Never fear, PDC is here! Well, I didn't see Smackdown, but I know the results thanks to providing the spoiler this week. Anyways, this is HUGE. I'll analylize it below. Also, I got to see Thunder last night...I'll have a review on that below as well. On to the PDC.



=Wow. That's all I can say since I just witness the Best Thunder Ever!!! That's right, those of you who watched Smackdown thinking Thunder would suck really missed out this week. A sad thing to note, Thunder was not live this week due to Hurricane Floyd. WCW had to cancel the taping for it, but they compensated for it by putting on an excellent show. What happened you might ask? Well, WCW had a great review show from top to bottom of what happened in WCW this past summer to the present. I'm not just talking Nitro highlights, but they showed complete Pay Per View matches!!! It was great! If you didn't understand some of the angles in WCW, it clearly explained each of them to create a much better understanding. This show deserves an


for a very imformative and entertaining show. Why can't Thunder be this good everyweek? It will probably get a rating of 2.1 or so.

-Already, with the new management, many wrestlers keep lobbying to book WCW shows. Wrestlers like Flair, Hogan, and Nash as well as a few others have been pushing to become a booker. Notice new WCW management what got Bischoff in trouble. He allowed wrestlers to book the shows, and look what happened. It created lots of backstage tension due to the wrestlers favoring their friends, and keep down the wrestlers that would become bigger than they are. Don't do it WCW!! Hire bookers that are fair, and know what they are doing. Also, make sure they currently aren't wrestling.

-Damn, I love Good site already, and he's made some great comments. He struck down the rumor about not wanting to put Dean over and vice versa. Benoit said this about the match ruined by Sid two weeks ago: "I'd put Dean over a hundred days in a row if I had to, and I know he would do the same for me. He's a very talented wrestler and it wasn't about that. It was about setting up the angle for the pay-per view." Great rumor killer, as I doubted this rumor from the start. Check out, it's a good site.


-Wow, Vince McMahon as champ. I'm impressed, especially after Lucas told everyone on about Vince's appearance Monday only being temporary. Now he's World Champ, and that means he has to defend that belt! Many might think that having Vince as World Champ would anger many wrestlers and they might complain. Doubt that. Just about every wrestler respects Vince McMahon, and I know they all value their job at the WWF, so they won't cross him or complain about it. I'm interested to know who Vince will face first. This defeat marks a very short title run by Triple H....

-I wonder why the WWF is putting the screws on Triple H? I think he was beginning to get over, and as many readers pointed out yesterday, he wasn't able to defend his title at a Pay Per View. Come on WWF, this guy busts his ass everyweek and you quickly take his title, which he's worked for years to get, off of him. That's a shame in my opinion, as Triple H has really developed into a great wrestler. Hopefully, this title run won't be his last.

-Oh good, looking at, they have an announcement on WWF The Music: Volume 4. It says they have 14 tracks including Stone Cold, Chris Jericho, Big Show, Vince and Shane McMahon, Sexual Chocolate, Test, Mankind, D-Lo Brown(I really want this one), Christian, Mr. Ass, Triple H and Chyna(the best theme on the cd), the Undertaker, and new themes by Edge and the Rock. I can't wait!! It will hit stores everywhere on Tuesday, November 2nd. I only wish they would have included the Godfather's theme, that way I can blast it in my car riding down the road. Oh well, I wonder how this one will do on the Billboard Charts?


-Something fishy is up folks, as last week we heard from Dave Scherer at 1wrestling(who also works at about Taz going to sign with the WWF. Well I've heard all this week that the WWF or would make some sort of announcement concerning the signing of Taz. Do I see anything like that anywhere? NO! Something is up, or something is really being delayed. Earlier in the week, I had the Taz situation in the new 'Is It a Work?' section, but now I'm kind of skeptical on the Taz situation, especially with Anarchy Rulz just around the corner. Something is screwy could be up, as ECW could just be using this news to show the world that it's a fake. Let's keep an eye on this situation.

@That's all I have for today. Tomorrow I'll have ECW is TNN Impressions if I watch the show late tonight when I get home. If not, I'll have them for Sunday. Oh yeah, look for another edition of 'Bad Tito' to shock the world again. So until the next PDC, just chill!!!!!

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