Welcome to the Monday edition of the PDC. Today, we evaluate what might or will happen tonight on the wrestling shows. There has been a lot of talk about WCW stacking their Australian shows since they have bigger crowds to wrestle in front of. We'll see if that's true tonight, along with if the WWF can put on a show without 45 minutes worth of interviews. I also have a wonderful video review for you today, so let's get onto the PDC.


-NITRO Hype-

Hey, good match in the making with Big Poppa Pump vs. Sting. Kudos to Johnny Ace, the only WCW booker worth anything, for getting longer matches for WCW. I'm hoping his influence shows for this match, with two good oldschool competitors. Plus, I'll say it once and I'll say it again.... Sting and Steiner do get along, so they'll trust each other during this match to make it watchable.

We'll see lots of problems with the Cat and Mike Sanders over who is commissioner. Funny thing is that there is a dispute backstage between the Cat and bookers on who should be commissioner. It seems like Russo and crew want Sanders, but yet they don't realize that the Cat was one of the most fun commissioners they've had. The Cat was in charge when WCW's wrestling was worse than it is today, and Sanders is in charge when the overall product is better.

I bet you are expecting a Juvy vs. Rey Mysterio ladder match tonight, eh? Well, let's just look at the match line up, shall we?

Elix Skipper vs. Rey Mysterio
Boogie Knights vs. Jindrak/O'Haire
Torrie Wilson vs. Tygress in a "Down Under-wear" match.
Kevin Nash/Mike Sanders vs. Cat/Booker T
Bill Goldberg vs. Big Vito
David Flair vs. Mike Awesome
Lance Storm vs. Konnan
Sting vs. Scott Steiner

Wow, no Juvy vs. Rey Mysterio ladder match. You'd figure that stupid WCW.com would change that on their site, but they haven't. Juvy is probably wrestling a guy named "Tiny" over a bar of soap right now. This is a decent card, with a few outcomes I'm not too happy with. I don't know, I'll just wait until tonight and tomorrow morning to comment.


Damn it! I knew I should have taped Heat. Triple H fought Perry Saturn? Argh, that's so unfair that I missed that match. I've been a long time Saturn fan(as you'll see from the video review), and I'm very curious to see how Triple H worked with him.

-RAW Preview-

Tonight, we get to find out "who hit Steve Austin". Shawn Michaels will be on hand as a "suspect". Now if the WWF was smart, they'd make Michaels the driver. IN MY OPINION, he would be the only one who would generate interest as the driver who hit Austin. Everyone else, besides possibly Debra, wouldn't work. If he's going to "wrestle" Austin at No Mercy, let it be a wrestler who hasn't been on the show for a while, like a Ken Shamrock or someone. Of course, Mr. Shamrock is still currently fighting on a shootfight tour, but for a good "wrestler" for the driver to be, that would be my first choice.

Of course, this is the WWF, where a man really loves to put himself over. Lets here him reveal himself by CLICKING HERE. I'm afraid this will be the one in the end, and that scares me. It's like repeating the NWO many times over and over!

Again, have some logic for who the driver is please. There are too many disappointments with the surprises behind the whatever. Let it be someone who could generate some new heat with Austin, and not some old heat if you were to choose a McMahon or Foley, and even the Rock.

We'll probably get a nice long interview tonight, which gives us time to check out what is happening at WCW! Or better yet, go out to eat during this segment. Maybe take a long bathroom break, or watch Tampa Bay crush the Vikings tonight. There are many more options than watching these boring interviews which should be looked into.

Nothing else on RAW, since their preview comes about 3 hours before RAW starts. That's very convenient for someone writing a column in the morning!

Mr. Tito's Phat Video Review

I finally found it!!! Today, we are reviewing ECW Extreme Revolution, the Uncensored version, as I finally found a copy in my local Suncoast Video, which inflates prices since it's a wing of Sam Goody. Anyway, let's get on to this review!

ECW Extreme Revolution, the Uncensored version.

The video has 5 solid matches, which I'll go through each, and it has Joey Styles as the host. The production seems higher for anything ECW does, as I guess they want to impress other wrestling fans with this tape. I've seen clips of the XPW tapes, and good lord, the production on that is soo half assed, it's ridiculous! Well anyway, you have Joey Styles leading up the matches, and the matches are shown. Very simple and not complicated formula. Let's review the matches chosen, shall we?

Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn from Hardcore Heaven 1999
IN MY OPINION, this was NOT their best match, and in fact, one of their weakest matches. I liked the most recent battle when both Lynn and RVD came back, and the second fight on ECW on TNN the best. This match was too much RVD, as he was doing his little thumb signal, and playing the crowd very much. Plus, it was RVD's kind of match, and NOT Jerry Lynn's. It was the "Sabu match" of spot-break-spot-break-spot-break-spot-break- and so forth since RVD doesn't like to be constantly moving. In the other matches, Lynn sort of forced RVD to his style, and it was better. Here, it was like RVD carrying the match, and thus, one of the weaker bouts between these two. Still, a pretty good match.

Mike Awesome vs. Masato Tanaka from a November ECW on TNN
Like RVD vs. Lynn, this was not their best match. Their best ECW match was on Christmas Eve for ECW on TNN, where they KILLED each other like never before. I can remember marking out on Christmas Eve, thanks to that match. Anyway, it was still a good match, as all of their bouts are, but not the best one.

The Sandman vs. Raven in a Barbed wire match at the end of 1996
I had Hardcore TV then, but they never did show this match. Gee, I wonder why. This was one of the most brutal matches I've ever seen, pitting both Raven and Sandman in their primes! Both guys were just trashed after this match, as I still don't see the logic of wrestling a barbed wire match. I'd have to say that this was the best match on the tape. Easily.

The Eliminators vs. Terry Gordy and Steve "Dr. Death" Williams from October 1996
This match took place just as the Eliminators were taking form as the BEST POUND FOR POUND TAG TEAM EVER!!! Of course, if you watch this tape, you'll have no idea what I'm talking about since The Eliminators(Perry Saturn and John Kronus) had a hard time working with the powerhouses of Dr. Death and Bam Bam Gordy. Especially Gordy, who didn't look good in the ring. He badly sold the "Total Elimination". However, I know why this match was included on the video, as it shows the famous Perry Saturn elbow drop from the scaffold. Damn that was awesome! It's a shame that Perry Saturn wanted to wrestle on his own, because the Eliminators were the best. They should have had the 3 Way Dance matches with the Gangstas and the Dudleys, or at least the Tables and Ladders matches with Rob Van Dam and Sabu. That way, fans who don't know what I'm talking about with concerning the Eliminators, could easily find out by watching one of those matches.

"The Franchise" Shane Douglas and Francine vs. Tommy Dreamer and Beulah from late 1996
Damn, watching this match made me sad watching Beulah in this match. It's a shame she left ECW. It was just a typical match between both couples, as I've seen the same routines with Dreamer and Douglas before. I've even seen this match live when I went to an ECW houseshow in 1997. Same stuff, with Tommy Dreamer as the face who gets pounded, but then Francine gets involved, and then, Dreamer finds a way to tag in Beulah and we have a......to quote Joey Styles: CATFIGHT!! CATFIGHT!! CATFIGHT!!! And eventually, someone gets a cheap pin over one of the ladies. Beulah takes a stupid risk in this match by the way. That fan taking a shot at Douglas was pretty funny here.

Last Word: I think if I didn't see 3 of the 5 matches, I'd appreciate it better. Of course, if the RVD-Lynn and the Tanaka-Awesome matches were their better ones, I'd really love this video. I think ECW really messed up on choosing some of the matches, since there is a stockpile of better Eliminator matches out there! I also think that ECW should have put Sandman vs. Raven as the final match here, since it was the best on the tape. Well, I'll give it a


for my reasons listed above. Good tape with some good matches, but not great. For those of you who were wondering, I watched this on VHS since I won't buy into the DVD technology until that gets cheaper.

Also, for those of you who were telling me to go to Dynamitekid.com to order the book, I'll have you know that when I ordered it from Amazon.com, they were trying to get the book directly from that site. They failed to do it since the site or their shipping company were having some kind of problem to get my book delayed too much and to eventually cancel the order.

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