Welcome back to the one and ONLY Phat Daily Column. Well, some major changes are set to happen to the wrestling world. What exactly am I talking about? On to the PDC.

Note: I got home late last night, and since I'm doing this column in a very small amount of time today since I'm leaving town for the day, there will be no ECW impressions. I still need to watch that show. Sorry. Besides, this column has just one important matter at hand....


Rejoice! Eric Bischoff is no longer in charge of day to day operations within WCW!!(1wrestling) After about a year of myself complaining about Bischoff, even writing column verbally bashing how he runs his company, something was finally done. This demotion will create HUGE changes within WCW. It should finally restrain order between the wrestlers and management. Some of the wrestlers who got their way before might be very surprised to see that they might have to lay down for everyone for now on. This is step one of what WCW needed to do to eventually charge to the top.(as stated in the 'WCW in Crisis' column).

Now that Bischoff isn't in total control, what will happen to the wrestlers that have lots of power backstage? Well, I think they will most likely lose that booking power they have. I'm sure the new person won't take the crap that some of the older ones love to give Bischoff. I guarantee that a few wrestlers might take an early exit because they will no longer run the show like their used to. I doubt wrestlers like Hogan, Nash, or even Goldberg could listen to a booker tell them how the show will be run.

The wrestlers that were held down will finally get what's due. I'm sure the WCW management wasn't too thrilled to see Chris Jericho becoming an instant superstar when he left WCW. Also, they are probably not too happy with Raven becoming instantly big in ECW. They know wrestlers like Kidman are furious because Bischoff doesn't push them right, or doesn't push them at all. Wrestlers like Chris Benoit is finally getting his due, and this came after years of promised title pushes. I think it's safe to say that the youth movement is on at WCW.

I'm anxious to see what gets booked at upcoming WCW shows. I think the upper WCW management wasn't too thrilled at WCW's ratings for the past two weeks. Since they didn't have RAW, Nitro didn't soar in the ratings. Sure, they got a small percentage of RAW viewers, but when RAW is without a Nitro one night, their ratings are around the 7's. The higher-ups saw the poorly booked shows the past two weeks, and this is probably what angered them the most. Also, I bet they aren't happy with the fact that Bischoff NEVER attends shows besides Nitro. I think that booking Saturn to beat Sid by DQ was great because that could have been the last step to him getting demoted. That match with Sid and Saturn could have been prevented if a responsible President was there.

What will be in store for WCW now that Bischoff isn't totally in charge now? I'm hoping for a newer, fresher WCW. I hope, starting this Nitro, that the shows become better to watch, and have better angles for those no-heat midcarders. Those midcarders have ideas all the time, but Bischoff has struck all of those ideas down. I'm sure Dr. Harvey Schiller, who has more power than Bischoff, is mad that he didn't do this earlier and miss those two weeks without Monday Night RAW. I expect some of those wrestlers who tried to take control, will now get squashed in matches, unlike Kidman who wanted to leave because of WCW's annoying system. Hey, what about Nash? I'm sure he's not motivated to come back now that Bischoff is gone. He can no longer get his way. That should be a interesting situation.

Well, all I can say that the frustrations of WCW could finally end. Some order to WCW needed restored, and having Bischoff step down is a great leap towards that goal. Now, I'll give credit to Bischoff where credit is due. He went out, spent Turner's money, and made Nitro #1 for a long time. That formula, unfortuately, ran out on him and now he's taking a backseat on WCW's operations. Whether or not he'll return to the top is sketchy, but right now he needs to step aside and see what is wrong with how he ran the company. It could be an end of an era for WCW, and the brink of a new one. All I can say is that change is definately good.

@Well, that's all I wanted to say for this edition of the Phat Daily Column. Thank you very much for reading, as always, and just chill....till the next episode. This is Mr. Tito, with an opinion, signing off!

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