Welcome to the WEEKEND edition of the Phat Daily Column. Today, we'll discuss the current issues in professional wrestling, and then ask, "how do you like them apples?" But what you will NOT see is any comments towards Bill Goldberg or anything involving the World Trade Centers in New York City. Too many people are extremely sensitive at this time, and plus, I feel like cutting down on the insane amount of curse-outs or threats in my e-mail, too. Not that I'm afraid to say anything, as you've seen from this past week, but I'll just stop discussing this situation, completely, since it has been blown way out of proportion. Cool?

Speaking of cool, how about Barry Bonds last night? Yeah, I know, it's not wrestling, but it's a great achievement to drill 2 homeruns, in one night, to gain the homerun record. I wouldn't doubt that Barry Bonds adds on to his total, especially since the Giants were eliminated from the playoffs last night.

And speaking of records.... one thing the WWF could use is a known listing of records, like the fastest match one. You could have wrestlers going for undefeated strings, most career wins ever, most title belts, etc. However, wrestling is focused on entertainment, and NOT on winning or being the best somewhere. Yeah, but there are several who have that attitude, like the current main event scene who can't be defeated. Boy, I can't stand to see Steve Austin winning the World Title, again, on RAW. Can't stand it.

Correction: In yesterday's Smackdown review, I referred to Edge as the Intercontinental Champion. OOOPS! Sorry for the mistake.

Anyway, let's discuss wrasslin, so on to the PDC.


-It's no wonder that the WWF is hyping this week's RAW as the best ever. WWF Smackdown continues to drop in the ratings, just as RAW has done. Oh, I don't know why the drop has happened... could it be the shift back to "sports entertainment", with in-ring promos and more backstage segments? Oh no, we can NEVER blame that. Nope. Never in our lifetime. Things will only get worse once Steve Austin arrives, who always gets in his lame interview and many backstage segments.

-Wow, it appears that a bunch of people want me to review this week's Mtv Heat for the purpose of Crash Holly vs. Steven Richards, as I saw in my e-mails this morning. Ya bunch of shit starters. Everyone just wants me to talk smack on both guys so that they'll respond by doing a commentary dedicated to me, in which they'll suggest that I should get in the ring with them, or whatever. I'll watch Mtv Heat if I feel like it, and that's the way I always am with that show. I HATE Mtv, and I dislike the WWF NY format that the WWF has for Heat.

So what incentive do I have to watch Heat? Well, Chris Benoit will be there, making his first televised appearance since his surgery. Yeah, Chris Benoit is a personal favorite of mine, but what can he say that I already don't know from reading online? I don't know.... I'm just not really motivated to watch Heat, so it could be unlikely that I'll catch it.

The only match that WWF.com has hyped for Heat is Hardys/Lita versus Lance Storm/Kanyon/Ivory. Hmmm, what does that say? See, without providing a full listing of matches, it further keeps me from really watching this show.

-Just like it's always unlikely that I'll ever catch WWF Excess. Who seriously cares about watching this show everyweek? Trish Stratus is no where near the best looking in the WWF, and Johnathan Coachman is very annoying/boring to listen to. Oh boy, I just love watching Smackdown and RAW recaps, too, along with matches from a few years ago. I could seriously care less about this waste of a show. Now if they put NEW wrestling on it, then yes, I'd think about catching it every once in a while. But not with its current format.

For TNN, though, they are sort of hyping their Saturdays like they did for their Fridays when they had ECW on their programming. How lame. Even with the top show on cable, TNN still can't promote their channel. They claim that they'll do it with Miami Vice and more Star Trek than anybody could physically handle. They won't, and if I were the WWF, I'd start talking to USA Networks for a return in a few years to truly see what show is keeping TNN alive at this point.

-Jim Ross basically confirmed that Scott Hall and Kevin Nash will be coming to the WWF sometime in the future. Fine. If you're going to bring them in, at least make their return big. Just note that these guys are more than 5 years older than when they did the famous Outsiders angle, which led to the NWO. Both Hall and Nash have had some wear and tear on their bodies, along with varous personal problems, like substance abuse by Hall. But if you're going to bring them in, actually plan and figure out how to bring them back in the best possible way for wrestling fans to enjoy.

-I'm glad to see that Eddie Guerrero is nearing the end of his rehab stint for an addiction to pain killers. Either he had a serious problem, or the WWF wanted to make sure he was completely clean upon returning, because it's been a long time since Guerrero last appeared on WWF television. When Eddie returns, you should know the storyline that he'll be involved in. Oh yes, you KNOW it's coming, as the WWF writers have been waiting for this for a while now. Eddie will obviously have some sort of interaction with his nephew, Chavo Guerrero. Why do you think that Chavo has been kept out of the light, although performing at a high level?

-And finally..... I forgot, completely, about the music that was playing during the Bikini Contest between Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson. I guess I was a little too distracted. After seeing Smackdown again late last night, since my brother didn't see the show yet (he's a wrestling fan, too), I was able to remember the music. If you didn't recognize it, the music being played was Sunny's old music. Ahhh, the memories of the days when Sunny was the top WWF diva. It's a shame it all came crumbling down.

-NFL Picks-

Yuck! I faired a miserable 6-8 last week. I took way too many chances, that didn't pan out, and on matches that should have been good for me, like the Colts vs. Patriots, I got drilled on that, too. So I'm 29-14 for the year.

Philadelphia over Arizona
Atlanta over Chicago
Cincinnati over Pittsburgh
Minnesota over New Orleans
Miami over New England
San Diego over Cleveland
Tennessee over Baltimore
NY Giants over Washington
Jacksonville over Seattle
Denver over Kansas City
NY Jets over Buffalo
Green Bay over Tampa Bay
San Francisco over Carolina
St. Louis over Detroit

The Tennessee and Minnesota picks are very ballsy. But if both teams can regroup themselves and play on all cylinders, I see no problem with them getting the win.

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