Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Last night was Monday Night, as the WWF returned to claim to their spot in Primetime. They were also there to prove whether or not that WCW gained any fans or not. It's the true test of 2 weeks without RAW to worry about. Well, let's analyze both shows, so on to the PDC.


Ah yes, let's start out with the wedding, shall we? First off, we have Vince Russo(I'll get to him in a second), who can still give out orders after having brain surgery, putting a restraining order on Ric Flair. Oh by the way, it was nice to see the Nature Boy again, but odd with his new haircut. ANYWAY, you can just see how big Russo's ego is by doing this. Obviously, he wants to put himself over, again, in yet another feud with Ric Flair. He thought he was soo hard when he was the so called badguy in that feud, that he wants to do it again.

Now many praised that feud, but I didn't like it. Russo is a terrible actor on camera, as all he does is put himself over. Oh please! Back to the wedding! Who the hell couldn't predict that the wedding would end because it wasn't David Flair's child? Here's my challenge to Russo, as he'll probably force Ric Flair to be the father. How about having yourself as the father? Yeah, Russo, you love fucking with other people's morals, why don't you grow the balls and be the father? Come on Russo!

Speaking of Russo, that brain surgery stuff is garbage. Why would they joke like that about his condition? They meaning Shiavone, Borash, and Madden. If it was legit, you'd show Russo getting prepped before the surgery, and not just him getting opened up. It's sad that he has to make up a bad excuse like Brain Surgery just to pull a future swerve on someone.

Back to the wedding! I find it funny that anybody could cut a promo during the wedding. Grab the mic, let's make it even harder to believe! This wedding wasn't even interesting at all. WCW obviously tried to catch the magic of the WWF wedding last year, only twice!!

Then, you have WCW completely ruining Mike Awesome. What the fuck is up with that? Did you guys hear the poor reception he got as "the 70s guy"? Nobody cheered when he was pounding Jeff Jarrett. Nobody! When I was in Wheeling for a Thunder taping, the whole crowd was into Mike Awesome....and not a 70s guy! God, how can you guys be soo damn stupid???

Then you have pieces of shit known as KroniK and the Harris Brothers, easily the TWO WORST tag teams in ALL of wrestling. Did anybody see the garbage at the end with Brian Clark? He completely no sold any of the moves that Filthy Animals gave him, and then he doesn't even put his shoulder down for the pin. What a dickhead! Then, the Harris Boys took on Sting, in just a horrible match. You know wrestlers are bad if Sting can make them look decent, as the Harris Boys definately proved that. The whole arena will be in tears for the PPV match between the Harris Boys and KroniK, guaranteed!

Oh God, how predictable was Johnny the Bull turning on Big Vito? Better yet, it just adds another talented wrestler to a group STILL being held back by the likes of Scott Steiner, Bill Goldberg, and Kevin Nash. They will never be allowed to shine anymore because they must be Russo's flunky group.

General Rection, who has been in WCW for YEARS now, isn't even in the same league, talent wise as Lance Storm, but yet he still defeats Storm on Nitro. Oh my Gosh, smell the ratings! Jim Duggan backed him up. Oh my, now I really must chant "USA" for General Rection!

There were just a few things that didn't bother me for this show. 1. I had no problems with the Shane Douglas/Torrie Wilson vs. Billy Kidman/Madusa stuff, although I think it's too late to hype that feud due to Kidman's injury. Also, anybody care to bet against me that Madusa will turn on Kidman? You could say the attack on Madusa from the Francise was wrong, but Madusa is a trained wrestler, so you could argue that. 2. The match with Jeff Jarrett and Miss Jones was mildly entertaining. Isn't there a movie out there with the name "Miss Jones" in it? (hehe) I found it stupid to not put Jeff's hands behind his back. Duh!! 3. The Main Event was good until that bus arrived....which leads me to...

What the hell was that ending? They steal Mike Awesome's "LOVE" bus, and drive it into the arena. Now that's corny as it is, and then they use it as a weapon. (see the DX bus) Ugh. I was hoping for a mix up in the title changes, as somehow, Scott Steiner would pull off the win during that battle with Booker T and Goldberg. Instead, the bad guys go over tonight, and Booker's head goes through a window you couldn't see shattering, and Goldberg is handcuffed to the front end of the bus. Oh, of course, he rips right out of that.

Russo didn't have brain surgery. He was present at Nitro, booking this CRAP!!!!

NITRO Phat Stats

Matches: 7
Clean Wins: 3
Screwjobs: 2
Disqualifications: 0
No Contests: 2

Last Word: Damn, this was a HORRIBLE show. Just terrible angles, terrible matches, and nothing at all exciting about this show. Nice way to ruin the Wargames 2000 success Mr. Russo. This show gets a


for its ignorant attempt to entertain. Go ahead and email me "FUCK U TITO, YOU FUKIN WWF MARK" or whatever. I'm just annoyed to see a federation that I grew up watching going straight down the tubes. Tonight was a prime example of it, and Russo's stupid ass storylines are NOT the answer to save WCW from ruin. I bet this show will get around a 2.5 for the head to head. God, this show sucked!!!!!


How about we take a trip?

-Tito's Time Machine-

Phat Daily Column from Yesterday
"Looks like we'll officially wrap up the 4 Way Dance for the World Title tonight on RAW. Oh joy, we could see Kane get the better of the Rock, or vice versa! Better yet, how about having the Undertaker bump into the Rock, or vice versa, to get things started up that way. How about a match with the Undertaker and the Rock versus Kane and Chris Benoit. Yeah, that will really gain the ratings."
Gee, that was EASY to predict. At least there was a clean win during the match, as Chris Benoit got the pinfall over the Undertaker. This saved the rest of the show from ruin. Of course, we have our battles after that, as RAW can't finish without them. The Fatal 4 way was indeed wrapped up.

Hey, let's do another long opening interview!!! Notice how the first hour of RAW has been dropping lately? That whole speech was to set up the main event, which I predicted. Yipee!

Good tag match with the Dudleys and Hardys, but I found it odd that Edge/Christian would help out the Hardys to win the match? I don't care, as long as the Hardys eventually win those titles soon, I'll be happy. The Hardys are WAY overdue.

Ivory vs. Lita was OK at most. When will Mona arrive in the WWF?

Oh my! How easy is it going to be tonight? When Eddie Guerrero said "we'll dance, no matter if we win or lose", you just knew he'd attack Too Cool. You know, I remember a time and place when the WWF wasn't so predictable. The same goes for Val Venis, who turned tonight as well. Of course, I see Val turning on RTC really soon to kinda "boost" his lame career with the Mr. Wrestling 4 ( Wrestle Palooza Audio Show) gimmick.

Joy. The WWF threw a Triple H vs. Chris Jericho match at us last night, instead of saving it for down the road. I find it sad that Triple H STILL couldn't let Jericho get the win over him. That would have really boosted WWF's ratings and grade here. But nooo. Then we get X-Pac feuding with Jericho. Oh no, they haven't fought about a 8737466483873 times before. At least they are trying to do something else with X-Pac, and I guess that's decent.

Tazz tapped out from the WWF? No big loss, as the WWF ruined their chances of making Tazz HUGE back during the Royal Rumble 2000 days. By the way, I thought the gimmick for Al Snow was funny, but obviously, the crowd didn't.

That stuff with Kurt Angle and Triple H was intense. They kept "accidentally" hitting Stephanie. Now before you get on me about women violence, non of this was intentional. Kurt Angle was such a bastard though when he just decked Triple H after he was carrying Stephanie. It's the best feud in wrestling today, although they struggle to look at the damn instant replays of incidents.

RAW Phat Stats

Matches: 9
Clean Wins: 4
Screwjobs: 3
Disqualifications: 1
No Contests: 1

Last Word: This was a decent show, although predictable. For the predictability, it gets a


for this week's show. I predict a 5.5 for the first hour of the show. This wasn't half-assed booked like the other Monday Night show, although some parts, it was close to it.

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Overall, a one sided night of wrestling, and a very predictable one as well.

Yesterday, I said I had some openings for the Phat Pharm, and I also said to send any applications/samples to PhatPharm@lordsofpain.net, but yet about 15 people didn't understand. Duh! Those 15 better reapply the right way to actually get looked at for consideration.

@That's all for today. I'll be back with Ratings Analysis, which I think will go back to normal after the dump known as Nitro happened. See you tomorrow!

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