Welcome to an all new edition of Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column, the column that always backs up on its opinions. Today, we'll hype RAW and actually review Sunday Night Heat. Yes, I actually caught the embarrassing Mtv experiment, but there's a little story to that.

If you didn't read from earlier columns, I was told by a few people that Crash Holly and Steven Richards, good friends in real life, were looking foward to this very column to see if I reviewed their match on Sunday Night Heat. HOWEVER, I guess that their match was decided to only be a DARK MATCH, therefore missing the cut. The WWF aired a promo to hype Austin vs. Angle for tonight's RAW, so I guess it couldn't make it because of that? Who knows? But what is known is that Steven Richards vs. Crash Holly, where Steven Richards won via the Steviekick, was NOT on Mtv Heat last night.

The sad thing is that I had it all planned out for a resourceful ribbing towards both, especially Crash. I was going to mention how both guys were telling stories, out there to entertain, and whatever else I would try to quote from the 2 hour long Crash Holly audio commentary. It would have been fun. Actually, I was just going to review the match in a very plain way, or just ignore it anyway. Fooled you there. Crash Holly wants me to say such evil things towards him, just so he has something to complain about, backstage at WWF events. Yeah, like I'm ruining your career or something.

On a completely different subject, I've had a few strange criticisms about my column going off the topic, from time to time, like when I discuss such topics as Bonds's homerun chase (congrats on #73) or anything else non wrestling. Now look... the Phat Daily Column is STILL mostly about professional wrestling. Going off on tangents is just a way to clear my mind about wrestling, to ensure that a writer's block never occurs. I somewhat do it as an added element of comedy, too, especially since too many people take my wrestling opinions WAY too seriously.

Speaking of wrestling opinions being taken seriously, what's with this movement of Japanese and Luchadore wrestling fans bashing WWF wrestling for not knowing what a good match is? That's absurd. They think that by watching non-stop technical warfares or spot-fests make them wrestling experts. HA! For the record, I've NEVER considered myself to be an expert on matches. I watch a match, and in my review, since I review WWF shows, I comment if I felt it was an entertaining bout or not. If I liked it, I say it was a good match or whatever. That simple, and I'm just adding my opinion to how I felt about what I saw. To disagree with me on that is one thing, which is ok, but to say you're an expert because you watch an ENTIRELY different wrestling product, is another.

Geesh! The stuff I put up with for writing as a hobby. On to the PDC.

But before we go any further, the wrestling industry lost another member. "Gentleman" Chris Adams was shot and killed after brawling with a former roomate, probably while drunk. I just want to say that I enjoyed watching Chris Adams back when he was a part of World Class, and it was great to see him making a return to wrestling when he joined WCW during the late 90's.

Mtv Heat is Tito

First match was NOT Steven Richards vs. Crash Holly, but instead, we had Chuck Palumbo versus Billy Gunn. Palumbo had some good heat as he came out, and Gunn had decent cheers. The WWF would be better renaming Gunn back to Mr. Ass, and bringing back the Road Dogg, if they ever want to make use out of him. Actually, the WWF made use of him, as they made him put over Chuck Palumbo. As annoying as any other Billy Gunn match is these days...

Next match... before we go on, I just want to say what a marvelous job Turtle2Hug is doing on the Sunday Night Heat results. I usually look at the show recaps as a reference, and she has done a great job at it. May Matt Hardy be hers someday. The next match was Tommy Dreamer versus Tajiri, which was the main event of another Sunday Night Heat, a few weeks back. This match seemed to quick to me, although the Torrie Wilson handspring elbow was entertaining (despite being in super-slow motion). Tajiri won after that. The WWF must be proud of the success they are getting with Torrie Wilson, which outweighs anything WCW tried. Is Billy Kidman still banging her?

Raven/Justin Credible vs. Scotty 2 Hotty/Perry Saturn was next. Ugh. I have to give credit to Scotty 2 Hotty: he can still work the crowd after all of these years. Typical Heat match, with the faces getting the victory. Moppy 2 Hotty, also, was introduced as Saturn's new play-thing. Someone please motivate John Kronus to get in shape!

What's with the amount of Superkicks done? Stevie beat Crash in a dark match before Heat with the Steviekick, Palumbo won off of his Junglekick over Gunn, and Saturn used it during the tag match. I know Smackdown had their share of superkicks done, too. What's up with dat?

I'm glad that I caught Mtv Heat this week for Chris Benoit's interview. You could just tell it in his facial expression, when he came out, that he truly misses performing every night. It was a truthful interview, at times, too. First, it was about his injury, and he said how he has full movement in his neck again. Rehab is going well, too. It was cool how they discussed his WCW departure, and how he did it after he won the WCW World title. Then, Cole/Al Snow asked about which side Benoit would join, and in character, he said he doesn't want to work for Heyman again. That could be true, as ECW as paying wrestlers with peanuts back in the day. Also, he said how he wouldn't take the intimidation that Steve Austin gives Alliance members. Fuck yeah he wouldn't. Finally, they asked Benoit who will win between Austin and Angle, and Benoit chose Angle since Austin relys too much on the Alliance for help, who are barred from ringside. Good Mtv Heat interview, and I wish it could have been longer.

Our main event was Jeff Hardy/Matt Hardy/Lita versus Ivory/Lance Storm/Kanyon. Typical Hardys win, as they are sort of undefeated when it comes to tag matches against non traditional tag teams. But once the titles are on the line, that's a different story, as we'll discuss in a little bit.

LAST WORD: Wow, this is a show that I could avoid every week. The matches were just plain and ordinary. I'm sure if the Steven Richards and Crash Holly match was on this show, it would be about 100 times more exciting. Chris Benoit's interview was decent, with some add realism to it. If the WWF were to add realism to their interviews, instead of requiring them to be in character, then Excess and Heat would do better in the ratings. At least that's my opinion. Speaking of my opinion, I'll give this show a C+ (C plus). Joy.


Tonight, it's the BIGGEST match in RAW history, or at least that's how the WWF is hyping it. Don't you just love how the WWF tries to play off the short attention spans of their fans (or at least what they perceive as short)? Steve Austin versus WWF World Champion Kurt Angle tonight! I wouldn't doubt that Austin is successful in this match, some way or another. The WWF thinks that Kurt Angle isn't "over" enough, probably blaming his title reign on the poor ratings. No, the ratings went down because you're fucking writers can't make the Invasion angle interesting, not to mention the Good Ol' Boy Network of WWF veterans who refuse to let any newcomer have any success.

However, rumors are surfacing that the WWF might attempt Kurt Angle vs. Steve Austin, part 3, at WWF No Mercy. If you didn't figure it out by now, No Mercy is a throw-away Pay Per View, as the WWF really wants to hype the Survivor Series instead, since it always has that certain element to it. I guess it's being suggested that Austin and Angle will fight a submission match, or something? Looks like Austin will have to break out the Million-Dollar Dream again.

For Steve Austin vs. Kurt Angle, though, don't doubt that something weird will happen. Rumors are circulating that Mick Foley will be in the house, to which he could feud with William Regal. Could the new Regal heel turn occur tonight? That's the only way the Alliance could help Austin win the match.

Also on RAW tonight, we'll see the Hardys going up against Booker T/Test for the Dubya Cee Dubya World Titles. Ha! If Smackdown didn't show you, you should know that Undertaker/Kane are going after those titles. Hence, Test and Booker T are winning this match. Hardys can't win titles because they are "popular enough with Lita at their side that they don't need to win". That might be the most ridiculous way of thinking that I've ever seen. Only in the WWF!

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