Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column, or the world according to a fictional character named Mr. Tito. Today, I'll shove more Daily Apples down your throat, along with some lovely Smackdown Hype. It's going to be weird not having Tough Enough to watch tonight. Very weird.

Oh, by the way, the Phat Pharm will be closing very soon. Why? Well, just the lack of motivation for anyone to write there (except a certain few) has basically hurt the site. The last few times that I've hired, I've had small group of applicants, in which I tried to hire everyone who could at least spell or had good grammar. Usually, I hired based on originality, but I had no choice in the past few months. So with that, and for the fact that the people I was hiring just weren't posting a simple weekly column, the Pharm will be shut down.

HOWEVER, there is currently a new system on LoP for anyone who wants to openly post columns to be seen or whatever. On the LoP Message boards, there is a new section called "Columns", which you can check out by Clicking Here. If you want to post your wrestling columns, just simply register a nickname. Note that you should have good grammar/spelling, shy away from taking shots at other columnists, or whatever else that used to apply on the Phat Pharm. Just write about wrestling, and you can post there as much as you want. Who knows, maybe one day, you could get picked up as an LoP columnist.

By the way, Click Here to check out the FINAL list of Phat Pharm Hall of Famers. 17 of them in total, ranging back to early 2000 when I began the Pharm. I just want to applaud all of them for their hard work or continued excellence in writing about wrestling. Thanks to anyone who went through the Pharm or contributed to it in some way or form. I mean that.

On the book front, I'm about a 1/3 of the way through on Foley's 2nd book. With Midterms coming up, I just simply can't find time to sit down and get it done. I will say that I enjoy the book so far, and after Midterms are over, I'm going to try and read that puppy, along with Angle's since I won't have as much homework or whatever to work on, because the educators usually slowly start back up when moving foward to the content on the finals. If only I could just either work or go to school, without doing both at the same time, then I would have had the books done already. But noooooooooooo.

If I could be Mr. Tito for a living, then I'd do it. But I do this for fun, like a hobby. It's just a hobby. On to the PDC.


-I just want to take a moment to state what a PUSSY that Bill Goldberg is for taking back his statement about the WWF's involvement at Ground Zero. If you ever make a controversial statement, have the balls to back it up, and obviously, Goldberg has lost his pair. Someone must have told Goldberg that it severely pissed off the wrestling industry, fans, and whoever else, and that his comments will hurt future business ventures. Probably with that, Bill Goldberg tucked his tail between his legs and praised the WWF this time around. What a pussy.

For next week, Goldberg promised to have more comments about the WWF and Triple H on his website. How much do you want to bet that he'll praise both? Before someone probably told him that his previous comments were "bad for business", he was probably going to rip the WWF again and let everyone know how he TRULY feels about Triple H. Now, he'll say that the WWF is the best organization in the world, and that Triple H is the best wrestler. Pussy, pussy, pussy.

Wow. I used the word "pussy" 5 times, and I'm only in the third Daily Apple. But hey, you gotta use the proper word when someone retracts their controversial statement.

-Rumor has it that Kevin Nash and the WWF have been having several unofficial conversations about the future. You just know that the WWF will get down to their knees and let Nash in. There's no avoiding it, despite the horrible attitude that grew on him and the fact that he's old now with very bad knees. But hey, instead of making NEW stars with great and young talent, we'll keep relying on the dinosaurs to get a cheap pop early on, and then MURDER the backstage morale and overall business in the long run. The WWF doesn't think "long run" until competition catches up with them.

And with Nash coming in, there's NO DOUBT that Scott Hall will follow too. I'm sure that the claim of being sober or clean from drugs will be made, but something must be realized about Hall: success goes to his head. Whenever Hall has made it big in wrestling, hard use of drugs or alcohol has followed. During his peak years in the WWF, the heavy drug use really began. Then, when the NWO was the most popular thing in wrestling, he made quite a few trips to rehab, which never worked. Let's say that Hall and Nash come in, and they do revive the Alliance in the short run. Well, Hall will be loving it, and with this sensation of being successful, he'll start the drugs again. You watch, it will happen.

Now I do NOT hope that he starts his drug habits again. No way. But everytime that it seems that Scott Hall is turning his career around, he falls prey to temptation. It's the same pattern over and over again.

-Damn, did you see that incredible overnight rating that Buffy the Vampire Slayer did on UPN the other night? (6.2, I believe, higher than it ever was on WB) Very nice.... It just goes to show you that UPN is hitting all cylinders right now and it would have never been possible without...... Yes, the WWF. For all of the evil that the WWF does in this world, they made UPN into the successful network that it is now.

Digression #1: By the way, I really enjoy Star Trek: Enterprise so far. The writing is good, Scott Bakula is a great captain, and the special effects are sweet. WAY better than anything else Star Trek (which I don't really like), except for Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan.

SMACKDOWN HYPE! (Spoiler Free)

*Sniff, Sniff* Hey, I smell ratings! In a match to where I question the sanity of the WWF writers, we'll see referee Nick Patrick and the Dudleys take on the Rock, Chris Jericho, and referee Mike Chioda. I'd wager that either Chris Jericho gets pinned, a referee will be pinned, or the Rock will beat one of the Dudley Boyz. Lord only knows what's being booked here.

Also tonight, Tough Enough winner Maven will probably take one big ass kickin' from Tazz tonight. Poor Maven has to be nervous as hell wrestling his first official match, ever, on television of all places. By the way, I found it extremely funny that a whole bunch of WWF wrestlers didn't like Maven when they first met him. Can we say jealousy? Maven has been given the opportunity of a lifetime, while the wrestlers had to work in horrible conditions to get where they are. Sure, I understand the anger from the wrestlers, but don't blame Maven for receiving a golden opportunity: blame the WWF!

Digression #2: It's interesting to see how the independent federations are quickly scouring to find Tough Enough contestants for their promotion. Both Josh, an actual finalist, and Greg, who dropped out due to "back injuries" I suppose, are already getting their names kicked around. I bet that the indies will just LOVE picking up any Tough Enough contestant that they can find, since they'll have the WWF exposure on Mtv, not to mention some of their in-ring secrets. Hell, the WWF could give the red tag to the next big independent sensation.

Back to Smackdown... Bikini contest for Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson?? Wow. Not that I don't want to see this, as both women are incredibly hot, but is Vince Russo back to writing for the WWF again? This is typical Russo.

As predicted, we'll be seeing Christian, X-Pac, and Albert against the APA and Edge. Could be an entertaining 6 man match. At least this match had some hype carrying over from RAW, which we can't say for other Smackdown matches.

That's all WWF.com has hyped, meaning that matches will be developed through backstage segments, etc. I won't reveal those, because what's true about the PDC? THERE ARE NO SPOILERS!! Hell, I don't even read them myself so that I can personally enjoy it better.

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@That's all for today. I shall be back, tomorrow, with a full Smackdown review, if you can dig that. Until then, remember to NEVER retract anything you say based on business, like poor Bill Goldi-locks just did. Be sure to have the balls (or guts) to back up whatever you say, or you'll come out as being weak on all of your opinions or statements. Thanks for reading.

Take Care, and Remember September 11, 2001.

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