Welcome back to the one and ONLY Phat Daily Column. This is 195th in the record books for consecutive records. As many of you have pointed out, coming up October 26th, I will have been a daily columnist for ONE YEAR! That's right..1 year of the PDC. Since it's coming up, I've decided to so something special leading up to this. I'll call it PDC Flashback, and it will feature a personal best PDC a long with a short description. So check that out if you would, as it will be at the bottom of this column. Anyways, I still have to make this PDC, so on to it!

Note: Sorry for the wrong 'peace' in regards to the Gorilla segment. Bad time to have a spelling error. Sorry.


-As Wade Keller pointed out yesterday, the WWF isn't too satisfied with Chris Jericho. He has the big entrance, and he has a crowd following, but he's been none too impressive in the ring. The WWF might put him back at the bottom of the ladder and make him work his way to the top again. I, however, don't think it's Jericho's fault. I think constantly disqualifying himself in matches with X-Pac and Road Dogg along with Curtis Hughes always interfering in Jericho's matches are the real killers. Jericho hasn't really had the chance to shine yet in matches. So WWF, don't go pointing fingers when it's your fault.

-Do you think Vince McMahon is sweating the loss of Russo and Ferarra. NO! He's just going to work a little harder. Before, he entrusted so much to this duo that he never really bothered worrying about the booking. Now, he's going to step it up and take charge like he used to do. I highly doubt the WWF will get worse, but in my opinion the WWF can get no better. I think they've completely peaked. What else is there for the WWF to do? They have the winning formula already..and all they have to do is beef up a show if WCW gets stronger.

-Many believe that Taz's future WWF career is doomed now that the one who was his main contact during negotiations, Vince Russo, is down with Dubya Cee Dubya (WCW). Well, I don't think so. If you were like me, and you checked out the Taz section at WWF.com, you would have noticed how happy the McMahons were when they signed Taz. I'm pretty sure the McMahons know what a talent Taz is, and I highly doubt that they would just trash him for the fact that Vince Russo was the man who helped bring him in. Don't think that. WWF will utilize Taz, and maybe eventually turn him into a superstar.


-Many are wondering how much of a change Vince Russo and Ed Ferarra will make. Many say 'they aren't going to matter', and others say that 'WCW is going to get a complete makeover'. Well, I'm in the middle of this one. I think that WCW will get better, but I don't see them getting too huge with Russo and Ferarra. I think that WCW is at the point where they can only get better, and Russo and Ferarra will lead them there. Just look at the past half year. Crazy and confusing storylines where you would ask 'How did that feud happen' or 'why was he attacking him last week, but now he's siding with him'. Stuff like that has made WCW pretty rough to watch. What Russo and Ferarra will do, and that's if they are allowed to do it, is to refine all of the angles and make them much clearer than they are. Another major part of Russo and Ferarra's sucess is working with Hulk Hogan. Hogan has the veto power on angles in his contract(Keller), and he could just strike down any angle that they throw at him. Hopefully, they can work together because they could better Hogan.

-I really wonder why WCW is pushing Brad Armstrong a little. I feel that none of the Armstrongs have the ability to get a crowd reaction. Yes, they are good wrestlers...so don't yell at me for bashing their talent. But who cheers for them? NOBODY. You could drop a pin during one of their matches in an arena and hear it! Of course, good old Brad Armstrong, I suppose, is only getting groomed for Berlyn to defeat, since nobody else would want to put over Alex Wright, oops, I mean Berlyn.

-Nothing like a good rumor killer to strike down all of those darn reports. For DDP's address, Kimberly stated that she is NOT leaving the Nitro girls like everyone and their mother has stated. Hey, she'll probably remain the leader too...I'd imagine. Everyone thinks the Nitro girls are fighting...and that's not the case. I heard somewhere that they are all taking time off. They did a lot of traveling, and a lot of dancing, so I suppose WCW decided to give the women a break. The new contest is to get more Nitro Girls so that the current ones won't get overworked.

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PDC Flashback

October 27th, 1998 was the second edition of Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column. Even then, I started a trend that I still continue today. The column was the very first edition of Monday Night Impressions. Back then, all I did was rant about what happened on Mondays, and I was minus the grades and the Phat Stats©. It was still in my early days of reading it, so that column looks so sloppy and unorganized..but everyone has to start somewhere. Click HERE to read this PDC Flashback!

@Wow, that was fun. It's even more fun going through the archive and reading some past articles. Some stuff I wonder what I was thinking on those days..haha. Anyway, thanks a million for reading, and just chill till the next episode!!

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