Nothing like a good WCW day to talk about on a Thursday. I've received many emails about the ratings, with some WCW marks telling me "WCW is closing in!! WWF SUKS!!! U SUK!!". Ahh, whatever. If they keep it up for several weeks in a row, them maybe you COULD make that distinction. Well, we can discuss this and more in today's PDC.


-Thunder Thoughts-

Tito's Law of WCW shows- When one show is bad, the other is good!

I'll tell you what. NOBODY is good on the mic with words than Arn Anderson. His speech made the garbage with Ms. HanDcock and David Flair look good. They should use Arn more because he's a very smart man than people think. Plus, it's always fun to see an occasional spinebuster here or there.

You see, I don't get who the Filthy Animals are exactly feuding with. For one half, they are battling the Natural Born Thrillers, and the other half is wrestling with the Harris Boys and KroniK, in effort to make them look good. Well, I guess it's ok, because the help is needed for that TERRIBLE KroniK and Harris Boy feud. Yecch!

Argh. From that Ric Flair interview, it's apparent that the Nature Boy will be the father. Just like having his family involved in a sick angle, Flair will do it. He's done what he has been asked to do throughout his career, and he'll even do this pregnancy angle because he'll do anything in attempt to help the company.

Sting can still go! Tonight, he proved it, and now he gets the title shot after Fall Brawl. PLEASE LET BOOKER T WIN THE STRAP AT FALL BRAWL!! Oh please! Please!!!!!!!! Nash and Sting just don't perform well together, thanks to Nash's 4 move offense.

Whoo!! Lance Storm, along with his little Canadian football buddy, defeated General Rection. I'm confused about who will win this week, because Rection was put over on Monday, and Storm was put over on Thursday. Comparing talents, Lance Storm should win! Of course, Russo probably laughs at the name General Rection every time he says it, so I bet we'll see the title change.

The show was MUCH better than Nitro, proving that the Tito's Law of WCW shows still works! Yeah!!!


It looks like Russo and WCW finally has some control over Scott Steiner and Bill Goldberg. Holy cow, it's been a week, and no problems from either one!!! Of course, if we measured 2 weeks, Goldylocks would be in trouble thanks to his outburst with Evan Karagias. Steiner has really been in control, and you can thank that to Nash who has really been buying the kneepads lately. I don't mean that he's having knee problems either, eh Russo?

I'm extremely glad to see Sting getting one more chance to shine. Yes, I'm a BIG Sting mark, I'll admit that. You can't deny his excellent matches, though, with guys like Booker T or Jeff Jarrett lately. Sting still has a little left in his tank, unlike some of the other older guys who are sitting on the sidelines now.

Many readers thought that the wedding was more of a waste of time than it was productive. I guess it's safe to say that David Flair isn't exactly a superstar to get the spotlight like he did. Even with his psycho gimmick at times, he hasn't exactly caught on with fans. I will say that he has improved in the ring, but I'm hoping that he improved his physique while taking time off to hype the wedding. His old man was all flab, but David is all nothing.

The Jackson 5

5. Scott Steiner- Keep up the good work on the attitude Steiner, and if they let you wrestle any good singles matches, you'll move up in this list. Be sure to lay in some good shots against Goldberg like you did that one Nitro. :)

4. Lance Storm- Poor guy has to work with Rection, every week! Hell, he had to make Goldberg look good on Thunder last week. Hopefully, he retains the title to remain the Canadian champ from Calgary.................................... Alberta, Canada.

3. Booker T- Hopefully, WCW decides to prove everyone wrong about backstage politics, and gives Booker his promise of the World Title at Fall Brawl. Nash has been having knee problems if you know what I mean.

2. Jeff Jarrett- The hate I used to have for this man keeps turning into respect every week. I don't know what it is, but I'm starting to look foward to seeing the "chosen one" on the shows now. Help!!!!

1. Sting- One final push, as he put on a good showing with Jeff Jarrett. Too bad he had to fight the Harris Boyz on Nitro.

@That's all for today. Sorry if it's a tad short, as I'm short on time this morning. I'll be back tomorrow with something, as I'm unsure what to do with WWF day now. Until then, check out I Know What You Did Last Monday at the Phat Pharm.

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