Welcome, everyone, to the fun and exciting Phat Daily Column, if you'll call it that. It's amazing on how one little controversy can stir up the feedback. Ah well. We won't be talking about Bill Goldberg today, and I promise you this: I won't go back on my word!

To start the PDC, I just want to say congrats to both Barry Bonds and Ricky Henderson. Yeah, I know, this is a wrestling column, but both guys reached very significant records last night, and should be commended by everyone. Ricky Henderson beat Ty Cobb's old runs record by drilling a homerun, and he's just one hit short of 3,000 (although he should have had it, thanks to a blind umpire). Then, Barry Bonds tied Big Mac with his 70th homerun, and he has 3 more games to go to beat it. Hopefully, he does, because the record could help give Bonds the recognition he truly deserves. I hope he beats Babe Ruth's slugging percentage record, as well, which in itself, is an insane achievement.

Speaking of heroes, I've heard it through the grapevine, through a view e-mails and whatnot, that one Crash Holly and Steven Richards just can't wait to read the Monday edition of the Phat Daily Column. Why?!? On Mtv Heat, these two will be wrestling each other, and they are quite curious to see what I'll have to say on the match. HA! We'll just have to see if I actually watch Heat to begin with, because I normally don't make it a point to watch that show unless something interests me. Richards and Crash Holly are good friends, and Crash probably complains about me at all of their dinner conversations.

Let's review Smackdown. On to the PDC.


Opening interview... Oh lord, we're back to this formula, full time again. Prepare to Fast Foward.... FAST FOWARDING SIR! The purpose of the interview was to somehow set up a way for Steve Austin to return on RAW. Once you knew that Austin had the chance of returning, it should come easy to you that Kurt Angle was going to lose last night. I don't really see the WWF doing World Title vs. World Title, yet. I bet we'll see that at Survivor Series (Austin vs. the Rock).

Next, we had a solid six man match between Edge/APA versus Christian/X-Factor. Edge really looked good in this match, though, as any Intercontinental champion SHOULD. Someone should teach Jim Ross what moves are called these days, because he didn't know what to call Edge's DDT. Nice to see Albert taking the pin, too. He's no unstoppable giant. While we're still talking about Edge, I can't find any bootleg copies of his entrance music. I've found 2 other Rob Zombie tracks off of his new CD, but not what Edge uses. Don't worry kids, I buy all of Zombie's CDs, so no need to rag on me for searching online for some of his tracks.

Entertaining bout between Mike Awesome/Hurricane against Spike Dudley/Big Show. The Big Show and Spike duo is starting to grow on me, just a little bit. I really wish that the WWF would get a better look at Mike Awesome, and then decide not to depush him based on Undertaker's advice. Funny finisher, with Spike jumping off the shoulders of Big Show to get the win. Molly is now called "Mighty Molly", for anyone who was wondering. I knew she was "mighty" back when she was Miss Madness in WCW.

Rob Van Dam vs. Kurt Angle. Hey WWF... I know this is a good match, but why not space their matches out a little bit. Like maybe separate them by a few months instead of weeks. Again, these two had another solid match. Angle was receiving a good amount of face pops, even against the very popular Rob Van Dam. I think the problem with the WWF's leaning towards Kurt Angle as champ is that they lack confidence in him, just like they did last winter. His name is NOT Rocky, Austin, or Triple H, so the WWF panics. Rob Van Dam got the cheap victory, thanks to a rough chairshot from Shane McMahon. Looks like we'll be seeing Austin as the new World Champion this Monday. Oh, I'm sooooo excited for that one.

Holy cow! Maven looked very good in his very first televised match for the WWF. He sold Tazz's offense like a champ, and for the moves he hit, like the dropkicks, they looked good. The crowd was heavily behind him too, which made this squash fun to watch. Maven seems to have made something out of himself with the Tough Enough show, and he should be a good potential superstar in a couple of years. Enjoy HWA for a long ride.

Booker T beat Kane, thanks to Test's interference. After the match, the Underfaker ran down to save Kane from a beating. *Yawn* I'm so not looking foward to the WCW World Tag title rematch.

WOW @ the bikini contest. Both Alliance women have waaaaay better bodies than any of the other ladies in the WWF, including Lita. I wonder if the WWF had to shop around to find bikinis that wouldn't have anything "pop out" once Stacy Kiebler attacked Torrie Wilson? I bet that the PTC cult will have a field day with that segment.

The main event was alright, but it wasn't much to get me really excited about. The 4 wrestlers in this match have wrestled each other soooooooo many times that it doesn't spark any excitement within me. It looked like WWF referee Mike Chioda really had fun in this match.

LAST WORD: Good show, all around, although I would have done with putting Angle against Rob Van Dam as the main event instead. However, I bet that the WWF wanted a full hour to hype Angle vs. Austin at RAW, so I guess it's understandable. We'll go


for this show. Much better than RAW, by a very big longshot. I might just have to start skipping RAW and enjoy Smackdown instead.

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