Welcome to the column that still delivers on Sunday, while many others take the day off. Today's Phat Daily Column will mainly discuss and hype Fall Brawl, since it is tonight. For WCW to have good momentum during the WWF channel switch, they MUST put on a great show tonight. The pressure is on, and WCW is the one that must deliver. Well, let's hype the show, and I'll give you my predictions.

WCW Fall Brawl

Big Vito/Filthy Animals vs. the Natural Born Thrillers
If they let this one go about 10 minutes, you are going to see some great things, even if it's Paul Orndorf replacing Vito. The NBT is too talented to not disappoint, but time constraints could hurt. I think the NBT will go over in this match just to A) put confidence in the group and B) show that they are better off as a group, therefore not advancing any of them up the ladder.
Tito's Pick: Natural Born Thrillers

Sting vs. Great Muta/Vampiro
I'll agree with Wade Keller on this one. Sting vs. Vampiro is Russo's Undertaker vs. Kane! It's Russo's Triple H vs. Rock! So let's call Russo a hypocrite for this one! How about we put an end to this feud. Vampiro is SLACKING anymore, and his feuds with Sting anymore are just lame. I'm hoping something good will happen with Great Muta after this match, because there's no respect for the man of the green myst anymore. Plus, the win on Thunder is good enough reason for Sting to win here, and move on!
Tito's Pick: Sting

KroniK vs. the Harris Boyz
Oh my God, who booked this crap? Haha, these guys are simply horrible. If there's a viewer out there that watches this match without tears in his/her eyes, then that's a LOYAL WCW fan. These teams are just horrible. KroniK is just a no selling team with too many stiff moves, and the Harris Boyz are just untalented. Since "everyone is down with KroniK", mainly meaning the guys booking this match, the faces will get over...even though there isn't many other teams to cheer for these days....
Tito's Pick: KroniK

Felix Skipper vs. Kwee Wee
Now this has the potential to be a barn burner match! Again, if given the time and no gimmicks getting involved, these two could put on a good "wrasslin" match. I just hope, that after this, somebody in the back smoking KroniK will give a better gimmick to Kwee Wee. At least give him the Artist's gimmick, as I'm saying his current one is THAT BAD. Some way or another though, I'm thinking they might give the title to Kwee Wee.
Tito's Pick: Kwee Wee

General Rection vs. Lance Storm
Russo's confidence in Rection will shine tonight, as I'm predicting a title change. Hopefully, that means the man from Calgary.................... Alberta, Canada will be moving up the ranks after this feud. Just go ahead and let Rection get the title and see what he does with it. Acually, I'm just messing with your head. During his interview with Chairshots, Rection was addressed with the Duggan turning on him rumor. Here's what he said: "I'm not sure if he'll turn heel on me, because I don't know if he'll be there or not. If he's there, I want him in my corner" or something of that nature. Gee, somebody is hiding something and I should have known better about the SWERVE!! I predict a Duggan heel turn, which is strange, and Storm retains!
Tito's Pick: Lance Storm

Torrie Wilson/Shane Douglas vs. Madusa/Billy Kidman
I still can't imagine Torrie in this scaffold match. Dangerous, dangerous, dangerous! I don't really think this match will last very long, with Shane Douglas hopefully going over. Shane is in awesome shape lately, and he's starting to strike nerves with fans on the mic. Of course, you gotta push the RUNT Kidman or he'll threaten a leave to the WWF. After truly seeing Kidman lately, I'm convinced that you can do nothing else with him. He wants to be a main eventer, but he's always going to be the size of a Cruiserweight. Oh yeah, predict a Madusa turn!
Tito's Pick: Shane Douglas and Torrie Wilson

Jeff Jarrett vs. Mike Awesome
Speaking of potenially great matches, this could be it! Hopefully, Mike Awesome is just awesome enough to convince the bookers to get him the fuck out of that 70s gear! Anyway, I'm sure Jarrett will do his best to help out Awesome, so it's really Mike Awesome proving himself. Since Jarrett is part of the band, he's NOT losing here.
Tito's Pick: Jeff Jarrett

Bill Goldberg vs. Scott Steiner
Yeah Baby, let the tempers flare! If you remember their match a while back on Tuesday Nitro, it was SPECTACULAR!!! Goldberg was tossed around like a Nerf football, and he was forced to sell everything. You see, WCW should book these guys more often. What better wrestlers for them to snap on than themselves? I'm calling a no contest here for another future match up at a Pay Per View.
Tito's Pick: NO CONTEST

Booker T vs. Kevin Nash
Let's hope the promise of giving the title back to Booker T is made, or WCW will be in BIG trouble with keeping Nash as champ. Nuff said.
Tito's Pick: Booker T

In my opinion, this could be an excellent Pay Per View, if done right. Give the wrestlers proper time and allow no clusterfucking to go on during the matches, then WCW will be fine. WCW needs to connect tonight to really put some pressure on the WWF move to TNN. Hey, speaking of that WWF move...

WWF Featured on TNN's Site

The great Nick Ponton showed me this the other day. The WWF is being hyped on TNN's website now! They are hyping the days until RAW is WAR arrives on the channel, and they also have a 'Superstar of the Day' thing for the WWF. They also have some banners with WWF and TNN on them, which really scare me. Now watch, USA will start crying over this. You can check it out by Clicking Here.

Feedback that Ass Up!

What the hell is your problem with Justin Credible?

If you read the TNN results, I was really harsh on Justin Credible. Yes, I'll admit it....and I'll say I was proud to do it too. Doing the results for the past many weeks in a row now, I've watched his wrestling up close. He doesn't do much. He punches, kicks, and does his Corkscrew tombstone(which is a good finisher). That's all! I used to think he had more wrestling talent than that before I started doing results, but I was wrong.

His match with Corino was soo boring. Corino was busting his ass throughout the match, and Credible was just dragging along. Do you remember his first match with Kid Kash? Look at Kid Kash: the week before, he took Rob Van Dam to the limits, whereas RVD hasn't had a good match in months. So he fights Credible, and it was a joke. Credible sold the moves terribly, and did his usual offense...kick, punch, That's Incredible! Oh yeah, I forgot about the cheating in each match with either Rhino coming in or Francine interfering...oh, my bad.

It's my opinion that he's STILL a midcard level wrestler, but with the World Title. As a champ, he's not exactly gaining the ratings now, is he? At least with Mike Awesome championship matches, you were drawing around 1.2 ratings. Credible, as champ, gains a 1.0...if that. So to say he's a GREAT champ is just ridiculous....and that was my point doing the PDC/TNN results.

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