Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. I'm happy to get this week over, because it has been a rough week in the world of wrestling. One thing I'm tired of, is the total coverage of Russo and Ferarra. I'm so sick of writing about those two! I'm so sick of seeing news or columns everywhere about the duo! Here's how I think it. They are going to WCW, and since WCW's angles and storylines need help, they will help them. WCW will probably get better, but I don't see lightning striking twice for Russo and Ferarra. That's the way I see it, so on to the PDC.


-Why does the WWF have to have a mud wrestling match for Smackdown? Why not RAW?! Grrr, that makes me mad. Anyways, Smackdown pulled a 4.4 this week, which is ok. They are fighting with some tough competition on Thursdays, plus I think the WWF has peaked. I don't think this is a low rating for this market, but of course, I have yet to see improvement on the ratings for Smackdown. But, like I said, it's much tougher on Thursdays to get over than on Mondays for the WWF.

-Poor Jerry Lawler got third in the election for mayor of Memphis the other day. Maybe he would have had a chance if he didn't have his small law troubles beforehand. Running over someone's foot at an airport and not caring about it led him into some bad media, which probably was a good reason why he lost. Also, we have Jesse Ventura, who is getting tons of bad publicity lately for his Playboy comments, who could have been a factor. Maybe voters saw how Ventura was, and expected the same for Lawler. But hey, he'll still be commentating Monday Nights....

-I just love how many rumors are floating around anymore. Jim Ross struck down a great one, as he killed the rumor about Stone Cold being told by the WWF to wrestle without the knee braces to make him look tougher. Oh please. How could you wrestle with two unstable knees without those braces for support? The second he would land on his feet hard, both knees would give out. Geesh. Who on earth thinks up this stuff? Oh well, I guess making up rumors is better than stealing other's news or hotline reports.


-Thunder whipped out a 1.9 this week, as they seem stuck around the same numbers everyweek. Of course, if Thunder had some talent on their show, they would eclipse the ratings of Nitro everyweek. But WCW can't do that, they have to have Nitro on top! Geesh, what logic would it be to have Thunder ahead of Nitro when you clearly can't win the Monday Night Wars. Nah, that wouldn't happen, as WCW is to much in love with Nitro. I saw part of Thunder this week, and all I saw was young talent....but they are talent that nobody cheers for. It's also funny to see the crowd just sitting there...yet they boo so loudly. Gotta love those noise machines.

-Oh gosh, I've heard that WCW Fall Brawl drew a 0.35 buy rate. Damn, that's pathetic compared to what they used to pull in. WCW was expecting a larger rate with Hogan vs. Sting. Hey, aren't they fighting again this year at Halloween Havoc? Expect the number to be the same. WCW used to draw good numbers, close to the ones or over one, but now they pull 0.35. They better hope this new "creative team" has what it takes to make things interesting for fans to buy their pay per views.

-According to Dave Scherer, my favorite rap duo Insane Clown Posse is staying in WCW. This comes from the famous ICP hotline where Violent J, the one who has been running his mouth the past few weeks about coming or going, said that ICP signed a new deal with WCW and that they will be on Nitro this Monday. I wonder what they'll do since Vampiro has been shelved! Anyway, they will probably wrestle a tag match, or even have Shaggy go after the Cruiserweight title again. Geesh, I can only imagine an ICP member as a champ.

PDC Flashback

November 15th, 1998 was the debut of the new PDC format, which is the format you see today. Before I began organizing it, I had blocks of words, which is about like many columns on the net. After looking around the net, seeing how other's space their columns, I decided I needed to organize better if I wanted to go anywhere with my column. Back then, on LoP, there was Parke Miller's Daily News Update, and I not only admired the reporting, but I liked how it was easy to read with the spacing. I then put my column into a new format, with WWF, WCW, and ECW sections, and I would make each rant or topic a paragraph and I used a dash to start each paragraph off. That is the beginning of what I continue to this day. You can read this PDC Flashback by clicking HERE!

@That's it for today. I'll be back tomorrow. This has been the 196th consecutive Phat Daily Column in a row, so just chill till the next episode.

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Take Care and Happy Wrestling.

Mr. Tito 1999