Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column...or should I say 192nd consecutive Phat Daily Column. Yes, for all of those readers who literally cursed me out yesterday for posting Sunday's column on LoP on a Monday, you need to check yourself. On Sunday, my LoP posting url was down. I tried probably around 10 times that morning, and it wouldn't work at the time. I did, however, already post my column on Top-Rope on Sunday. It worked there, and if you don't believe me, go to the Tito Board and look at the posting date. It says 10-3, so yes, I did my column! I did NOT take a day off..so for those who cursed me out, there you have it. 200 was coming up, and I had a few ideas for a special column, but now I don't think so. I was figuring WCW or WWF angle updates, but now I'll save that for another time. Anyways, Monday Night just went by, and I've got the impressions, grades, and Phat Stats© ready as usual. On to the PDC.

Monday Night Impressions


Bret Hart vs. Chris Benoit...what a match! Yes, believe it or not, that was a what we call a "wrestling match" and not some set of interviews or angle set ups. Those two wrestled their hearts out, and they did something that is uncommon these days..and that's put on a match for a long period of time..30 minutes! Usually, matches are like 10 minutes at most. Those two went at it hard in honor of the great Owen Hart, and it was an emotional match as well. The only thing I didn't like about it was the horrible announcing. Bobby 'the brain' was cracking jokes that didn't need to be there, and Shiavone was being his usual stupid self during this match. Other than that, superb match!

Repetition of Cruiserweights Let's see, we had Rey Mysterio vs. Dean Malenko, which was last week and not to mention that they used to fight all the time, and Kidman vs. that jabronie Juventud, who used to fight back and forth for the Cruiserweight title. Come on, lets gets some new matches. Sure, they always put up a good show, but I change the channel when I see the same matches over and over again. As for the Mysterio-Malenko match, I was saddened to see Perry Saturn side with Douglas. That means he'll turn heel with Shane, and Saturn loses all the time when he's heel.

Who cares about trashing cars? I don't like how Goldberg is putting pranks on Sid..with his car. That's about as immature as Nash pulling pranks on Macho a while back. Just stupid. Maybe if Sid would jump Goldberg, and powerbomb his ass into a table..then maybe it will get interesting. Brian Adams, black hair and all, put up a good fight vs. Sid by the way. Of course, showing how horrible Sid is, he needed some outside interference to win this one.

Welcome back, Outsiders I sort of like how Nash and Hall have come back. They are just there, and they said they'll come back when it's fun again. I just hope when they come back, that they wrestle on their own, and now reforming the NWO. Been there, done that.

Wow, I was unaware that Lenny Lane lost the title It seemed odd to me, as Lenny and Psychosis must have fought behind closed doors. Maybe they fought in a barn somewhere, or they headlined someone's backyard wrestling event this weekend. Of course, usually when a title change happens at a house show, it always gets reported on the net somewhere. But anyways, Psychosis gets a screwjob by losing his mask one week, and getting another short Cruiserweight title reign. But hey, the Disco Inferno is the champ!!!

I hate the first family! Why do they even get considered for television time every week? Nuff said.

Why Brad Armstrong? Any Armstrong in WCW is WORTHLESS!! That's sad that Hennig needed Berlyn's help to beat him....so sad.

Buff vs. DDP! Yet another great "wrestling match". Both guys put on a great match, and it was an excellent match to lead into the main event with!

Package/Sting vs. Hogan/Flair Good main event match, but I question this. How can you pin someone with a legdrop? Anyways, that could mean something if Sting is jobbing now, he might win the big one later....

Nitro Phat Stats

Consider some matches had some length to them.
Matches: 9
Clean Wins: 4
Screwjobs: 5
No Contests: 0
Disqualifications: 0

====$$Great night of "wrestling" for WCW. The Benoit-Hart match was enough to impress anyone. I think WCW would have put on a supershow if they eliminated some losers, like Brad Armstrong, off of the cards. More different matches, like the cruiserweights, would also be nice. Those Nitro girl segments are a snore also. But overall, WCW put on a great show...and considering they now have a bright future by snagging the two best writers from the WWF, the shows will keep getting better. This show gets an


for it's great "wrestling matches". Good job this week WCW. I expect a 3.2 this week in the ratings.


Four Corners match? Wow, I've never seen two teams get eliminated so quickly. Anyways, I just hope this match doesn't lead to a Kane - X-Pac break up. At least the Acolytes can still win.

Bulldog can't get heat if he payed for it! Why is the WWF trying to make the Bulldog so evil? He's horrible at it! No crowd reactions, no nothing!

Good series of matches Great match, again, by the Hardys and Edge/Christian. I would cry about repetition, but they are fighting for a common goal, which will get interesting at the end.

This is good for all mankind I really love this angle with Stevie Richards and Mankind...and they even took on the Dudleys. What I don't like is again, how long of a segment that Mankind has to have with the Rock. Sure, like I said last week, some parts are funny, but they drag and when you want wrestling matches, it bothers you. Same thing happened this week, but with a better ending with Jericho coming in.

Again, too much domestic violence I'm not talking about Chyna..as she wants to wrestle..but I'm talking about poor Miss Kitty getting attacked now. Just ignorant.

Rock vs. Jericho Good overall match, but of course, heatless Bulldog had to come down.

RAW Phat Stats

Matches: 6
Clean Wins: 5
Screwjobs: 0
No Contests: 0
Disqualifications: 1

====$$Dragging RAW this week, as nothing really spectacular happened. Lots of backstage things, interviews, and not enough quality wrestling. A very week RAW in my mind, as this show is becoming second rate, and fast. I'll give it a


since it could have been much better. Too much dragging this week, and nothing impressive this week. I expect a 5.7 in the ratings.

Other Wrestling Stuff

-Just to strike down a rumor....someone reported earlier that Meltzer said that Vince Russo wants Big Poppa Pump out of WCW. Well, I don't think so. Meltzer has never stated that, and I've been told by those who actually call his hotlines and get his newsletter. Vince Russo has never said anything yet, so why does it get reported? I don't know why so many people jump the gun sometimes, especially when Vince Russo just started with WCW. Sure, it's been said by Meltzer that Big Poppa Pump has had problems with WCW management in the past..but nothing about Russo wanting him out.

-Wow, I was shocked that Ed Ferarra was also leaving WWF for WCW. WCW made one of the best moves ever in wrestling, as they snatched two great minds in the WWF in Russo and Ferarra. Those two know how to get wrestlers over, they know how to write storylines, and they know how to deal with wrestlers backstage as far as relations go. The question you should be asking is how much power will Bill Busch give these two? WCW has lots more backstage politics going on, and there are still some even without Eric Bischoff. Will wrestlers listen to these guys? If they have some great ideas, yes, but if they have ideas to push out certain individuals, then they will make a few wrestlers extremely pissed. I expect Nash, Kevin Sullivan, and Dusty Rhodes to really piss and moan about Russo and Ferarra. We'll wait and see how this turns out. I'm still baffled why WWF.com put the news of Russo leaving up. Maybe they wanted to beat everyone to the news first?

@That's it for today. I'll be back tomorrow with some lovely Ratings Analysis. So until the next column, just chill!!!

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