Welcome to an unfortunate edition of the Phat Daily Column. I say unfortunate because of the sickening terrorist attack that has occurred in New York City and Washington DC. If you don't know what's going on, please tune into CNN, FOX News, or any other news channel. It doesn't look good, and I don't really feel like writing this column with the events unfolding.

Let's get on to the PDC, to maybe take my mind off of this terrible tragedy.

First, Steve Austin and the Alliance come to the ring, doing their usual bragging. The whole show was basically booked on this very interview, as Austin asked who was confident and what not. Somehow, Test got the idea that he wanted the Rock, RVD volunteered for a match with Kurt Angle, and Kanyon was making an open challenge for the title. However, Tazz got his ass handed to him, which will probably have the usual ECW marks pissed off to hell.

Weak opening match with Christian and Billy Gunn. Gunn's stock has long since gone, and the fans don't exactly cheer him anymore. I'd suggest having a Christian vs. Scotty 2 Hotty match instead, because Scotty is still mega-over. After the match, Gunn got his with the one person conchairto, to which I hope it keeps Gunn off RAW and Smackdown for a long time.

Next match was Ivory, Lance Storm, and Hurricane vs. Hardy Boyz and Lita. Typical Hardys 6-man mixed match. What the hell else can I say?

Ehhh, the Rock interview was somewhat funny, but the decision to pick Stephanie as Test's handicap partner is smart. Too bad other wrestlers never really thought of choosing a weak partner like that.

APA/Chris Jericho vs. Dudleys/Rhyno was next. How many six-man combination matches can Chris Jericho, APA, Dudleys, and Rhyno wrestle? God, the bookers are so unoriginal anymore.

Next match was Booker T vs. Undertaker. Some will say that the Undertaker put Booker T over, but if you were actually watching the match, you'd see that the Undertaker did kick out before 3. No, that wasn't a blown spot by the referee, but just another example of the arrogance by the Undertaker. Then, after the match, he let KroniK slam him through the table. Wow, he never let any other wrestlers do that to him. It's so nice of him to allow his great buddy, Bryan Adams, to be involved on that one. If Vince McMahon lets this type of behavior go on, the WWF will be very weak in a few years.

Whoa, Tajiri is the new WCW United States Champion. In a quickly booked match, Tajiri beat Kanyon via the mist and a usually hard kick by Tajiri. Nice of the WWF to not do much with Kanyon prior to this, thus making the title victory for Tajiri seem very weak. Decent match between these two, and I feel bad for Kanyon because it seems he gets this kind of treatment for being DDP's good friend.

Rob Van Dam vs. Kurt Angle was quite good. It's becoming apparent that these two wrestlers are becoming larger than life, especially since neither appears to be getting stale, unlike Rocky or Steve Austin. Weird ending, though, with Angle getting the Hardcore win, but then, Austin pushed Angle off the stage. Later on, they'd question if Angle could wrestle at Unforgiven because of that. Then, Austin pushed RVD off the stage, which didn't cause a crippling injury. RVD eventually won his title back.

Finally, it was Rock vs. Test/Stephanie. I didn't think much of this match, especially since it was the main event, but I did like the ending. Rock enabled for Stephanie to fall on the running in Booker T, and that helped Test to lose to the Rock for the finisher. Pat Patterson, the one in charge of endings, was on the top of his game for that finisher.

LAST WORD: Not a bad show by any means, but a lot of repetition on the midcard occurred, which is a big strike on the show. How many six-man matches could they keep repeating? RVD vs. Angle was well worth the show, and the ending to the main was good. I'll go with


(B Plus) but that's generous, for the midcard could use some originality one of these days. RVD and Kurt Angle rule the wrestling world right now.

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@God, this was too hard to write. This terrorist tragedy is just too much, and my heart and thoughts are with those who may have lost someone in those attacks.

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