Welcome back to the one and only, and 172nd consecutive Phat Daily Column. People keep asking me if I'm going to be like Sid and add another column to that since I did two PDCs Monday. I don't think so. Lord knows I don't want to be like him. Anyways, the ratings are in! Did football make a difference? Did Nitro attract RAW viewers from the previous 2 weeks? Also, can RAW take their top spot back with the regular upper 5's and lower 6's? Let's find out, on to the PDC!

Ratings Analysis

Nitro without Bischoff

First Hour: 4.1
Second Hour: 2.8
Third Hour: 2.9
Composite: 3.26666666

RAW is RETURNING to its timeslot

First Hour: 5.7
Second Hour: 6.2
Composite: 5.95

Head To Head

RAW: 5.95
NITRO: 2.85

-Alright, I was correct about the lousy second hour. When you put on a match like Disco Inferno vs. Erik Watts as your second hour opener when RAW is beginning as well as Monday Night football, what will viewers do? Will they
A) Continue to enjoy Nitro, and cheer Erik Watts on?
B) Say 'this sucks' and change it to RAW to see what's happening there?
C) Go to ABC and enjoy some Monday Night Football?
D) Beat their head against the wall since they are a frustrated WCW mark?
Well, looking at the WWF's ratings, and since Football scored a 16.2, everyone most likely picked B and C. WCW needs to realize the opening segment of the second hour is by far and away one of the most important parts to winning some ratings. They got under 3's this week, and that's horrible! I don't care if the Football game affects what. I don't think WCW properly got Sting over as a heel. I don't think WCW cared at all about the second hour. The first hour until Ricky Rachman, was spectacular. Great matches, and great interviews. But noooo, they had to drop the ball. Hopefully, the new management can learn from their mistakes.


-Alright, I'm only mentioning this just because everyone keeps asking me. Scott Steiner was scheduled to come back to last week's Nitro, but he decided to delay his return. Apparently, he wants to get back to the size he was before he was injured. That seems fair, but Luger, I hear, isn't what he used to be, and he's wrestling? That's why Luger wrestled in his street clothes. I suppose he's too ashamed for everyone to see how small he's become. But oh well. Big Poppa Pump returning would definately help WCW's cause, as he was probably the best heel before he left.

-Well, Nitro had some talent last Monday that wasn't used. The talent, we'll call them the Outsiders. Well, Scott Hall showed up, and Kevin Nash was there booking, but they weren't used. Some people insist that the Outsiders would consist of Hall, Nash, and Bischoff. That's not the case. Bischoff is only involved on making the idea of the Outsiders coming back. This time, he wanted to do it right and have no other 'jobbers' tag along with Hall and Nash. Since it was Bischoff's idea, the new WCW management isn't going to go through with the Outsiders just yet. So Scott Hall socialized, and Nash did his horrible booking as usual.


-Yesterday, Lucas stated on his daily news thing that Vince McMahon won't be coming back to a full time basis. This was only a one shot deal, mainly used to get Triple H over. I felt it was an excellent comeback from Vince, as he looked really pissed off! I miss Vince around. He's easily one of the best wrestling personalities ever, and he's a good reason why fans tune into WWF everyweek. They love to see him screw over someone, or get a stunner each WWF show. Hopefully, he decides to comeback full time soon. He probably isn't coming back full time because he knows that he doesn't have to without any competition on Mondays.

-What the?!? Wrestlemaina 2000 promotions already?!? Yes, already. The WWF really wants to hype this event to be the biggest sports entertainment event of ALL TIME! Plus, they are hyping it now to also give a little hype to the upcoming video game Wrestlemania 2000. I personally think that the WWF is jumping the gun a little now, but I suppose it's something to look foward to.


Is It a Work?

Today, I came up with a great idea. This segment of course, as people keep suggesting that a few news headlines are complete works. So today, it's time to answer those now!

Taz possibly signing with the WWF

Well, many people have wrote me long e-mails suggesting that this one is a total work just for ECW to get publicity. I tend to disagree. For weeks, I have been hearing that Taz hasn't signed, even though he publicly stated on his website that he has. Well, anyways this week in the Ross report, it suggested that it would name another huge talent signing. Put it together, you got Taz! The only way it could be a work is the fact that Taz hated the WWF. I remember when I used to get ECW when he set a RAW is WAR shirt on fire. Maybe that was just an angle then, but his repeated bashing of the WWF has been apparent throughout his career. Oh well, we'll just have to keep an eye out on WWF.com for any news if it happens.

Bischoff getting demoted at WCW

Hell no, it's not a work! Alright, look here. Demon was dropped, Dr. Harvey Schiller is heavily involved, and Ric Flair suddenly gets motivated to return. I think that's enough proof, but he's demoted folks. The workers seem very happy about this change, and many wrestlers who were unhappy with WCW wrestled with enjoyment Monday. So if someone tells you it's a work, tell them how it is. Bischoff spent way too much money, and he let the wrestlers run the shows. That's why he got demoted. So it's not a work.

@Oh well, that's it for today. So until the next PDC, why not chill till the next episode?

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