It's Monday Night Hype baby!!! This is the week that we see how really well WCW is doing. The Big Bad Monday Night RAW returns to its normal East Coast time. This is the true test for Nitro, as we'll see if the Wargames or the week before did any good. We'll see tonight, but until then, let's hype these shows to high heaven!


-NITRO Hype-

Here comes the comes the bride. Ms. Hancock will probably get "screwed" out of her wedding tonight by the man who got her pregnant, the Nature Boy, Ric Flair. Of course, what if the wedding goes as planned? Hell, that would be shocking enough instead of a "wedding screwjob", which has already been done by the WWF.

It's very likely, though, that Ric Flair will have some part in this, and ruin the wedding. I really hope that he's not the father of the upcoming child, especially since he's happily married in real life. But of course, the same guys who forced Bret Hart to say that crap on Thunder will do the same for Flair. DO THIS OR IT'S A BREACH OF CONTRACT!!! That's what they'll claim, although morals must be ignored.

Speaking of Bret Hart, I highly doubt he'll be at Nitro. No matter what the Russo World Order has in store, the Hitman helped himself from probably not coming back for a while. If you read his Calgary Sun/Slam Wrestling column, you will see the REAL truth, and not the Thunder interview. (Click Here if you haven't read it yet) So don't expect any "swerves" from Russo involving the Hitman tonight.

Also, as rumored, Kevin Nash will be forced to wrestle Scott Steiner. The Cat is supposed to be the referee, and Bill Goldberg is the special outside referee. Gee, if this match doesn't describe a run in situation, I don't know what does. WCW needs to learn of what wrestlers don't work well wrestling each other. Nash and Steiner have put on horrid matches in the past, but yet that's always ignored. It's their ratings.


-RAW Hype-

Tonight on RAW.....more of the same!

Looks like we'll officially wrap up the 4 Way Dance for the World Title tonight on RAW. Oh joy, we could see Kane get the better of the Rock, or vice versa! Better yet, how about having the Undertaker bump into the Rock, or vice versa, to get things started up that way. How about a match with the Undertaker and the Rock versus Kane and Chris Benoit. Yeah, that will really gain the ratings.

Triple H and Kurt Angle will continue to feud tonight, and making us annoyed at how stupid Stephanie McMahon truly is in this storyline. JUST LOOK AT THE DAMN INSTANT REPLAYS!! OR at least tune into fucking Livewire or Superstars to see what happened. It's so funny how this feud only goes for just 2 shows. I'd think a married couple could talk things over in the 5 days not doing those shows, but no. They wait until the wrestling show, and I guess that's why it's "sports entertainment".

Eddie Guerrero will probably make up with Mama-cita today, and then screw up again! Good Lord, it's just so predictable anymore!

2 weeks to go until Unforgiven. Look for the WWF to quickly slap matches together, like they always do 2 weeks before an event.

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