Thank God it's.....Friday. All my people cheering "Thank's Friday". Yes, and with Friday, we discuss the WWF, and everything surrounding it. I'm still unsure what to do with it now, ever since I've been deprived of Smackdown. I'll figure something out. But until then, it's just going to be one big rant, like it or not.

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-It's Ranting, it's Pouring!-

I can't believe a judge can take forever on the appeal of the USA Networks versus the WWF case. How hard is it to really choose one side from the other. Actually, let's look at both points:


-A loyal supporter for many years
-Allowed the WWF to use their new booking ways, or attitude, in 1997 to start making the run for the ratings
-Usually nice to give the WWF extra television time, whether it be overruns or specials
-Promoted Smackdown on UPN when it first came out!

That's easily seen. USA has been a good supporter of the WWF. Like many have said before, they were indeed the backbone of the WWF....until UPN's Smackdown arrived. Smackdown is getting tons of publicity anymore, as it's a new forum for the WWF to get their product out to even more views. Forget all of this, let's look at the bad parts of the USA deal.


-Pre-empts the WWF at least 3 times a year with LOWER RATED shows, like the Dog Show or US Open tennis.
-Pre-empts the WWF occasionally with movie specials, like with their "Moby Dick" series
-Many high ups claimed, at first, that they did not need the WWF for ratings, yet they are fighting 'tooth and nail' to keep the WWF on their station

Those bads are some strong points, which should be reason enough for that dumbass judge make an easy decision. With the latest ratings from WCW, it's proven that the pre-emptions hurt the WWF's ratings and made competition stronger. DUH!!! How many years did this judge to go school to get where he is, maybe 25?

Before, I wouldn't mind if the WWF lost this appeal because I hate TNN. That has to be the most poorly run cable station on television now. Good God, all they do is have shitty motorcross crap, re runs of shows which are repeated twice a day, and some hyped up Prime Time shows that don't get ratings. However, I want ECW to benefit, so let the WWF go to TNN.

I'm actually scared to see the WWF on TNN. Seriously..... Rollerjam? Ahem, I mean ROLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLER JAM!!!! Have you ever watched that show? In the beginning, I actually watched it and enjoyed it. I'm sure it was worked then, but the action was entertaining to watch. The New York Enforcers were f'n badasses, and they just punished anybody who tried to pass them. However, now you have foreign objects, corrupt commissioners and coaches, and gimmicks for the players. It's like a poorly booked wrestling show. Hey, if Russo gets canned from WCW, that would be a perfect place for him to go!

But getting back to the subject, you know TNN is going to "whore" their shows during RAW. You'll see all of their CRAP which they hype Wednesdays, advertised. Rolllllllllller Jam will be advertised. Rock 'N Bowl, probably the worst sports entertainment show there is. Ohh, how about hyping up a Rodeo? All garbage that TNN plays all day long. Hey, at least they ditched the Country Music hours, or I'd be pulling out my hair for advertisements about that.

But just think...what if TNN suggests for some WWF wrestlers to appear on ROLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLER Jam? I'd be in tears laughing, I swear!

However, the big thing is that the WWF will strongly be a force on Mtv. Whether you like it or not, Mtv is a force and it's one of the most watched networks on television. To put it in a better note, it's one of the most watched by TEENS! The WWF markets, mainly to teens! The WWF already has a good, existing relationship with Mtv, so with the official Viacom deal, it will only get stronger.

The WWF will remain on UPN, and continue to be a force there. Like it or not, the WWF is going to make TNN a decent contender in the cable market, and probably push around cable networks to actually carry it. Plus, the WWF now gets to whore around the XFL to Viacom stations, and they can also roll in the money that this new deal brings in. Overall, it's a damn sweet deal for the WWF.

If they remained with USA, expansion would not happen. They can grow in leaps and bounds with Viacom, which proves that going with Viacom is better for the company. That my friends, is even more reason enough for that stupid judge in delaware to make a decision. Especially with Monday being the last USA RAW is WAR.

If there's anything in the WWF that bothers me, it's the way Chris Jericho is used. Now I won't say that I'm the biggest fan of Jericho, but I will admit that he's one of the most talented guys in the business. It always seems like he's getting punished. Look, he can NEVER go over Triple H. After 4 or so, brutal matches, the WWF won't let him go over. Then you can factor in that he never defeats Chris Benoit either, and then show various cases like the recent loss to X-Pac on Smackdown. If you could make a case for someone getting held down, it's Jericho! For the year he's been in the WWF, I think he's paid enough dues to receive much better treatment, don't you?

Raven is due to be in the WWF in a few weeks, and if the WWF was smart, they'd allow him to create his "Flock" or "Nest". The man who they could really help with Raven is Perry Saturn. Now, I've discussed this before, but they made an awesome duo in WCW. It's something to keep in mind as we see every attempt at getting Perry 'over' fail, one after another.

Steven Regal seems to be having his own "European snob" gimmick again, and he'll probably go after the European title like the Man's man tried to get before. Of course, he should put that title over more than Al Snow, who couldn't get heat if he walked through a fire.

Isn't it funny how bad Al Snow is in the WWF, but he was sooooo over in ECW? ECW made him a huge star in their federation, and then he gets shipped to the WWF, somewhat using the same gimmick, and he goes no where. I think the early feud with Too Cool and Jerry Lawler really killed his career, but the WWF had several chances to make Al Snow huge!

1. The Jakks figure ban from several toy stores. That gave him publicity that he wouldn't have to ask for, but yet the WWF didn't really ride on it.
2. The feud with the Rock 'N Sock connection. Remember, he was jealous of Mick wanting to be the Rock's partner, but again, the WWF didn't ride on it. They just had both the Rock fight Al a few times, and then Al disappeared to the Jakked circuit again!
3. Head Cheese. The momentum of this team was just outrageous, that is, until they had to feud with T & A around Wrestlemania. T&A was only 2 weeks old at the time, and their lack of charisma and heat at the time killed anything that Head Cheese was accomplishing.

I definitely believe that Al Snow would want to get out of the WWF, as reported before, because they keep failing at opportunities to really get him over.

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