Rest In Piece Gorilla

Gorilla Monsoon, at the age of 62 has left us. He passed away yesterday after the heart trauma that he was trying to recover from. From the time he wrestled, and even bodyslamming Muhammad Ali, to the great days of he and Jesse 'the Body' commentating, he will be missed very much. He was a great man, and one of my favorite commentators growing up. It's a shame to see such a great man like Gorilla leave us. You will be missed by all of those who loved you and respected you, and I give all of my condolences to his family. I'm just proud to say that I have a fond memory of Gorilla, and what he's done. (Credit: David for the pic)

Droz suffers an unfortunate broken neck

Today, I completely forgot to mention something about D'Lo accidentally messing up a powerbomb on Droz the other night at the Smackdown tapings. I didn't know the seriousness of the injury, but after I did my column, I saw reports everywhere. It's a shame, even though I never thought much of Droz, to see him get injured like this. Any wrestler getting injured like that is a shame. Accidents do happen. They can happen to anyone in sports...not only wrestling. Like for Gorilla, my condolences are with Droz's family. (Credit: for the picture)

Tragedies occur many times in wrestling. They occur many times in each sport around the world. It's a loss to everyone when one happens. Our favorite superstars, up and coming stars, and old time legends all affect our lives. We respect what they do, or what they did. They work so hard on putting on a good show, or just getting us to smile. They are our role models, and we absolutely respect them.

On to the PDC, which is dedicated to both Gorilla and Droz.

-Well, I forgot to report this Tuesday, as my mind keeps slipping anymore with school going on, but ECW on TNN pulled a 0.7 for their recent show. It seems as though this television show is really going no where, and I bet the TNN executives aren't too thrilled so far. This week, however, I've seen previous press releases for the return of Tammy Sytch, formerly known as Sunny. Last week, ECW hyped it for this week's show. Maybe this week it will draw better ratings. Many suggest that TNN will pull ECW from their Friday night line up. No, that won't happen for a long time. You see, TNN wanted wrestling for Fridays Nights. They couldn't get WWF or they settled for the 3rd best. Now that they have the best they can get, they should sponsor it, right? They aren't doing so. They will get angered each week, when it's their fault for the lower ratings...well, partially their fault as nobody is home to watch their shows.

-Oh joy, I'm hearing that Mean Gene Okerland has signed a new 3 year deal! Wait, that's not good, as we'll get to suffer from hearing him for 3 more years! Nah, I could rant on and on about Mean Gene, and maybe rip on his burger chain, but I won't go there. I just feel that Mean Gene has been there, and done that. There is nothing new for the good man to accomplish. He's out of style at the moment, as wrestling is swinging more towards a youth movement. Fans get bored nowadays with Mean Gene. Sure, he was cool during his time, but it's now time to step aside and let someone fresh take over. But that's WCW's decision....

-Many are concerned with Hogan now that Vince Russo and Ed Ferarra will be in charge of WCW's angles and storylines. Many have said that Hogan has already thought about leaving now that they are there. Also, some have said that the new creative duo has control over everyone but Hogan. I really hope they can control Hogan, as I feel they could probably re-package Hogan. I've thought of this for a few days now, but I say why not give Hogan a brand spanking new gimmick? After that, give him a new move. Give him a deadly finisher. He has the strength still to pull something off. Have his attitude change...and people will notice. Hogan would get lots of attention, and thus Hogan will be huge for the 3rd time. Hulkamania right now gets the cheers, but it's not getting the why not?

-Obviously the marks at Pro Wrestling Illustrated don't know who to rank anymore. Wait a second, they never could. I used to suscribe to PWI, until I got sick of their stupid articles and their annoying specials. I remember one year they had Dean Malenko as their #1 wrestler. I laughed at them for days, as they obviously marked out big time for him. This year, they have Stone Cold as the #1 man. That shouldn't be it, as I will say that the Rock should be #1. Stone Cold doesn't wrestle as much on RAWs, plus he's been injury ridden this year. Why on earth PWI has Rey Mysterio at #4 is beyond me. Not to rip his ability, but he shouldn't be that high up on the list. I could go on and on about this, but I have my own preferences, and I know PWI has theirs.

@It's pretty hard to write today. Just not feeling up to it with the recent tragedies. It's sad to see situations like this, but we must move on. I'll be back with another edition of the PDC tomorrow, so just chill till the next episode.

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Take Care, and Keep Your Prayers with Droz.

Mr. Tito 1999