Welcome to an all new Phat Daily Column. Today, we have a full plate of Mr. Tito. First, we'll review Sunday Night Heat, since I made some effort to watch that show this week. Second, we'll briefly hype RAW is WAR, to get everyone ready for tonight's show. Finally, we'll do a video review of Best of Backyard Wrestling Volume 2, because video reviews rule. It's that easy.

For my NFL picks, excluding the Monday Night Game, I went a smooth 12-2. Hey, that's not bad at all. I would have been better, but I went with an upset on the Steelers vs. Jacksonville game, which I almost didn't do. Stupid Steelers. They are the only Pittsburgh team that I hate, for I'm a big fan of the Penguins and I like the Pirates, too. I think that the Steelers are the most poorly managed team in the league, especially with Kordell Stewart at quarterback and Bill Cower at coach.

I consider the Cower-Stewart relationship to be like Kevin Sullivan and the Artist (Prince Iaukea) back around the late winter of 2000. Sullivan was head booker, and the Artist was pushed to the moon because he was Sullivan's friend. Stewart is the Steelers's quarterback because he's Cower's..... Oh shit! I shouldn't mention that! Some children might be reading.

Before I go off into a tangent about NFL and the Steelers, on to the PDC!

First match of the night was Spike Dudley versus Chuck Palumbo. Poor Chucky has no tag partner to watch his back anymore, since O'Haire got shipped to the minors. Palumbo surprisingly got the clean win over Spike via the Jungle Kick in what was a decent, but short match.

Next match was Tommy Dreamer vs. Tajiri, with Torrie Wilson looking as great as ever. It's funny how she's getting the most use out of the WCW valets, despite WCW letting her contract before the WWF took over. She's had WAY more of an impact than Stacy Kiebler, surprisingly enough. Tajiri vs. Dreamer was fun for what it was, and Tajiri won after some harsh kicks. The referee for this bout was quite stupid, as he was asking Dreamer to submit while the Tarantula was applied. Tajiri's on the ropes, you dumbass!!! After the match, Torrie gave Tajiri a kiss, and his facial reaction had me laughing.

The interview with Booker T is next, where he was in FULL character. The WWF NY crowd was giving him tons of heat, as they could barely get through the interview because it was so loud. Booker T ripped on the fans, too, which made them even more fired up. Booker T said that he didn't need Shane McMahon at Unforgiven, but he's just there because Shane booked the match.

The final match was Kanyon versus Scotty 2 Hotty in a typical Scotty 2 Hotty bout. Scotty is becoming way too repetitive, now that his gimmick and special moves are wearing on the fans. Good. Kanyon wins via the old Flatliner.

LAST WORD: Not a bad show, but only 3 matches?!? One more could have been nice, but we'd probably be treated to Albert vs. Hugh Morrus part 3 if that were to occur. Just what I need to see. Way too much commercial time on this show. Booker T was a good guest and the matches were decent, so we'll go B for the grade on this show.


There is no official RAW preview up, yet, but I'm sure we'll have a good idea on what could happen. For one, it looks as though Rob Van Dam will have his ass handed to him by Steve Austin for the defeat. Austin doesn't come off of a loss looking bad, so always remember that in this case. But hey, RVD had his big moment of glory, and it's very much up to him if he wants to continue the wave of momentum to surge his WWF career.

I bet we'll see more of Kronic attacking the Undertaker. Geesh. Kane will most likely return, sometime soon, to make this a terrible tag team match at Unforgiven for the World straps. If you thought DDP/Kanyon vs. Undertaker/Kane in the cage was bad..... In fact, I absolutely DARE the WWF to make Kronic vs. Undertaker/Kane a cage match. I'd like to see Adams or Clarke bump around for the Undertaker or Kane like Kanyon/DDP did.

Finally, for lack of a preview, we'll see some hype towards Rock vs. Booker T/Shane McMahon at Unforgiven. I bet that Rock cuts a comedic promo, again, to which he won't hardly mention Shane McMahon or Booker T. Way to put over the match, WWF. Why does the WWF just continue to purposely make WCW opponents look bad?

Mr. Tito's Phat Video Review

As an avid supporter of Backyard Wrestling, since I make it a point to travel to a friend's backyard event and from my Backyard BBQ site, I couldn't resist this video no matter how hard I tried. Now it's here, and hopefully, it could give someone a suggestion on what to do when considering the purchase of this very video. On the review.

(Picture courtesy of Amazon.com)

-Best of Backyard Wrestling 2-

First of all, this video is WAY different from th first. The first edition of Best of Backyard Wrestling was more of a highlight reel, especially with the trampoline stunts. The second edition, however, has more of a focus on showing the backyard matches, which I liked more. The production for the second video is better than the first, as well, making for a much better video to watch.

As for the backyard wrestling..... DAMN! Some of the matches these backyard wrestlers were so brutal, and I don't wish the punishment endured by the wrestlers on anyone. Every match featured a lot of violent hardcore action that's not possible in a wrestling ring, such as leaps from one roof to another and slams on flourescent lightbulbs. These kids were killing each other, and the video was more shocking than the first since you could see the moves play out in the match format.

A lot of these guys were playing with fire, too. Lots of lit up table spots, and in one match, firecrackers were lit on an opponent. Lots of blood, as well, as the blading or real cuts would make New Jack proud. I just can't see how they can take so much pain, during one of these matches, and walk away to tell it. Especially a wrestler named Nightmare, who fought in several matches. The one on the school building was so brutal, and the one against Kordell around the port-a-johns was funny.

In case you bought the video in hopes of getting something more than backyard wrestling, I'll have you know that there IS nudity on the tape. No, Major Gunnz doesn't get nude, but some Jenna Jameson look-a-like whips out the puppies. Not that I'm bashing the nudity, because it was nice, but I really wonder why it's on this very video that actually features some teenagers under 17, wrestling. That's sort of a little over doing it, if you ask me. I guess it's done to give any viewers an extra incentive to buy this video to be surprised at the backyard wrestling content. And hey, backyard wrestling and nudity are two good things in life, so in the end, I guess what was done is ok in my book.

LAST WORD: Wow, what a video. Way better than the first, and the first scored an A- (A minus). So we'll go


for a truly excellent video on backyard wrestling. Highly recommended, and if you still aren't sure, maybe use the nudity as a sticking point? You can buy this video at BackyardWrestling.com.

If backyard wrestler Nightmare or if BackyardWrestling.com's Rick Mahr is reading this, please contact me for a possible interview in a future edition of the PDC. Or if someone knows those individuals, tell them to contact me. Thanks.

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