Welcome back to today's second installment of the Phat Daily Column. Since there was a lot of news around, I figured, why not do 2 in 1 day? Why not? On to the PDC.

Get Shiavone off of Nitro!

-With new WCW management, now is the time to make a HUGE change. That change is to take the most annoying announcer of ALL time off of Nitro. It's time to tell WCW what you really think of Tony Shiavone! In my opinion, he's a horrible announcer. He doesn't know how to call moves, and he over exaggerates certain situations. When Shiavone took a few weeks off, Scott Hudson took his place. I felt that Scott Hudson did an excellent job filling in. He called the matches, and he didn't overhype like Shiavone does. He was just a simple, yet refreshing Nitro announcer. So it's time to tell WCW what you think. All you have to do is CLICK HERE to tell WCW what you think of Tony Shiavone announcing Nitro. If everything in WCW is changing, why not get a better announcer, like Hudson, on Nitro?

Other Wrestling Related Stuff

Ouch!!! Many wrestlers last night, according to Kirk Huffman, came down with injuries last night at Fall Brawl. Vampiro suffered a broken nose, a concussion, and some loose teeth. Shane Douglas suffered a partial bicep tear fighting the stupid first family. Rey Mysterio came out with a knee injury, which he had to leave his match for. What does this mean? Is it just coincidence that these three suffered somewhat serious injuries the same night? No, it means that many wrestlers were going harder tonight, instead of lackluster like before. It seems that they are motivated to wrestler again, and they want to perform. Maybe they just overperformed tonight.

Buff vs. Berlyn held back According to Bob Ryder, the creative team at WCW decided to hold back Buff vs. Berlyn. GREAT DECISION! Yes, it was because Buff shouldn't be used to put a new wrestler, even though it's Alex Wright, over. Buff has extreme talent. Holding him back tonight could help Buff stay with the company, which is probably what they were aiming for. Great job new WCW management!!!

No title shot for Benoit, but a rematch with Malenko It's sad they have to redo that match, when they shouldn't have messed it up last week in the first place. I expect that match to be another good one, but to have less heat do to repetition. I'm wondering how mad is Benoit after losing his US title cleanly to Sid, and also it was announced he would be losing his promised title shot as well. Hopefully, the new WCW management recognizes what a talent Benoit is, because that boy needs pushed!

KISS my ass! Don't let that title fool you, I'm not cursing you out. The group KISS is really taking the screws with the new WCW management around. First, it was announced that the New Year's Eve co-pay-per-view was scratched, but now, according to Mark Madden yesterday, Demon gimmick will no longer exist. That hurts, and I'm sure KISS is F'N pissed right now. Who knows, maybe a lawsuit. But what I do know is that Bryan Adams just lost the best gimmick of his life, and that's a shame.

Stone Cold back on RAW!! Expect Stone Cold Steve Austin to return to RAW is WAR tonight, which he didn't last week even though the dirty DirectTV thing said so. Anyways, a so-called HUGE announcement about the pay-per-view main event will be announced. It will probably be the 6-man(Kane, Rock, Big Show, Undertaker, Mick Foley, and Triple H) match with Stone Cold as Calvin Martin first reported. I'm hoping for the Big Red Machine to win. :)

@Well, that's it for today's SECOND edition of the Phat Daily Column. Thanks for great response on today's first one, with the quality Nitro booking. So until tomorrow's column, just chill!!

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