Alright, welcome to the 193rd consecutive Phat Daily Column. Can you say the ratings are in? That's right! The question should be did the ratings reflect my Monday Night grades? Ha, we'll find that one out as well as other issues in the world of wrestling. On to the PDC.

Ratings Analysis


First Hour: 3.6
Second Hour: 2.4
Third Hour: 2.6
Composite: 2.866666...


First Hour: 5.9
Second Hour: 5.9
Composite: 5.9

Head To Head

RAW: 5.9
Nitro: 2.5

-This week, in my opinion, showed how strong the WWF fan base still is. I thought RAW put on a lackluster show Monday, as they had lots of 'non wrestling' segments. I figured many viewers, like myself, would tune into Nitro to watch some actual wrestling matches. I suppose the Bret Hart vs. Chris Benoit match wasn't a ratings blow out like expected. Talking to many readers and friends, I was told that the Hart/Benoit match was too long and boring. I guess they aren't used to those traditional matches, because that's how it used to be. As for the main's evident that Hogan/Flair/Sting/Total Package are NOT ratings draws. Sure, maybe this match would have shook the ratings scale two years ago, but today, many fans are sick of seeing those same old main eventers. I thought their match was pretty good, but I thought it rivaled WWF's best match of the night, Jericho vs. The Rock. Whatever the case may be, WCW did put on a good show in my opinion. I suppose they need to work a little harder before knocking the WWF off the Monday Night Mountain.


-As of right now, everyone's favorite Red Rooster, Terry Taylor, will be in place of Russo and Ferarra. I'm sure the McMahons are also involved with the creative side as well. As sited on Samuda's interview with Russo, he stated that the added show, Smackdown, put a heavy burden on himself. He said it overworked him, and that's a good reason why he made the jump. Many people are calling Russo and Ferarra a prick because he didn't give a two weeks notice. Well, when you don't have a contract, does it matter? Anyways, I don't think the WWF will suffer as bad as everyone thinks. The McMahons will step it up, and I'm sure they know where to look for someone to replace Russo and Ferarra. I think the only way it will affect the WWF is if Russo and Ferarra make the WCW better...and that's it!

-I just love some of the rumors that pop up. No, the Undertaker is NOT jumping to WCW. Like Lucas said yesterday in his report, the Undertaker is recovering from injuries. He had a torn groin for Heaven's sake. He has a bad back, a bad knee, and I've heard he has problems with his waist as well. Don't assume that if he's out recovering, that WCW is going to steal him. His contract, as I've heard, has a great deal of time before it expires. So like yesterday with the stupid Scott Steiner rumors, don't jump the gun until you absolutely know it's true!

-I saw the Smackdown spoilers, and I must say, I wish I had UPN. There is one, and very controversial, match that I really wanted to see. From reading those spoilers, the end result was great..but will probably be censored. But anyways, look for more of the trio that seems to be on WWF television more than any other wrestlers...and that is Bulldog, the Rock, and Mankind. Expect some havoc between those three this week. I hope you enjoy the show, as I'll resort to watching Thunder....but if it was like Nitro this week, then it's all good!


-Add two more wrestlers to WCW's released and looking for work list. Flash Scott Norton and Mean Mike Enos are the latest wrestlers to be cut from WCW's long roster. Why Norton you ask? Well, WCW felt they had done enough with him, and they can't use him since he's flying back and forth from Japan to the U.S. He's a superstar in Japan, and in WCW, he's a misused wrestler. Scott Norton has let his frustrations with WCW's unwillingness to use him, and that could be part of the reason. Norton could be just full time in Japan, or he could be a pay per appearance wrestler for WCW. Norton's final work was to help put Goldberg over on Thunder. As for Mike Enos, he's also been offered the pay per appearance as well.(Partial Credit to Scherer)

-The whole internet is whining over Lenny Lane and Lodi. They feel they were treated very unfairly, and that they should be back on television. I tend to disagree. Time Warner does not want their shows to become like the WWF. They don't want controversial angles. Everytime WCW has done a controversial angle, Time Warner was always there to slap WCW management around. I felt that Lodi and Lenny went too far with their angle. I wasn't much for two guys constantly hugging each other throughout their matches. Both Lenny and Lodi might be in trouble, career-wise. They will both be remembered for this angle, and WCW might feel that they can't get anything else out of the duo. They just might be out of work.

-I like how Macho Man might come back now to feud with the Total Package. I'm wondering what true heat will occur out of this fitting that Macho's new flame might want a piece of his old flame(Liz). Many people, from my many e-mails I get each day, have kept asking "when is Macho coming back?" I have a feeling that he'll come back in time for Halloween Havoc, since afterall, his advertisers Slim Jim, are sponsoring the event. Macho is too good to be used for just selling tickets when they come out.

@That's it for today. I'll be back with yet another edition of the Phat Daily Column tomorrow, to continue the road to 200. Thanks for reading, and just chill...till the next episode.

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