Welcome back...to the Phat Daily Column. Ah yes, a wonderful Sunday. No Pay Per View to deal with, and no "Show of the Week", thanks to the cable service down here at Ohio University. Guess what kind of cable it is anyway? Time Warner Cable services!!! Gee, I wonder if I'll have a chance at UPN now...NOT!! Oh well, good old Livewire and Superstars are catching me up. I do have a few topics I want to discuss today, so let's get into it.

Bret 'the Hitman' Hart

Bret Hart's Sharpshooter column was indeed a shoot. No, it wasn't any of that scripted garbage that WCW tries with their so-called "reality" based shows. This was for real, without WCW even knowing that he would write this. In fact, reports are surfacing that WCW isn't too thrilled with the column. If you haven't read the column yet, then Click Here.

I enjoyed the column. Now I've looked around the internet, reading many opinions on this. Many were against Bret Hart, and his column, calling it another day of Bret Hart crying. I disagree. How about we take a look at what Bret Hart was forced to say:

Shoot on the WWF: WCW pressured Bret badly, meaning the writers, for him to just mention Vince McMahon. He mentioned beating the Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin, the Rock, and of course, Vince. For one, he's always had respect for Stone Cold. They got along fine at the WWF, and Bret even praised him in one of his columns. The Rock, if you actually read the Rock's book, got along with the Hitman too. Bret Hart took the Rock under his wing for a while, and taught him the ropes of the business. Besides, Bret beat the Rock when he was still the face Rocky Miavia. I'm sure that he respects the Undertaker as well, as there really isn't a wrestler who doesn't.

Again, he was forced to say this. He said, in his column, that he no longer has creative control about his character. If it was his choice, he wouldn't even mention his past. What is there to gain off something that was about 3 years ago? Obviously, those former WWF wrestlers, who have yet to gain ground, don't realize that.

Goldberg: To start heat with Goldberg, they made him talk about his condition and that Goldberg was the one who truly did it. Instead, if you read his column, that's not true. He states that it was WCW's fault for pushing an untrained wrestler, like Goldberg. Why do you think Goldberg struggles to sell moves? Why is he sometimes too intense? Maybe it was the fact that he was shoved to the top too soon? Indeed. The fact that he jacked Bret with that kick came from not knowing how to properly do it. If you watch it, Bret is trying to sell it, but it's coming way to fast and hard to really miss it. Again, the product of WCW pushing Goldberg way too early.

The concussion: 10% brain damage? Well, that's probably a made up number, but the fact that he even had to talk about this, or shoot about this is ridiculous. For one, this injury in the ring has caused Bret Hart to lose half of his pay. Yeah, he makes a lot, but the guy who kicked him didn't lose half of his pay when he put his hand through a car window. But this whole concussion deal is very touchy with the Hitman. How would you feel if you wrestled for over 20 years and a simple concussion is making you end your career instead of a proper send off?

Vince Russo: You can just tell who's idea this interview was though. I mentioned the other day about how Vince Russo did indeed give Bret the title shots in WCW. However, Bret has actually never been a fan of Russo's writing. In a way, the smut he escaped in the WWF came to WCW when Russo arrived. If you remember, the Hitman was very critical of some of Russo's moves in WCW. He praised Russo just because he was told to, and he needed to put over an angle.

He even made a good point about the writers. Bret has been in the business around 23 years, and now he has a television writer of only a few years telling him what to say? Not only that, they are making him 'shoot' on very personal topics just to put over an angle.

But OVERALL, this interview was so real. This is a man stuck on the sidelines, possibly for life now, trying to speak his mind. Nobody in WCW wants to hear it, so he showed his guts in the column. I liked that. I didn't see it as a case of whining, I saw it as the truth. With the many screwed up things in WCW now, somebody needed to tell it.

Again, please read this column when you can. Click Here to read it.

The Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels

Here's the conclusion of his column yesterday:

"For what it's worth, I am in the best shape I have been in since the surgery. I am training five days a week and am back on my regular (the healthy one) diet. The back feels great and I am tipping the scales at a fairly lean 218. I say fairly because I am at about 12% body fat. Not too bad for an old man. Whadda ya say to just one more match? Just wondering."

Oh my, did that conclusion stir up some things on the net yesterday. It's my belief that Shawn Michaels only did that to get that kind of reaction. But really, where has he been?

According to his column, his telephone isn't really ringing for a WWF return. Why? Some might say that HBK will piss off the current locker room chemistry. Well, I wouldn't say it's that. I feel that the WWF only saves HBK for situations when they really need him. Whenever they feel the need for a surprise, they call up Shawn. Especially when the competition gets a little stronger, the WWF will call upon the HBK to give a little spike to the ratings.

Just that simple. I'll admit that I do miss the Heartbreak Kid, as his appearances usually provide an extra spark to any show. But anyway, Click Here to read the whole column.

-Sunday Night Heat Preview-

The Hardy Boyz and Lita will be in the house! Usually on Heat, they let this trio actually wrestle, and then we see some good matches! If you remember that match with T&A and Trish a few months ago, then you understand what I mean.

Chris Benoit will also be there. Obviously, the WWF is stacking the show, thanks to the wonderful US Open screwing this show pretty good last week.

Plus, we will see Perry Saturn vs. Steve Blackman for the Hardcore Title! This has the potential to be a good match, although the crowd probably won't back it up, although Blackman is pretty popular as Hardcore champ.

Crash Holly will face Gangrel. Forget about that "stacking the show" comment that I just said.

Wrestle Palooza Audio Show!

@That's all for today. I'll be back with some MONDAY NIGHT HYPE, so until then, just chill....till the next episode!

Sundays are a Good day for some BBQ, eh? Click Here for a Backyard one!!

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