MrTitoPDC: yes
Arg34net: ok, just a few things before we start
MrTitoPDC: Sure. Note that this stupid firewall on this University server could slow things down a bit. :-(
Arg34net: basically, I'll start off and ask an objective question, no opinion at all..........then we'll go back and forth until you feel we're'll get your last thoughts on and say we'll move on, and you'll start a topic
MrTitoPDC: Ok.
Arg34net: then at the end, we'll do a few toss-up questions but I'll explain leter.......ok, let's get going..........take no offense to me apart as much as you want....its all in fun :-)
MrTitoPDC: Let's do it.
Arg34net: Following the tasteless Katie Vick segment two weeks ago on Raw, the ahow has bounced back with two promising back to back shows. Will this trend continue, or will the inept writers eventually go back to their old ways?
MrTitoPDC: It depends on how willing they are to create new stars. Despite having an Elimination chamber of 6 wrestlers, HBK vs. Triple H seems to be the feud headlining the match, overshadowing the other 4 wrestlers. Do you honestly think that Booker T, Kane, Rob Van Dam, or Chris Jericho even have a chance at Triple H's title?
Arg34net: well, this reminds me of the triple threat match involving Jericho, HHH, and Austin last year. Everyone thought that it was between Austin and HHH, but Jericho came away with the win. Van Dam is not even visable in this feud, but I really wouldn't be surprised to the 5-time WCW champ walk away with the title.
MrTitoPDC: It's very hard to say, but to be honest, what credibility do the other 4 have coming in? Kane has been embarrassed with humiliating angles, such as drunk driving and necrophilia. Booker T hasn't been able to receive a big win over any WWE wrestler and he's clearly the top face on RAW now, yet they don't push him. Rob Van Dam was sent to midcard tag matches after his initial feud with Triple H. Finally, Jericho hasn't been a credible main eventer ever since he feuded with Triple H over a dog and hand lotion. If one of the 4 gets the title, who will care?
Arg34net: What do you mean, who will care? Everyone is sick of seeing Trips carry around the belt, so I think it's safe to assume that anybody else who wins this match will be a great improvement in the eyes of most fans.
MrTitoPDC: Yes, but without credibility as a legit main eventer, it's hard to be a champion in people's eyes. Look at Jericho, who was getting squashed by the likes of everyone but the Rock before winning the Undisputed title. Then, when he had the belt, he wasn't viewed as a great champion coming in. Plus, for Booker T, Kane, RVD, and Jericho, as champions, they'll still be overshadowed by the big guys, still. Triple H will remain to keep the spotlight on him and there will be ways to make the champions look week, just like what happened to Jericho as Undisputed champion. Just like it happened with Booker T when he was WCW champion coming into the WWE (remember, he lost to Kurt Angle quickly).
Arg34net: you're missing the point here though. I am hoping that WWE management finally takes the belt off HHH as soon as possible. These are the top guys on Raw competing, so you have to take a chance and establish one of them in this match.
MrTitoPDC: I do too, but coming in without credibility hurts and just watching WWE programming over the years, if that belt isn't on Austin, Rock, Triple H, or the Undertaker, that person isn't the best champion possible in, say Vince's eyes. But yes, I'd love to see a new champion. I guess changing the subject now, let's move on to Smackdown talent. With the lower ratings that RAW has been receiving lately, do you think that Vince McMahon should pick off one of the Guerreros, Angle, Benoit, or Edge to RAW to help improve things?
Arg34net: Let's just hope and pray that the answer to that is no. These guys fit so well with Smackdown because of their unique styles. I've said it for so long, that Raw needs its own identity. They seem to be going in that direction with the building up young stars like Batista and Randy Orton (love his personallity now) and we all know that Steiner will be coming to Raw.
MrTitoPDC: I agree. Batista was a good addition. I'm not sold on Orton yet, but I guess give it time. I think maybe importing D'Von to bring back the Dudleys would be great, too. What RAW needs to do is to build a strong core of upper midcarders, like Smackdown has, and have them flirt with the top or at least be competitive in other ways, like maybe tagging up. Instead, everyone is groomed to feud with Triple H for one month, and then wrestle in sad midcard tag matches afterward. I think that Edge, Guerreros, Angle, and Benoit are excellent on Smackdown, all having great chemistry together. You can't break that up.
Arg34net: Please, D-von looks terrible in the ring now even as a tag-team. I never thought I say this, but I hope that the Dudleys never re-form
MrTitoPDC: That's what I was implying. The RAW tag division is quite weak right now, and the crowd reacts loudly, still, to whenever Bubba Ray Dudley asks anybody to get the tables. D'Von works great with Bubba, and it's time to reunite them before D'Von is stuck in Velocity Hell or stuck in the tag team with Ron Simmons, who can't work often due to his bad knees. Put him back with Bubba and go for one more great face run. It's not like Bubba is working as a singles wrestler, as all you see him now doing is wrestling tag matches.
Arg34net: * side note*, remember, this is not personal........just doing it to make it sound good
MrTitoPDC: I know.
Arg34net: Ok, Tito, maybe you weren't reading what I just wrote, or you have the brain capacity of my good yet slow friend Martin Hawrysko, but I said not to reform the Dudley's. D-von doesn't have it anymore and although Bubba isn't doing all that great in singles, we don't need another repeat of LOD 2000
MrTitoPDC: Well, SORRY if I misread you. Lord only knows we couldn't do this at an earlier time so that I could be partially awake to read something. Ok, what else are you going to do with each Dudley? Let them be midcard losers on each show? Please. If you didn't watch RAW lately, you'd see that people keep screaming for "tables" with whomever Bubba tags up with. With the RAW tag division looking weak, they could use another set tag team. Those crowd pops for tables are more than enough reason to send D'Von onto RAW and reunite the Dudleys. And hey, the Dudleys aren't in their late 40's like the Legion of Doom.
Arg34net: no, not as old, but ECDub seems to have taken its toll on D-von.....not his fault, but a fact..........Ok, let's move on before you fall asleep, I know you must tire yourself out during the day applying your infinite wisdom....
MrTitoPDC: Hey, I do what I can.
Arg34net: In what appears to be the Smackdown main-event for Survivor Series, the Big Show will be taking on Brock Lesnar for the Undisputed Title. How and why does the Big Show go from not even participating in the last PPV to headlining the next?
MrTitoPDC: It's simple. He's under a large guaranteed contract and Vince buys extra Vaseline for big man matches. Heaven forbid we give Lesnar a great worker to showcase that he can actually wrestle. The problem with Vince McMahon is that he fails to evolve when his former ideas are able to work. Before, yeah, people would be pumped for two monsters to fight each other. But here in 2002, that's not the case, especially when you can see that the Big Show isn't the caliber of wrestler that he once was in 1995-1997 for WCW, you know, when he wasn't overweight.
Arg34net: You know, you are lucky that you said that because I would have unleashed my wrath on you if you didn't. Anybody who has read my columns knows how I feel about my buddy the Big Show. It's like a nightmare for me that he is being given this chance. The only upside to it is that guys like Kurt and Edge don't have to be burried by Brock yet.
MrTitoPDC: But it's a downside for Survivor Series, one of the WWE's top shows every year. How can you say that the Big Show will be a big draw for the show? You can't. He should have been matched with someone who can make him look great on a Pay Per View, such as Edge but not Angle just yet. Buried? I don't think so. Lesnar only buries Hardys and other weaker midcarders. Look at his feud with Rob Van Dam. He certainly didn't bury him, as he let RVD give him a good fight. Lesnar isn't the no selling old fart like the Undertaker, you know.
Arg34net: hey, I'm just trying to find some rhyme or reason to this. I sure as hell don't understand it, so I definitely don't expect you of all people to understand it.
MrTitoPDC: But Lesnar is hardly the man burying any opponent. He gave Randy Orton, John Cena, and Chuck Palumbo some offense, for Christ's sakes.
Arg34net: yeah well, he needs to stay with his monster status so maybe a dismantaling of the Big Show is just what the doctor ordered. I mean, who wouldn't tune in to see Show get the piss or maybe I should say, fat, knocked out of him.
MrTitoPDC: But with his new look. Do you like it? I think he looks better with shaved head, trimmed facial hair, and street clothes as opposed to his crappy haircut, sloppy facial hair, and nasty looking tights. At least the WWE is giving SOME effort towards him to make him look like a contender.
Arg34net: umm, I don't enjoy looking at fat old men lumber around a ring no matter what they are wearing. You on the other hand..... I'll stop there, I'm not here to judge.
MrTitoPDC: Yeah, but it's better than before. I'll take street clothes on his fatass than tights any day of the week. Ok, changing the subject here... Scott Steiner. Can he work well in the WWE? IF he stays healthy, can he make a difference in the WWE, at least for the fans remaining? (not implying that his appearance will add extra fans)
Arg34net: I try to be as positive as I can, and I know what Steiner can do, but I just can't see the guy staying healthy and staying out of trouble. I wanna think that he can because he could be a huge edition for Raw, but I can't overlook his past and realize that history most likely will repeat itself.
MrTitoPDC: Staying out of trouble? It's my opinion that Steiner acts up when the federation is clearly going down the tubes. When he left the WWE in the early 1990's, he had an argument with Vince McMahon, and that's when the WWE was going down the shitter and into a funk that wasn't fixed until late 1997. Steiner acted crazy in WCW because that place was filled with morons who couldn't put on a wrestling show. Kevin Sullivan? Vince Russo? Please. Steiner went crazy because WCW didn't give him any motivation to seriously care. Coming into the WWE, it's a new territory, and if healthy, I think he'll be greatly motivated to help out in any way.
Arg34net: well, if you're blind or have been in a coma for the last few years, it is easy to see that this guy is incredibly jacked up on roids. Gee, wasn't it convenient that he never came to shows when there were drug tests? Steroids, not the company leads to his problems and I don't see an end to this problem.
MrTitoPDC: And guys like Triple H and Kane are clearly jacked up, too, and you don't see them getting crazy, now do you? With Steiner, it's all based on circumstance, and when the federation goes to crap that he's currently in, he'll snap. I believe, too, that he's had way over 1 year to reflect on his actions and his time in the WWE could be his last big chance to leave a mark on pro wrestling.
Arg34net: Let me remind you that he isn't coming into the WWF/E of 2000. There are problems that someone in his mental state just won't be able to deal with.
MrTitoPDC: But it's still profitable. Despite it's lost earnings from previous quarters, the WWE still makes money. WWE from the early 1990's and WCW from late 1999 through 2001 did not make money. Besides, after seeing Scott Hall getting quickly kicked out of the WWE after his antics, wouldn't you think Scott Steiner would take note of that coming in?
Arg34net: ok, do I have to break it into simple terms for you? Steroids=bad Steroids make mind go crazy......Scotty easily lose control.......there ya go.
MrTitoPDC: What about Curt Hennig?
Arg34net: what about Curt Hennig?
MrTitoPDC: Besides, you act as though Steiner was the only one being an asshole backstage during WCW.
Arg34net: no, but do you ignore a trouble maker even if he's not the only one?
MrTitoPDC: Hennig isn't a crazed madman or has problems like Scott Hall. He's an old name that was brought in, screwed up once, and was kicked out. Steiner could see that as a message not to screw around. Besides, I think that WWE's road agents can handle themselves if needed.
MrTitoPDC: But Steiner has periods where he's a great worker. Did you read that article about him? Sure, that's a shill site, but nearly every former WCW wrestler had nothing but good things to say about the guy. Is that from fear? I highly doubt it. Steiner just hated the creative department of WCW, and given the bad booking of the shows, he had every right to be angry. Now, to use force, well, that's not right. But he only acts like a crazed madman when times are bad.
MrTitoPDC: (Note: sorry for the disconnection. This is what I was talking about on my AOL problems)
Arg34net: ( thats cool, ok, we'll do the last topic now, then the toss-up questions...........go all out now, I don't care how bad you make me )
Arg34net: well, this all remains to be seen, so let's just move on to our last topic....
MrTitoPDC: (Wrap it up. I do need to go to bed with getting up at 7 tomorrow)
Arg34net: do you just wanna do the toss-ups now??
MrTitoPDC: nah, go for the last topic
Arg34net: you sure??
MrTitoPDC: yeah, why not
Arg34net: ok....
Arg34net: We've heard Bischoff talk about the Elimination Chamber and sort of what it entails. What is this match going to be, and will it live up to the hype?
MrTitoPDC: I guess it's like a War Games? I don't think it will live up to its potential. Why? Because WWE fans have seen it all, so nothing with a special name will bring in extra buys. Plus, with everyone down on the RAW product, I don't see it gaining any extra feelings from fans.
Arg34net: No, even though he won't win the match, why do I know that RVD is going to put on one hell of a show. I can't wait for this match, and if you're a fool if you think that we've seen it all.
MrTitoPDC: Oh, what hasn't been done in a cage like match? Fall off the cage? Been done. Slam someone into the cage. Been there. Get thrown through the cage or down through the cage? Been done before! Bleed a lot? Been done before! I can't see it giving the WWE some extra excitement at Survivor Series, especially with Rob Van Dam being the only one to take serious punishment and being able to wrestle the next night.
Arg34net: there are six capable people in this match unlike the last time at Armegeddon where there were a few inept guys in the match. These guys can all take bumps....hell, even Shawn can........We don't need to see a new death-defying fall off the cage to be entertained. There's been three TLC matches that have improved each time not because of one big spot, but a series of smaller bumps.
MrTitoPDC: Kane and Booker T are capable of taking bumps? And those TLC matches have guys who are willing to risk death to entertain fans. This is a cage match, which will feature repetitive facial rakes, slamming into the cage, etc. Big deal. Been there, and done that. The wrestlers could do more without a cage to contain them, especially a high flyer like Rob Van Dam.
Arg34net: you don't know what this match is going to be, so don't say that this well be a normal cage match.
MrTitoPDC: If it's like Wargames, then the cage will cover the ring and have a closed top. Thus being a chamber. We'll see at Survivor Series, and I'll gladly be the first to say that it didn't work if I'm amazed by the match.
Arg34net: well, prepare to be amazed.....ok, we're running out of time, so let's move on to the big finish
MrTitoPDC: Bring it on!
Arg34net: ( I'll ask a toss-up, you give your thoughts, I give mine, then you ask a toss-up.......we each ask two)
Arg34net: Ok, if you had to pick, which fat-ass would you rather see in the main-event, Big Show, or Rikishi?
MrTitoPDC: Rikishi if he can have his piledriver finish.
MrTitoPDC: (Stupid AOL)
MrTitoPDC: (What did you say about Rikishi/Big Show?)
Arg34net: lol.....just give me a quick response to the toss-up
MrTitoPDC: (I did)
Arg34net: Arg34net: Ok, if you had to pick, which fat-ass would you rather see in the main-event, Big Show, or Rikishi?
MrTitoPDC: Rikishi if he can use his piledriver finish.
Arg34net: as much as I hate to say it, Show. Damn Rikishi's ass gives me nightmares from time to time.
Arg34net: (you're up)
MrTitoPDC: WWE Cruiserweight division... will it ever receive any attention by the WWE on Smackdown?
Arg34net: Chavo and Rey Rey not a part of it, no chance
MrTitoPDC: My thoughts exactly, unless they let the Cruiserweights have more than 5 minutes without having to wrestle the slower paced WWE style.
Arg34net: Just like Martin, using your brains a little and agreeing with the master.........ok, which is larger.....HHH's ego or Stephanie's breasts?
MrTitoPDC: Stephanie's breasts. Did you see those things during the Halloween special? Nice...
Arg34net: come on, Steph needs a few more surgeries to match an ego that is big enough for the guy to make love to a mannoquin and laugh.
MrTitoPDC: Hey, even I can take a break from hating Triple H's backstage politics to enjoy a nice pair of breasts, unlike you. Your match of the year thus far?
Arg34net: Triple H. vs. HBK........or any time Rey Rey steps into the ring.
MrTitoPDC: Was Triple H vs. HBK a match or two guys bumping to death for each other? I'll go with Rey/Edge vs. Angle/Benoit from No Mercy. I'll agree with you in that Rey is very fun to watch.
Arg34net: yeah better agree with me........Ok, we're outta time, it's been a pleasure working with you Tito, and I hope that the readers of this have enjoyed the show.
MrTitoPDC: I enjoyed it, I know that much.
Arg34net: ok man, that's all, I take care of the rest.....what did you think??
MrTitoPDC: That was fun. Nothing personal on some arguments :-)
MrTitoPDC: Hehe, we got a little nasty on some parts.
Arg34net: of looks good when we argue thiugh
MrTitoPDC: Yeah.
MrTitoPDC: Once you got me on the Dudleys part, it was on. haha
MrTitoPDC: When and where will this be posted?
Arg34net: I'm gonna finish this up and have it up tonight or early tomorrow at
MrTitoPDC: Nice. This was really fun.
Arg34net: yeah, we're trying to set up a radio show for would be sweet live
MrTitoPDC: Oh god yeah.
MrTitoPDC: I'm a big, big fan of PTI on ESPN
MrTitoPDC: Damn AOL. Thanks. I'll plug this in the next Wrath of Tito.
Arg34net: nice......glad you enjoyed it