Ah yes, the Sunday Edition of the PDC. We have NO Pay Per Views to hype, which is going to be rough for writing today. I could hype Sunday Night Heat, but I think it's easy to say that stupid Mtv activities will be going on, and Tazz will be laughing his ass off at his own jokes, not to mention sub par matches. Stephanie will be there tonight which really makes me want to rush home to watch it. On to the PDC.

NOTE: You probably noticed this yesterday and for a few morning hours during the week that the site, or at least the main news page has been down. We are experiencing some strange server problems, which is trying to get fixed very soon. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, as we'll fix it soon. If you see it missing, just go to the Front Page for the latest news updates, or if you want to read the PDC, just go to the Phat Daily Column Archive if needed.


I got a lot of hell over putting Dean Malenko on the Phat 5 candidate list the other day. I guess when people only watch Smackdown and RAW, they wouldn't notice his tough wins over Essa Rios on Heat, nor would they see his tough battle with Just Joe on Jakked/Metal. Many wanted Stone Cold to be on it, as I will not put him on it until he WRESTLES a match. Being in the storyline and giving 10 stunners a night doesn't cut it. Also, I got some hell for not putting on Tazz, who has wrestled tag action lately. That's why I didn't add him. Malenko wrestled 2 tough matches and got clean wins in both. I'd say that's good enough reason, especially since he beat guys like Rikishi Phatu, and Eddie Guerrero. He also tied with the Rock for what it's worth.

I was going to save this for tomorrow, but since I get about 20 emails per day on this topic, why not do it now? I'm thinking that Mick Foley will bring out Debra as the mysterious driver. Notice I said "bring out", because it might not be her. It's a SWERVE!!! I don't really see Austin and Debra in a feud especially since their marriage was well publicized, even by the WWF.

Now to HBK Shawn Michaels. I'm thinking that he and the WWF could be pulling a swerve on us. HBK recently had the comments in his commentary about being a better wrestler than many or most of the wrestlers today, and so on. I think those comments could have been scripted there on purpose to maybe throw us off? Maybe guys like Triple H, Rock, and many others could have been acting mad around the known sources for newsletters? The WWF seems to be trying to put a lid on this whole situation, and why not do it by making Michaels look like he's trashing the WWF?

In the end, I think I know who will end up being the driver, OR at least the guy who was at least behind it. You can CLICK HERE for the person who I'd never bet against for this "Who Hit Austin" case. Ugh.


HOLY COW!!!! There are actual Nitro Spoilers out there. That's shocking, as little kiddie reporters on other NewzBoreds have claimed to have RAW and Nitro spoilers, even when the LIVE SHOW didn't occur yet. SHOCKING! Well, this is happening since WCW is down in Australia and I guess they are too afraid of any errors in the live feed if they were to have Nitro live from Australia. So with that, we have LEGIT Nitro spoilers. Now isn't that something? CLICK HERE for the NITRO spoilers. They aren't just made up like those other morons.

Eddie Boal, who sent us our report, said that the Brisbane Nitro taping had around 10,000 in attendance, filling arena to about 80-90 % of the capacity. Although we heard lots of reports of this building selling out, I guess that wasn't the case. Still, at least Nitro has a larger crowd to work with this time around as compared to the 2,000 usually in attendance for their shows. I'm hoping that WCW has booked some good shows for the 2 weeks that they are down there so that the crowd can explode during matches. That way, maybe it could generate more interest here in the 'States.

I'm guessing you won't be seeing Juvy during any more of these tapings, thanks to his crazy behavior in a hotel lobby, where he was finally arrested by their authorities. Wow, Juvy is on his best behavior before he resigns with WCW, and now he's back to himself again. Before, Juvy was busted for several DUIs and other incidents while under WCW contract. When it came up, that good behavior just happened to show up, and now that he's resigned, welcome back Juvy!

Media Stuff

I finally found a copy of Extreme Evolution, the uncensored version, in my hometown. I'm hoping to review it tomorrow, or at least in the very near future. I could only find one copy of it in the whole mall, which was at the inflating Suncoast Video.

Also, for those who are wondering if I have read Pure Dynamite by Tom Billington or more well known as the Dynamite Kid, let me tell you that my order was oddly cancelled. I ordered it through Amazon.com, and for some reason, they couldn't get it shipped from England. It's a damn shame because I was really looking forward to reading that book. Now, I guess I'll have to wait for when Chyna or Goldberg's books come out. I might just pick up a paper back version of Mick Foley's book with the added chapter. By the way, have you seen that book? It's like very short in height, but it's very thick.

I don't really see much out there to review, except for some upcoming Video Game releases. I'm hoping to get my own copy of Virtual Pro Wrestling 2 very soon to anticipate No Mercy coming out very soon. If you didn't know, VPW 2 is like the Japanese version of the THQ wrestling games we get, and it's spectacular!!! CLICK HERE if you want to read my review on that game, and CLICK HERE for the column that had places where to buy VPW 2.

No Mercy is looking damn good though, especially with the ladder match. Check it out for yourself by CLICKING HERE. These awesome games are getting me hooked on video games all over again. ARGH!!!

WrestlePalooza.com's Real Audio Show: Check out the shows with Spike Dudley and Dr. Death on them, along with other great shows! CLICK HERE!

@That's all for today. I shall be back tomorrow with LOTS of MONDAY NIGHT HYPE to go around, so just chill....till the next episode!

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