I don't know about you, but I'm super happy that the week is finally ending. Good lord was it a long and tough week! Today, you'll be seeing the column that YOU partially wrote. That's right, as the votes are tallied in, locked, and ready to roll in this column. But of course, I'm going to throw my opinion around to keep the majority of this column mine. On to the PDC.



Your Smackdown Vote: B+

Damn, this was a tough vote. B+ won with only 24%, as the grades beside it came very close to winning too. A- had 19% of the vote, and B had 21% of the vote. But as it stands, B+ is the grade for Smackdown this week. Oddly enough, it's the same grade that everyone voted for last week.

Looking at the wonderful results, I see that the WWF DID NOT start with a lame opener, but with a hot match! In fact, there wasn't an interview until much later in the show!! Holy cow, this is unheard of for the WWF. You don't understand how much I want to see a high Smackdown rating this week to prove how worthless those interviews are getting!

Low Down got a big win tonight. Could they finally be getting the push? X-Pac vs. Mr. Ass? It would make sense since DX did kick him out, but man, that match will be rough to watch. What about Jericho in this mix? I wish that I could have seen the Dudleys vs. Raven/Tazz. Damn Time Warner cable!!!! I'm sure I would have had tears in my eyes if I had to see Steve Blackman vs. Albert.

The WWF tried to "stack" the Smackdown card with another Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit match, and another what was probably boring Kane vs. Rock match. I'm glad the WWF threw Jericho in the mix, as he can now be pushed back to the top instead of feuding with X-Pac. At least I hope. I'm glad I didn't see another repetitive Rock vs. Kane match!

Good job on the voting, as the B+ seems to be reasonable.


Wow, there isn't much WWF news going around right now, since the WWF is NOT the one for sale.

Word is that the WWF is heavily considering rising the price of Pay Per Views by $5. In other news, stealing cable is on the rise more than ever now and local sports bars will have larger crowds.

Big Show has been basically "shitlisted" by the WWF. Of course, his immature attitude and unwillingness to get into good shape hasn't helped him either. The WWF probably wants the monster from WCW who entered that federation in 1995 to go after Hogan. Back then, as he was the Giant then, he was very lean for his size and weight. As the booking became corrupt with Nash and Hogan, the Giant wasn't used very much, as he was held down for many reasons. With that system in place, the Big Show didn't have to wrestle much in WCW after 1996. So what you got was a Giant who really didn't care. From that, he gained more and more weight to what he is today. Oddly enough, he's lost a ton of weight since his WCW days, as you could say maybe around 50-75 pounds from that point. Funny, as that's around how much the WWF wants him to lose now.

They are also figuring that Ohio Valley Wrestling will be the place for him to realize that NOTHING is guaranteed in the WWF. Just because you were a former WWF champ, doesn't mean a damn thing. Same goes for the fact that he was in the main event at Wrestlemania. Like it's been doing for Mark Henry, who has a new attitude with a trimmed down weight, Big Show should get his stuff together and return to the WWF maybe in a year or little earlier? We'll see. That's gotta be rough to see that you've been taken off a video game though. Damn!

Damn, the CIVIC Arena in Pittsburgh, PA(I refuse to call it Mellon) didn't sell out for Smackdown last week. That's odd, as I've tried to get WWF tickets there in the past, and it was a pain in the ass! That place usually sells out way before the show even starts, but I guess not this time around. Gee, looks like the demand for the WWF product is down, and that lame-o storylines won't sell out your buildings.

Undertaker is on the shelf once again. This time, he has an injured groin muscle, opposite side of the groin muscle he tore before his time was taken off last time. I find it very odd that the Taker has hurt himself, as he really doesn't move much in the ring nowadays. Of course, he hasn't for the past few years, but that's not the point. 'Taker seems to be too injury prone for his age, as many might suggest that it's time for him to hang up the boots.

Rumors are running around that the driver of the Rock's rental car, which hit Austin at Survivor Series 1999, could be revealed this Monday. Well, whoever it is, I've determined that only two choices would help to boost interest in the WWF, and I've said their names before. One, Shawn Michaels. Last I checked, he wasn't blond, but he used to be in his Rocker Days, right? The other is Debra, who has shown no indication of where she'll be in the WWF angles soon. That could very well be your answer, but knowing the WWF, it will be Vince McMahon with a blond whig on.

Looks like the WWF is going after Rulon Gardner, who did the impossible at the Olympics, ending a Greco Roman wrestler from Russia's 13 year unbeatable string. If they do in fact get him, then the WWF will have a surplus of amateur wrestlers who were only signed from Kurt Angle's success. Who would have ever thought that Angle would be so successful? (I didn't) I guess the WWF feels that if you somehow get an attitude or a persona, your transition from the hard mat to the ring will become successful.

WWF Phat 5

This another vote where YOU decided the wrestlers.

5. Chris Jericho- Finally, he gets a spot here! Jericho rematched Benoit on Smackdown, and he got the pinfall in the exciting 6 man on RAW this week. I still don't understand the WWF's use of this man.

4. Chris Benoit- Down two spots from last week, Benoit just barely edged out Chris Jericho in the voting this week. I'm sure if the WWF uses Jericho more, this vote might be rearranged.

3. Kane- I found this one as shocking, since he did do the job at RAW. I guess his DQ victory was enough against the Rock on Smackdown for him to gain the #3 spot. 14% of the vote.

2. Triple H- How could you not put the Game at #2? He's continuing to bust his ass in his matches, and he finally put Angle over. Thank the heavens! 20% of the vote.

1. Kurt Angle- Wow, I was impressed with this one. Since Angle finally defeated Triple H on RAW is WAR Monday, he would have been my top man coming into Smackdown. It's true, it's true. 31% of the vote.

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