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      Submitted by Mr. Tito on 9-15-00 @ 19:26 EST

      With a pile of homework and studying at my disposal this week, you're getting this early!

      Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column.....ECW style. That's right, it's Saturday, which means it's ECW Day. Of course, I have your ECW on TNN results, in case you missed the show, ECW Fine Points, covering the top stories from the World of ECW, and finally, the Jackson 5 cause I'm a dance, dance, dance, dance, dancin' machine, watch me get down, watch me get down! Before I rehash my days of music success in the 70s, on to the PDC.

      ECW Day

      Fine Points

    • ECW continues to do decent on TNN with their 1.0 rating for last week's show. But this is an odd rating since TNN has been promoting ECW's show lately. That shows you how fucking stupid TNN truly is, as it's probably a way to avoid a possible lawsuit by ECW. The rating, however, could be attributed to a change of season. The summer average was 0.8, and the Fall through Spring average is just around 1.0.

    • ECW will now have a Pay Per View for every month of the year, starting in 2001. I think this is a dangerous move by ECW because for one, I don't think you'll get a strong Pay Per View audience at this point, and two, I believe that ECW isn't that stable enough to hold a Pay Per View a month. Their talent roster is good, but not strong enough to hype a Pay Per View every month. Not a good idea in my opinion.

    • I feel bad for Iowa and Nebraska this weekend, because they are missing out on some good live wrestling action, since ECW cancelled those shows due to currency and injury problems. This does show how "tooth and nail" ECW is on salary/costs right now. It looks like they rely on their weekend tours just to make their payments to wrestlers. Yikes, that's scary!

    • I'm sure you've heard enough on the USA Networks/WWF situation to about vomit, so I'll just leave it at that. ECW will most likely get on USA, but the start of the show is unknown. The times are STILL not official yet as well.

    • What's better than ROLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLER JAM? Duh, the show that TNN does NOT own, and that's ECW is TNN!!!!!!!

      Last week on ECW: Paul E. hits Cyrus! Paul E. gets killed by Rhino! Rhino goes crazy! Kid Kash vs. Rhino! Sandman canes Rhino! RVD interferes!! Kid Kash wins the TV title!!!!


      Match #1: Tajiri/Mikey Whipwreck vs. Julio/EZ Money
      Julio and Mikey do reversals. Mikey gets the advantage and frankensteiners him. Tajiri comes in and jumps on Julio's back. Kick by Tajiri. EZ Money in. Test of strength baby, and Tajiri slaps on a cool submission. Backflip splash by Tajiri. 2 count only. EZ comes back, slams Tajiri, and then slaps him in this cool submission hold. Tajiri gets a reversal and kicks the hell out of EZ. Tajiri looks at Electra's midgets and gets blindsided by EZ. Julio in, and Tajiri gets a tough reversed DDT tag move. Ouch. Tajiri comes back with some vicious chops on Julio. Julio comes back with a Jalepeno popper? Tajiri kicks Julio hard, several times. Yikes! Tajiri tries the T-Rantula, but EZ blocks it and drops Tajiri hard! Mikey saves the pin. Mikey is now in, and beats them up. Whippersnapper! on EZ. Julio in the Tree of Woe. Good God, he just got killed by both Mikey and Tajiri. Julio is nearly dead now. Chris Hammerick? comes in, and takes hte myst. Minister canes Hammerick, Tajiri chairshots EZ, and Tajiri/Mikey kills Julio with a double nutcracker and double brainbuster. 1, 2, 3
      Winners: Tajiri and Mikey, clean win, via Double Brainbuster

      Joey Styles and Joel Gertner...oh my God, Gertner made a comment with Firestone tires! Think about it....Tires are made of can figure it out. It was a classic. Justin Credible to be on the show later. Extreme Revolution video promo. Francine Lifesize poster commercial. Damn it, I still need to get my brother that for Christmas!!


      Still to come... Credible vs. Steve Corino. ECW on TNN Last week: The awesome match between the FBI and Tajiri/Mikey. By the way, Joel Gertner still has that neckbrace on. How odd that it became a fashion statement for him! I believe the Eliminators kicked his ass one night to give him that gimmick, if I'm correct?


      Sinister Minister, Mikey Whipwreck, and Tajiri in New York again. They aren't too happy they lost their titles.....

      COMMERCIAL- Ack!!

      Justin "I'm the Game" Credible comes down with Francine and her two midgets. Damn it, I know the winner of this match, so it could be grouchy. Steve Corino comes down....he's OLD SCHOOL! Jack "who cares about me anymore" Victory comes down with him. I still can't believe Corino is turning face. Crying shame!


      Francine, with herpes and all, gets on the mic to cut a promo. I guess her complaining in the back finally came through. Crowd: "SHE'S A CRACK WHORE". Credible consoles her like Triple H does for Stephanie. Anyway.... she has a memo from the Network, and Jack Victory must leave the ring or else...NO TITLE SHOT. Victory leaves. CROWD: "SHE'S GOT HERPES". Corino acts like he's scared, and calls Francine the queen of douchebags! Corino cuts a good promo on Credible, and he outheels Credible by bringing out Dawn Marie! No herpes there!

      Match #2: Steve Corino vs. Justin Credible
      Taunting to start...brawling now, since that's all Credible can do. Credible tossed over the ropes hard. Go Corino! Brawling on the outside, cause this is ECW. Damn, Credible went over the railing and his foot busted a guy in the nose. ANOTHER LAWSUIT!!! In the ring, and Credible gets in a low blow. Credible is really horrible, I swear. All he can do is punch and kick. Did I mention chop too? God damn he sucks! Chop fest now! Reversal with Credible in the corner, but he gets the foot up and BAM, Corino hits it. Credible brings in a chair, and slams Corino's face in it. 2 count only. Bret Hart elbow from the top by Credible, 2 count only. Outside again. Credible set up a table out there. Corino walks around, but Francine hits a COOCHIE-Steiner on Corino. Oh my. More brawling by Credible, because why? That's all he can do! Credible with a chinlock! Oh god, what a lame move! Credible was sling shot over top rope, but he landed softly on the table. What a pussy! Even I would take that table harder than he would. Corino punches Credible in the corner. Credible thrown in the corner, and he gets a bionic elbow by Corino. Groinshots for Credible. Francine tries to interfere, but in that disarray, a schoolboy by Corino happens. Ref is bumped, and Corino gets a pinning move on Credible... 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,! No ref to count. Lou E. Dangerously comes in and kills Corino with the phone. Corgan comes in and NAILS Lou with a guitar that doesn't shatter! Ouch! Credible chases Corgan with the cane, but a Superkick by Corino. Late count by ref causes a 2 count only. Credible back up now, and hits Corino since all he can do is brawl. Table set up in the table, which actually leads to Corino Northern Light Suplexing Credible through it! Francine stops the count. Dawn Marie is in! CAT FIGHT!! CAT FIGHT!! Corino grabs Francine by the hair, and BAM, caneshot to the head by Credible. Credible with multiple caneshots, which Corino gets busted open with. 2 count only after several shots. Superkick by Credible, like HBK, 2 count only. Tries "That's incredible", but it's reversed in some kind of odd slam. 2 count only. Corino throws chairs into the ring. Corino with a chair, but Francine gets in the way. Tombstone on Francine, which makes my "women violence" argument valid. Kick by Credible on Corino, and then a "That's Incredible" for 1, 2, 3. What bullshit!
      Justin Credible, clean win, via That's Incredible

      What a terrible match! ECW Upcoming Events thingy. Hotline: Peak in ECW locker room, Macho Man, Bret Hart, HBK speak publicly, and Howard Stern lays the smackdown on the Rock? Call 1-900-Run4ECW, cause I'm certainly not wasting my money!

      COMMERCIAL Replay of what just happened in that lame title match. Joey Styles talks about how Corino was robbed of the title. How? Lynn vs. Credible at Anarchy Rulz. plug. Upcoming Events...again. More Anarchy Rulz hype. Can you smell the buyrate? Kid Kash vs. Rhino next week!

      ECW on TNN Phat Stats

      Matches: 2
      Clean Wins: 2
      Screwjobs: 0
      Disqualifications: 0
      No Contests: 0

      Last Word: Tonight was proof positive that Justin Credible ABSOLUTELY SUCKS!!! He can NOT carry a match, and he is NOT worthy of being the world champ in that company. Corino has had some awesome matches with Jerry Lynn, Tommy Dreamer, Tajiri, and hell, even Dusty Rhodes! Credible is just total garbage, and tonight proved it.

      We were treated to a very long segment, but it was all Justin Credible. The whole match he showed that he has the same number of moves as his clique buddy Kevin Nash. Jerry Lynn better end up being the World Champ of ECW come Anarchy Rulz, or the ECW title will have as much credibility as the WCW title. This show would have received a F if it weren't for the decent tag match at the start. Plus, Joel Gertner was awesome on commentary. He had me laughing out loud many times. For that and the tag match, this show gets a


      for this week's show. Credible is Just NOT Intelligent to have as champ. I predict a 0.9 rating for this show.

      The Jackson 5

      5. Mikey Whipwreck- Who would have thought that this guy would rejuvenate his career at this point in time?

      4. Steve Corino- Poor guy had to look bad, thanks to Credible this week.

      3. Rob Van Dam- Why this guy is still in the television division, well, I don't know.

      2. Jerry Lynn- This guy better be World Champ come Anarchy Rulz because Justin Credible is the WORST ECW CHAMP of ALL time!

      1. Tajiri- Apparently, ECW taped two matches in NYC for Tajiri to wrestle in, thank God, so that I may be entertained before he takes time off to clear his visa problems.

      An Idea: How about having Jerry Lynn win the title at Anarchy Rulz, and then for the next Pay Per View, build up the biggest Jerry Lynn vs. Rob Van Dam match ever, for the World Title no less!! Oh wait, Justin Credible must be our champ forever.

      Be sure to check out the Wrestle Palooza Show sometime later for the interview with Dr. Death Steve Williams!!! Something came up Wednesday, which cancelled his appearance on the show, but he should be on it later today! Keep checking the show for the interview!


      Please email with your tryout columns if you want to apply to the Phat Pharm for development.

      @That's all for today. Thank you VERY MUCH for reading, as I'll be back tomorrow with MORE PDC to go around. Hey, I have a Pay Per View to hype tomorrow! Whoo!!

      Phat Pharm: IT'S PHANTASTIC!!!"

      Take Care, and Thanks for Reading.

      Mr. Tito 2000 Exclusive to

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