Welcome to the returning edition of the Phat Daily Column. It's been a LONG week for everyone, and today, we'll try to move foward. However, this haunting tragedy will always be in the back of our minds, especially since America is most likely going to get revenge on terrorism.

As for WWF Smackdown.... Before I did the results for Smackdown, I was ready to whip up the Phat Daily Column about my Smackdown thoughts. Then, I got word that we needed some results, so I did that instead. My opinion was that I enjoyed the show, overall, with two key exceptions.

First, the Vince McMahon speech. I thought he went a little too overboard on promoting the fact that he was the only sporting event going on at the moment, while others were cancelling or were about to cancel. But I can forgive that, but not what the arrogant Stephanie McMahon said. She compared the time that the Government were about to bust the WWF and the McMahons for distributing steroids to its wrestlers, in the early 1990s, and how the McMahons stuck together through it all to the way Americans must come together in this tragedy.

Very, very arrogant statement by Stephanie. For one, the WWF DID distribute steroids to the wrestlers, and the McMahons got off from the government because of false testimonies by wrestlers who hated Vince McMahon. A few former wrestlers felt a grudge towards Vince, so they lied in court, and the defense helped the McMahons to freedom without seeing jailbars. Very different story in the United States, as the McMahons think that they are above everybody.

Truly awesome National Anthem by Lilian Garcia. Sure, she sings it a lot at WWF events, but this one was off of pure emotion and it sent chills down my spine.

Other than those comments made by McMahons, I liked the show. The opening match was quite hot, only because the Hurricane is coming into his own. He's actually making the Super-Hero gimmick work, much to my amazement. Hopefully, the WWF will go out and get Shannon Moore from HWA to be the Hurricane's sidekick, sort of like Robin was for Batman. Maybe Lance Storm could fill that role, since he did show an ounce of charisma on Thursday. Rob Van Dam pretty much killed Spike Dudley in what some might call an ECW dream match. I liked Christian's entrance the second time around, but I'm not much for jobbing him away to Chris Jericho in his second match as a heel. Nothing against Jericho, but Christian is supposed to be a heel going for the Intercontinental Title at Unforgiven, right?

The Rock segment was funny, but I'm sure it was tasteless to many watching it at this time. Shawn Stasiak is such a goofball, and the writers are enjoying writing up stuff for him. HOLY COW!!! X-Pac is back on either RAW or Smackdown!!! Amazing how he can just come and go, whenever he pleases. He did lose in a tag match, with Albert to the APA in a meaningless match. Wow. Booker T got a clean win over the Big Show. Stop the presses! It's about damn time. Weird way he won, though. He drilled Big Slow with 2 Axe Kicks, but really won off of a standing Harlem Hangover. Lita versus Ivory was a repeat of what I've seen many times already. Too bad the WWF let Chyna embarrass them as the Women's champ, or a title could have been on the line here.

Dudleys/Test vs. Scotty 2 Hotty/Regal/Tajiri wasn't bad, but I'd really like to see William Regal wrestle more. Too bad he's too injury prone to do so. It was quite funny to see Scotty 2 Hotty fall off the ropes. Test seems to have this continuous push going, but to what end? Will Test make something of his push by himself? The main event was good, with Kurt Angle fighting Rhyno. I feel bad for anyone who has to face Angle, now, since our Olympic Hero's gimmick is where he now fully supports the United States of America. It could now appear that anyone who fights Angle, is against the USA, which is definitely not the case. Loud "USA" chants will now always happen with Angle. I don't grade tribute shows.

Well, the proof on how stupid Phil Mushnick truly is, came out this weekend. You'd figure that since Smackdown actually aired, that the New York columnist, who always takes shots at wrestling, would bash the WWF for still airing Smackdown. Oh no. He had NO IDEA that Smackdown actually aired, which shows you how informed he is. Instead, he just did a lame column about how violent programming will return once the stations decide to stop airing non-stop news stories about the terrorist attacks, including WWF Smackdown. He thought Smackdown was being pre-empted!! That just proves how credible he truly is when he writes bad things about wrestling.

I do feel bad for a lot of WWF wrestlers who aren't able to return home this past weekend. Because of the flight hault, many wrestlers couldn't go home and see their families, especially in a dreadful time from the events of what happened Tuesday. Many of them were forced to make a LONG drive from Houston, TX to Nashville, TN for RAW is WAR. Speaking of RAW......

On RAW, tonight, we should see some major hyping of Unforgiven, which is only 6 days away! I hope that the WWF puts forth a better effort to hype Rock vs. Booker T/Shane McMahon, because that feud lost a lot of steam from what occurred in August. Austin and Angle will most likely see some confrontations.... I don't know who Rhyno or RVD will fight at Unforgiven? Both wrestlers are clicking right now, presenting the WWF with 2 young and fresh heels. Any fresh faces care to step it up too? *cough* Jericho *cough**cough* Hurricane and Matt Hardy will probably fight at Unforgiven, as I bet we could see something like Jeff Hardy vs. Hurricane on RAW tonight (or Smackdown). Finally, Kane returns tonight, as does Undertaker from "injury", so that means we'll be seeing lots of friendly no-selling in their feud against KroniK. There's always at least one bad thing to watching these shows. Funny how it always involves the Undertaker. God, he's so old.

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@That's all for today. I'll be back, tomorrow, with a RAW review, if you can dig that. Until then, remember those who lost their lives in the unfortunate terrorist attacks.


Take Care, and Thanks for Reading.

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