Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. A lot has happened this week from Eric Bischoff getting demoted to Stone Cold Steve Austin making his return on Smackdown. Well, tonight we have Fall Brawl to look forward to. I wonder how that show will be like with new management. It should be interesting, but anyways, on to the PDC.


-I've heard many reasons why Bischoff was demoted. Not only for the no gaining in the ratings and the no authority at the backstage area, but the money. Yes, Eric Bischoff was spending loads of money for the company. The Nitro entrance way is a great example, as the set takes a long time to set up, and all of the televisions around it and the moving entrance way costed WCW a nice chunk of change. Other stuff, like all of the money Bischoff gave to the performing acts, the Junk Yard match, and hummers all costed WCW very much. I'm sure this Million Dollar giveaway was the last draw. Of course, it seems that it's all showing up now, but Bischoff has always been a big spender for WCW. Back when he had Nitro on top, WCW was shelling out lots of money then for productions and certain angles. It was ignored then because WCW was on top. Now, WCW no longer on top, and those money problems seem very obvious.

Fawl Brawl Predictions

=Lenny Lane vs. Kaz Hayashi. I think this match will surprise people, in terms of skills. It should be a well paced match up with some good high flying moves. I think Lodi is set to help Lenny win this one, and Kaz will have another day for Cruiserweight gold. Winner: Lenny

=Dead Pool vs. Filthy Animals. Since Vampiro and ICP lost the last six man at the last PPV, I think it's payback time, as they will defeat Kidman, Uncle Eddy, and Rey Mysterio Jr. Not sure if Kidman will be the one getting pinned, since the one who punished him, Eric Bischoff, is no longer in charge. Plus, ICP just signed a one year contract, so an award would do just nicely. Winners: Vampiro and ICP

=Shane Douglas and Dean Malenko vs. Brian Knobbs and Hugh Morris. This is a bathroom break match for anyone at the arena, but anyways, my money is on Douglas and Malenko. The new WCW management, I would imagine, would want them to win anyways. Winners: Malenko and Douglas

=Berlyn vs. Buff Bagwell. Buff is putting Berlyn over, plain and simple. That's a shame that Buff is the one who has to do it. Hopefully, he's a good sport about it. Winner: Berlyn

=Harlem Heat vs. Windhams. Harlem Heat will win it since they have been paying dues by having the Rednecks jump them every night. Only wish Booker T would revert back to a singles wrestler, eh Coolbeans? Winners: Harlem Heat

=Perry Saturn vs. Rick Steiner. Normally, I would say that Scott Steiner would run in on this match helping Rick win, BUT Scott Steiner isn't coming back just yet. He wants to regain lost muscle mass. Therefore, since Rick Steiner has been champ forever, and Saturn is one of the hardest workers in WCW, I predict that Perry Saturn will become your new television champ. Winner: Perry Saturn

=Chris Benoit vs. Sid. Easy. Sid wins. Gotta keep that imaginary streak up, eh? Plus, he's following Goldberg's footsteps. He has his streak, and then the United States championship...then maybe the world? Winner: Sid Vicious

=DDP vs. Goldberg. Goldberg never loses, plus winning or losing doesn't matter to DDP anymore. Goldberg should take note of that. That makes you the best wrestler. Not winning all the time, but by doing what is best for the sport. Winner: Goldberg

=Sting vs. Hogan. Hmmm, well next month, Mayhem is in Toronto. I have this huge feeling that it will be Bret Hart vs. Hogan in the main event for the World Title. So therefore, I think Luger will interfere in this one, BUT, he will help Hogan win the match. That means he's turning on Sting tonight. Probably next Nitro, Sting will question why Luger helped Hogan out. Whatever happens, Luger will probably end up revealing himself as the notorious hummer driver. Winner: Hulk Hogan.

-With Eric Bischoff no longer in charge, will the Nature Boy, however many times he's world champ, return to WCW? Well, before that, Flair was negotiating to do public appearances with WCW, like ticket sales. I've already heard that Flair is pleased with the changes, and Calvin Martin's news about Flair at the Baltimore arena, where he guaranteed that he'll do whatever it takes to get WCW back on top, also proves he's on his way back to the ring! I think this change has motivated not only Flair, but probably all of the company who except those who had Bischoff in their back pocket.


-Do NOT believe those DirectTV previews. I heard recently, that the WWF has been giving them false previews to mess with everyone's heads so to speak. Before, they did it kindly because they thought only a handfull of people would read them, and they were only intended for DirectTV users. But no, the word got out, and now the WWF is probably laughing at anyone who takes those seriously. Oh well, it's good that they killed off some predictability.

-I was pleased when I read the Ross Report about the Dudley Boys. The WWF is pleased with them at the moment, and there have been no problems thus far. That's good, as I feel the Dudleys are a very talented duo. Especially Buh Buh, who can tear an opponent up with many moves. Hopefully, someday, he can run his mouth like he used to in ECW. Those speeches had me on the floor laughing. The reason he isn't allowed to do it, is that the WWF doesn't want any crowd riots. ECW fans knew he was only kidding, but the WWF has never had someone call on the whole crowd. That's why he's back to stuttering Buh Buh.


-Alright. This week's show bored me. Seriously, it didn't impress me one bit. First match was Rhino vs. Super Crazy. Sure Super Crazy did some good moves, but I've seen those before. I was hoping for a good superstar match, not a midcarder match. They had lots of commercials this week, and they had too many Upcoming Events segments again. They did this week, however, ditch those instant replays. Good thing. They showed a Masato Tanaka match where he took lots of punishment from Mike Awesome. In my opinion, Tanaka can take the pain, but he sucks at giving it out. Then repetition too play, and Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn happened. Of course, since ECW is in the bigtime now, they have to start having run-ins like WCW and WWF. That made me mad, and I got more pissed when I heard that Lynn and Van Dam were fighting again next week!! Ahhh! Not to rip them, but this week's match was very identical to their last match on TNN. They did spectacular moves, but they did them in different positions or used different variations to make the moves look real. I didn't buy it. Also, they did a real quick segment on Raven and Dreamer, which they hyped the whole show to be big. It wasn't, and we'll have to wait until next week to see Raven speak. Wait till next week...that sounds like a copy of off Nitro.

ECW is TNN Phat Stats

Matches: 3(including flashback)
Clean Wins: 2
Screwjobs: 0
No contests: 1
Disqualifications: 0

=====$Overall, this show absolutely sucked! Seriously, because I thought the first two shows were excellent. They are showing too many signs of repetition with Lynn vs. Van Dam. Jerry Lynn will never beat RVD, and RVD needs to stop wasting his time with long matches with Lynn because he needs to go after Taz. Taz has no competition anymore, and RVD has the skills now to take him down! Anyways, I'll give this show a


because it didn't impress me much. I can't wait for YET ANOTHER match between Lynn and RVD next week. Joy.

@Well, that's it for today. Thanks for reading as always, and enjoy Fall Brawl. So until I wreak havoc with the next PDC, just chill....till the next episode! This is Mr. Tito, the only man on the internet doing 8 columns a week, signing off!!

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