Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. Things keep shaking up in the wrestling world, as major shake ups are occurring, unlike a month ago when nothing happened. Especially these past two weeks, and a MAJOR shake up will happen on Smackdown, which I can't see, but I'm not going to spoil it for everyone. Anyways, on to the PDC.


-Well, something major happens on Smackdown. This is so big that the WWF has already presented the spoiler on their main page. What is it you ask? Well, I'm not saying because I'm keeping the PDC promise of not revealing spoilers, but I will say that this is a good proof of what show is #1 on the WWF's list. They do get their good ratings of around the fives, but just wait and see what happens once the BIG shows on Thursdays come into play. Those shows kept Thunder from becoming a huge success when it first started, and I imagine the WWF would have to put on top quality shows from top to bottom to steal some of their thunder. Should be interesting once 'Must See TV' begins.

Oh my, when the WWF goes public, offering anyone to buy stocks with the WWF, they are estimated to be worth 1 Billion dollars! Holy crap, that's a lot. Everyone is asking me, is it worth it to buy WWF stock? Well, like every empire, they all fall. The WWF is the most powerful wrestling entertainment in the world today, but anything can happen for that to be lowered. You never know when WCW could come up with another ratings stealer idea like the 'Outsiders' could happen, which makes WCW on top again, or you never know, ECW might jump up too! But I don't see those two federations catching the WWF, but what if the overall interest of wrestling goes down dramatically? Look what happened in the early 90's. Wrestling interest went way down, and with lots of repetition nowadays from trying to create too much shock value for each show, what says that it won't happen? If you think like I do, maybe it's not worth buying the stock.


-Reading Kirk Huffman's hotline report, which many from other boards have already copied as their own, I see that WCW will now focus on having Goldberg as the center of attention. I agree with this because it seemed that he's the only wrestler, besides Flair, who made the crowd go absolutely crazy. Every other wrestler or match had the crowd just sitting there with an occasional cheer hear and there. Many will say, but Goldberg was on top when WCW's ratings took a freefall. Well, the rest of Nitro collapsed when he was on top. Just look at what his match did for a sagging Nitro when he fought Hogan for the World Title a while back. Nuff said.

-Damn. Dr. Harvey Schiller, who oversees WCW, is leaving WCW to take another job to oversee George Steinbrenner's empire or whatever. This might even cause more disorder in WCW, considering they just demoted their long time president, Eric Bischoff. This could cause chaos within the WCW management, and maybe without the strict Schiller, some wrestlers will get their way with the new WCW management, and we'll be back to where we just were. This isn't good at all.

-The confusing storylines in WCW will probably become more clearer now that WCW has decided to script their shows for 3 months in advance. They truly did 'book on the fly' for each show, and all the confusing backstabbing and alliances are the result of that. At least one thing is true, friends stay friends in WCW, since Sting said to hell with Hogan, and he cracked him with the bat to side with Luger. Which leads me into....

Sting Really isn't a Heel

Yes, that's what I said. Sting truly didn't turn heel on everyone, he just did what was right. Just look how he turned heel. He hit Hogan with a baseball bat. That was opportunity, and when he won the title did he get on the mic and tell everyone off? NO! Remember when Hogan turned heel at Bash at the Beach 96? After he revealed himself as the third Outsider, he told the fans to 'Stick it'. Yes, that's right. Hogan just all of a sudden turned back into Hulkamania, but is he truly back to being the big face that he was? You don't know, because he didn't officially turn face, it just happened. Sting just sided with a true friend, one he has always been able to trust, and that's Luger.

Everyone says that he shouldn't have been so cruel to Flair. Just take a look at the hell Flair put Sting through. Remember WAY BACK, when Flair was the Black Scorpion. For months, all Flair did was mess with Sting's head, until Sting got a hold of the Black Scorpion in the cage, and revealed him to be Ric Flair. How about this? Sting and Flair sided against Arn Anderson and company, and Flair turned on Sting to side with Arn to later reform the Horsemen! I could name many many other times, but I don't have the time to name them all. Basically what I'm saying is that Sting just gave a little payback. Luger too. He's had the screws put to him many times by Flair.

So Sting truly isn't a heel. Like he said Monday, it's time for him to 'carry the ball'. Many wrestlers stayed on top by doing whatever to stay there. Sting is just following suit and doing what everyone else have been doing in WCW for years. Besides, the true oldschool fans know who to cheer for in WCW, and that's happening. The oldschool fans know who never left from the WWF or never came from the WWF. That's Sting, therefore he'll always get the cheers and the respect by fans. He certainly still gets the most respect of any wrestler in WCW from me.

@That's it for today. This has been another installment of Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column. It is intended to take the daily news and create opinions about them. They are Mr. Tito's opinions and Mr. Tito's opinions ONLY! So just chill... Ha, thanks for reading!

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