Welcome back to the PHAT Daily Column. I hope everyone has enjoyed Smackdown. Anyways, I'm awaiting the return of RAW to their normal time, that way we can see if WCW picked up any ground. We'll just have to wait and see. On to the PDC.


-Wow, the tag belts change hands, again!! This pretty much seals the deal on Big Show or Undertaker not winning the World Title at the 6-way dance main event at Unforgiven. It's rather funny about Big Show and Undertaker winning the titles, because there are so many tag teams out there that wouldn't have a chance vs. these two. They can fight all of the #1 contendership matches they want. The only way, like I said before, to beat 'Taker and Show is if they break up during the match. Every team in the WWF better continue to pray that it happens during their match.

-According to Lucas yesterday, Rock and Stone Cold will make an appearance at the upcoming Emmy awards to present some kind of award for whatever. That's not important. What is important is the fact that the WWF superstars are becoming true celebrities nowadays. The media is beginning to recognize that people really look up to these superstars more than they would movie stars or other sports atheletes. All I can say, it's about damn time!


-Well, good ol' Mean Gene's contract runs out sometime in October. The question is, what will happen to him? Well, his only chance for work is with WCW. I've heard that the WWF has ABSOLUTELY no interest in him since they target a younger artist. Mean Gene nowadays is so boring, lame, and a great way to fall asleep. Poor guy had the goods, but he's lost it at his age. He's been there, and he's done that. Why not retire? Besides, WCW needs to bring a younger movement, so why not bring in a young, hip interviewer? Hopefully, if Mean Gene is leaving WCW, that WCW doesn't replace him with Ricky Rackman, or however his last name is spelled.

-HAHA, I'm loving the Shane Douglas comment about if he had an angle with Ric Flair, it would get a higher rating than any WWF segment. HAHAHA!!! That's funny. For one, has anyone cheered for the Franchise since he arrived in WCW? No. Sure, Flair gets over, and maybe their angle might be interesting, but it seems that anything done by a Revolution member doesn't do a thing. Of course, they really haven't had someone like Flair to really go after. Oh well. Ric Flair probably won't return soon, so why not turn Shane Douglas heel? If you remember him from his days in ECW, he was excellent as a heel. He could always draw some heat.

-I just got word that Kevin Nash is definately returning in October, if he doesn't decide to return in late September. That really depends on how long he has Monster Truck Madness. Anyways, he'll probably be returning to bore us with yet another Outsider invasion with Scott Hall. Geesh. Anymore repetition please? I say add some kind of twist to those two coming back. Something new...something fresh. Make them come back with new gimmicks or something. Anything, please!! Also, please don't consider yourselves NWO. That stuff is finally over and it's nice to see that it's gone. Bringing it back will only torture me again. Like I said, come back as something brand new.


-Well, we have yet another edition of ECW on TNN tonight at 8 pm Eastern. You know, surfing around the net today I saw many writers bashing ECW for getting only a 1.0 rating for last week's show. They expect it to be some super-blockbuster show! Come on. It's on a Friday Night. Most people, including myself, go out on Fridays. If maybe everyone who tapes the show while they go out sat down and watched it live, then maybe those ratings would go through the roof. Think about that.

@That's all for today. As always, thank you VERY much for reading. Oh yeah, expect a Bad Tito sometime soon on the Evolution. Of course, I'll keep churning the PDCs as usual. So until the next column, just chill...till the next episode. This is Mr. Tito, Daily as always, signing off!

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