Welcome back to the ONE and only Phat Daily Column. Holy cow, Sting's the new world champ!!!! Change is good in WCW. :) Besides Fall Brawl happening, we have had some major news develope in the last few days. Headlines that will send ripples in the wrestling world. But hey, I like those because it makes my job much easier! On to the PDC.


Oh my God!! When you read this week's Ross Report, you will see something mentioned about a new talent arriving in the WWF. Well, yesterday, that talent was discovered as ECW's World Heavyweight Champ, Taz(1wrestling). This is huge folks, especially for ECW. This will really hurt them, especially when their new TNN show is just starting. I don't really understand what happened since Taz stated that he signed with ECW on his website. I'm wondering what went wrong? I'm also wondering how the WWF will use him in the WWF?

Well, it seems now as if he is gone now, so ECW better make some decisions. If you have watched the TNN show, you will hear Joey Styles wonder when Rob Van Dam is going after the world title. The time is now. RVD is the top star of ECW, and defeating Taz would definately put him over. It seems that Anarchy Rules, the upcoming ECW pay per view, could be Taz's last appearance. It could be. If it is, Taz needs to drop that strap quickly.

I'm wondering why Taz sold out in the first place. Yes, I said it, since Taz talked so much shit on the wrestlers who left for more money in the Big 2. Back when I could see the ECW Infomercial, I remember Taz putting a WWF RAW is WAR shirt on a chair in the middle of the ring, and setting it on fire. Hmmm, I wonder if the WWF saw that. For years, Taz has talked shit on the WWF, so why would he "sell out" to the company which he claims he hates. It's not the money, because he was getting around the same amount in ECW than he would in the WWF. It's hard to say why he did it, and I'm not too sure how the WWF will use him since they already have a badass wrestler(Stone Cold). We'll just have to keep an eye on this situation.

Mr. Tito Books Nitro!

-Alright, since WCW desperately needs help booking since Eric Bischoff has stepped down, and the new management is kind of new at this, I figured, why not lend a hand? So here it is:

First Match: Billy Kidman vs. Blitzkreig
They should have this match dazzle the crowd and television viewers with spectacular moves. Have it as a see-saw battle, with both killing each other with moves, and then have Kidman pull off the win.

Have Ric Flair do an interview. This will pump up the crowd. Have him tell the world that Ric Flair is going to make some major changes tonight. Have him also say that he's going to ring the neck of Bischoff's prized trophy, and that is Hulk Hogan. Hogan comes out, and accepts!!

Second Match: Returning Hak vs. La Parka in a hardcore match.
Since both of these men can take the shots, have this match an extremely violent match. This could end up the most entertaining match of the night!!

Revolution comes out. They all yell at each other for losing every match last night. They then force a brawl between all four, and chaos errupts!!

Third Match: 4 way dance: Benoit vs. Saturn vs. Franchise vs. Malenko.
This one will see a possible heel turn by Douglas, with maybe Ric Flair and company saving the other 3. Franchise will get EXTREME in this match, using a chair to beat down the others, causing a DQ. That's when Flair and company runs in and scares Douglas away. Hey, that could mean a Douglas and Flair feud. Hmmm.

Fourth Match, and it's beginning hour 2, and it's Goldberg vs. Bret Hart.
Have Goldberg come down, and openly challenge Bret Hart to a match. He'll say he hasn't forgot what happened in Canada with the steel plate. Bret gladly accepts, and we have an impromptu match up!! This one should be a battle, putting both wrestlers over. This match is so big, that it's hard to call. We'll have Bret win this match up due to causing a screwjob.

Fifth Match: Harlem Heat vs. ICP.
This match could be a squash, but Vampiro keeps interfering. Harlem Heat ends up winning in a good emotional victory.

Sixth Match: Rick Steiner vs. The Cat for the television title.
Great all around match up of conflicting styles. The Cat will get the victory, and a clean one at that. New Television champ!!

Have Goldberg come down furious, and he'll get on the mic and challenge Sid to a match. He says he doesn't care about the US title, he just wants some. Sid comes down and accepts.

Seventh Match: Vampiro vs. Kanyon.
This is easily the match of the night, with both wrestlers clobbering each other with special moves! Have Kanyon just squeeze this one out, but a re-match next week wouldn't be bad at all.

Sting comes down, new World Title and all, for an interview. He said he used the bat on Hogan because it was opportunity, and not that he's joined up with Luger. Luger comes out, and to our surprise, with Macho Man. Luger announces to the whole World that he was the hummer driver. He tells Sting that he wants to be friends, but Sting is pissed off, and he then calls on Savage for being responsible for Luger's actions.

Eighth Match: Sting vs. Savage for the World Title.
Awesome old school match up, where we see Sting and Macho wrestle one hell of a match!! For some reason, Macho Man gets defeated after one Stinger Splash..makes you think, what the hell is up?

Ninth match: Hogan vs. Flair.
The crowd will be behind this match up. See-saw battle, with Hogan eventually missing that big boot. Flair locks the figure 4 in, and Hogan submits!!!!! That knee is really hurting now. Anyways, after the match Sting, Luger, and Macho come down and attack Hogan! HEEL TURN!! New stable created as well.

Main Event: Goldberg vs. Sid.
Sid will start out beating on Goldberg since Goldberg had a match with Bret Hart of all people earlier. Sid tries a powerbomb, but Goldberg quickly gets out of that, and SPEAR!!! That puts Goldberg back on the offensive side. He pounds the crap out of Sid, and then another SPEAR!!! Jackhammer on the big man, and Goldberg wins!!! After the match, Rick Steiner tries to get some, but Goldberg levels him as well. BUT, the new Stable of Sting, Luger, and Macho Man comes down and really puts the hurting on Goldberg.

NOTE: As you will notice, a few wrestlers weren't included. Wrestlers like DDP, Buff, and a few others got the night off. They will be used for Thunder, I guess. Also, I heard from someone watching Fall Brawl last night, that Benoit wasn't getting the title shot. That's why it's not booked here. If I forgot anyone else, oh well.

@Well, that's my take on how Nitro should be booked. Hope you enjoyed it, and I've always wanted to do that segment before. Today seemed like the right time I suppose. Oh well, thanks for reading. So until tomorrow's column with those dirty Monday Night Impressions, just chill...till the next PDC.


Take Care, and Enjoy Wrestling.

Mr. Tito 1999