Welcome to the Tuesday edition of the Phat Daily Column. I want to warn everyone that since I just got done taking a killer Math midterm, I may sound like a complete dumbass at times today. Ok, so many think I am a dumbass already, so allow me to rephrase that. If I sound like a very big dumbass this morning, please understand since I took a very hard exam beforehand.

Interesting feedback in the mailbag, especially off what I said yesterday. Of course, there were many people egging me on to continue bashing Crash Holly or to mention anything about the Goldberg situation. Geesh. Everyone just loves to see me start shit with wrestlers. Sure, it's fun to do, but not on purpose. There must be some meaning behind it, besides riding off old material or whatever.

You don't know how happy I am to see the anger of hardcore Japanese wrestling fans about my comments yesterday. I hope I truly struck a nerve. It's just sheer arrogance to bash someone for liking a WWF match, which they do to me all of the time because they love Japanese wrestling too much. Lighten up, please. I'm seeing the same arrogance that ECW fans once had (and still have), when they would say that ECW was the best, and that all other wrestling couldn't be good (although they have some merit, since many ECW stars are doing well in the WWF now).

But anyway, it's non stop fun seeing the many ideas, curse outs, threats, and criticisms I see in the mail box everyday. Gives me a good laugh or the fuel to keep my fire going. On to the PDC.


For the love of God, change the opening theme please!!!

To ditch the format that brought lower ratings, we start off with a match. It was Big Show/Spike/Tajiri versus Tazz/Dudleys. Damn, this match was WAY too short, especially for a six man match. Then, after the match, the Dudleys did their repetitive domestic violence spot, super-powerbombing Torrie Wilson from the top rope and into a table. *Yawn* I remember when that spot was shocking, which was over a year ago. Stacy Keibler looked good in the Dudleys gear.

Next, we had a "sports entertainment" segment, which went on for too long as usual. Stephanie talked her usual smack about herself and whatever, and then Chris Jericho came out to rip on her. Again. Then, Shane McMahon came down and made a truthful statement: Jericho works too hard on his comedy to become a better wrestler. Speaking of Shane, he really needs to show more emotion whenever he's talking, because he didn't sound pissed off at all. I guess it's a trait handed down by his mother. Somehow, we'd set up Jericho/Rock vs. Shane/Rob Van Dam. Why doesn't Shane just admit that he's a full time wrestler now so that he can be an actual threat to his opponents?

Holy cow! The Hardy Boyz actually won tag team gold! WOW!!!! It's about damn time, too. The Hardys get no respect when it comes to titles, especially in the tag division these days. Hardys won via Undertaker Last Ride help, to which Jeff Hardy hit an impressive long distance Swanton. Back to putting over WWF Good Ol' Boys for Booker T, and overhyped pushes for Test, unless they regain their titles down the road. If the WWF wants to make something out of the WCW tag titles, then they should go out and make a good WCW tag team. Maybe they could bring up Shannon Moore to be Hurricane's tag team sidekick for some incredible tag bouts? I wouldn't doubt that the WWF goes for Dudleys vs. Hardy Boys, again.

Next, it's Rhyno vs. Edge, in the battle of the spear. I like Edge's spear better because he connects better, but Rhyno does seem to have more impact at the end. Like any other match not involving Rocky, Austin, or Angle, it wasn't given much time to develop, and the ending was weak with a bad DQ finish. Why not just tell us, beforehand, what matches will be throwaway matches and what ones will be good?

Good tag match between Rock/Chris Jericho vs. Shane McMahon/Rob Van Dam. The Rock has been a hell of a lot better in the ring lately than what he's been in the past. It showed tonight. The ending was quite interesting, with Jericho drilling Rock, accidentally, with the chair, which led to the big RVD pin over the Rock. See that Undertaker? Jericho defined what a crimson mask was tonight.

But the real news and intrigue is what happened after the match. Chris Jericho was back with the trainers, when the Rock came in to check on his injuries, when an argument came about. Jericho claimed that everyone made mistakes, while the Rock claimed that everyone should be man about what they do, etc. As the Rock left, he overheard Jericho telling an EMT "what does he expect from me" or something like that, which pissed Rocky off. That sparked an argument, which eventually led to a backstage brawl between the WWF superstars. Very interesting.... Good writing here, as I want to see how this incident plays out or if it will lead to Jericho vs. the Rock at No Mercy.

Filler match of the night: X-Pac vs. Scotty 2 Hotty. X-Pac has seemed to have lost all of his "X-Pac sucks" heat. I blame that on two things: One, X-Pac took lots of time off after getting the cheap win over Tajiri at a Pay Per View. Two, his new music doesn't fit him! The old X-Factor music pissed off fans because it was *that* bad. Nice blown cover by X-Pac, too, as he was a wee bit late on putting his foot on the ropes after the worm. X-Pac would later get the clean win over Scotty, signifying that he'll NEVER drop his Cruiserweight and Lightweight titles to anyone, ever again.

Lita vs. Molly Holly was as about good as you can get with the Women's division these days. There's no hope for this division. Molly got the surprising clean victory over Lita, which makes me question if this was for letting the Hardys win the WCW titles?

Steve Austin vs. Kurt Angle was a solid technical warfare, but not their best match (see Summerslam for that). I was disgusted at how easy it was to predict who would win, after William Regal was at ringside. I really hope that the WWF explains Regal's heel turn on Smackdown, or else this heel turn will eventually mean nothing.

LAST WORD: Could we be seeing the Alliance mold into the NWO? WWF wrestlers are fighting each other, like WCW wrestlers once did during the NWO days, and then to have the decision maker, William Regal, turning, which somewhat represents the Bischoff heel turn. Greatest RAW ever? Yeah right. Plenty of flaws, including throwaway matches, short matches, and some weak "sports entertainment". The main event was good, but not the best in RAW history. I'll give this show a


(B Plus) for some bright spots that outweighted the dark areas. Smackdown is usually better than RAW, so if that pattern holds this week, Smackdown should be one to watch.

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@That's all Tito wrote for today. I'll probably be back, tomorrow, with some RAW backlash and whatever else comes to mind in the world of wrestling. Until then, just chill till the next episode.

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