he disappeared off the face of the earth? Oh well, I love his Philly rap. Great way to piss the crowd off. I'm wondering if the big guys in ECW get upset when they are told they must lose to Spike Dudley?

Yoshihiro Tajiri That SOB is tough as hell. Even though he lost to Super Crazy, he gains my respect each time I see him. I hope to see more of him.

Impact Players Yay, the short lived match between RVD and Lance Storm with a lovely run-in that I'm so familiar with in other federations. Oh well, at least we got to see RVD again.

Jerry Lynn vs. Rob Van Dam, AGAIN!!!! Once again, for the third time in 4 weeks, RVD and Lynn wrestle. Anyone understand what I'm talking about? Anyways, Bill Alphonzo is the best manager around. He did some excellent work for RVD tonight, setting up chairs all evening for him. RVD gets the win, AGAIN, and it makes me wonder when he'll stop defeating Lynn and go after the World.

ECW Phat Stats

Matches: 5
Clean Wins: 4
Screw jobs: 0
Disqualifications: 0
No Contests: 1

====$$Well, aside from seeing RVD vs. Lynn again, which was a good match don't me wrong, it wasn't a bad show. I'm just tired of seeing RVD and Lynn fight every week. ECW has a good sized roster to find two other guys for them to wrestle. Anyways, not a bad show at all. I was hoping for Sabu to run-in, but oh well. I'll give this week a


for a decent, but yet not spectacular, show.

The Ball is in WCW's Court

-Yesterday, I was thinking to myself that WCW has a huge opportunity to burn the WWF out. I was like, it would be nice to make a column out of that. But then, surfing around the net, somebody beat me to that idea. Mark Madden had a column which stated that WCW could make up some huge ground by putting up super Monday Night shows against RAW just so that the WWF might stress out from putting up two top-notch shows a week. If you notice lately, RAW is a bit weaker than it used to be because the WWF doesn't want to wear their wrestlers out. But like Madden said, now is the time for WCW to really step it up, and then the WWF would stress out. The wrestlers from the WWF are already getting exhausted from this new work schedule of Live RAW everyweek followed by a Smackdown taping the night after. Let's just hope that WCW doesn't miss this opportunity like they missed the opportunity to put up quality shows when RAW was pushed back from the U.S. Open.

Other Wrestling Related Stuff

-Wow, according to the Ross report, the WWF was expecting this week to make an announcement about the signing of a major player, but the usual legal BS and other crap got in the way. That was probably Taz, so my speculation about Taz's status is not true, but when you don't see an expected announcement, you start to wonder. I'm sure ECW will fight this one, as Taz could be legally responsible to wrestle in ECW since he made many verbal agreements, like the one he made on his website.

-Again, according to the Ross report, the WWF will be coming back to Mtv for some more programming. They will have a weekend called 'Whoop Ass Weekend'. I'm hoping they put on another documentary on again, because the one they had during WWF week was excellent! Should be a lovely weekend.

-See everyone, this is why I'm not ICP's biggest fan! ICP put on their hotline that they would be showing up at ECW's Anarchy Rulz pay per view Sunday. This comes after they verbally agreed to sign or they told some that they already signed with WCW. After their hotline report, Violent J was on Mark Madden's radio show complaining on how ECW wanted ICP to be the mystery team to fight Dreamer and Raven. They would get squashed in that match, so ICP now wants to stay with WCW. Yes, crap like this is really why I don't like them. They gave the WWF more crap for them to handle, and now they are doing it all over again. I say let them go WCW, and let them have the only option of getting their asses kicked against Raven and Dreamer. These two are such big headcases, it's annoying. Just go back to the rap business, which you are successful at, and rid wrestling of it's troubles! Oh yeah, just so you know, I'm ranting on their problems in the wrestling business. I am in no way ripping on their music talent. (Credit for news: Calvin Martin, RAWisWar97, and Bob Ryder)

-Boy, I keep getting mixed reactions about the Vince McMahon situation. I think the WCW is going to really milk this one, since the WWF rips WCW for their old champions. What do I think? I think Vince McMahon is easily one of the best wrestling personalities of all time. He's so over, it's ridiculous! Maybe for his hard work over all of these years, maybe he deserves this title. I'm guessing this reign won't last very long, however, as I expect him to declare it vacant for a 6 way rumble at Unforgiven. Hey, whoever wins it there would be a paper champ!

-Anyone else care to sue the WWF? Now, Nicole Bass is suing for sexual harassment. Hmm..this baffles me, as I highly doubt she'll come close to winning. I don't see the jury looking at her and thinking if anyone would have the guts to even walk up to her and do that. That's not happening. Some one as elegant as Sable, or Rena, lost her case, so it's safe to say that Ms. Bass has 'No Chance In Hell'.

@Well, that's it for today. Hey, I'll do a Nitro ending to this column. I'm running out of column space!!! Log on tomorrow! Just chill till the next episode!!

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