Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Tonight, we have a wonderful Monday Night on our hands, and I'm hoping it tops last week. Nitro needs to put up some super matches this week, but they will serve us Bret Hart vs. Chris Benoit. That should be a great one to watch. Hopefully, they can fight for some ratings this week instead of getting bitchslapped last week. Anyways, on to the PDC.

Vince Russo resigns from the WWF!

-Oh my, this is big. Vince Russo, who is a huge part of the WWF creative team, has quit the WWF and he said he's on his way to WCW. This is BIG in many proportions. For one, Russo knows a lot about the WWF personal. He knows a great deal about what goes on in the WWF. He knows all of the secrets! WCW would love to hear those secrets. Also, he will help WCW actually get some storylines now. As for its dangers to the WWF. Well, Russo was one of the main members. The other members, mainly the one who about quit due to too much stress writing storylines (Fererra?), will really be pressured with work without one of their main members. This is really big, and Russo can begin anytime he wants to with WCW as he didn't have a guaranteed contract to get out of.

+I smell something fishy though. Why would WWF.com be the first ones to tell the world that he quit..and not only quit, he's joining WCW! Why would the WWF want to announce that a top member of the creative team is leaving the WWF? Don't you think that they would keep it quiet? Something is really up in my mind, as either the WWF is doing this to embarass Russo, or this is all an evil work to, once again, screw over the internet. I'm going to keep an eye on this situation, because I smell a work!!


-I love those lame Direct TV things, they are so wrong. Hour one states something about the Rock and Sock show continues, and hour two says that Triple H will confront McMahon. That Direct TV preview has been playing fans for a few weeks, so don't believe it. As for RAW...I heard there is a good possibility for another Rock and Mankind segment. Hmmm, that should be interesting, and I'm wondering if it would pull a super rating this week. Hopefully, if they have one, that it won't end like crap like it did last week. Hopefully, the WWF will put on some "wrestling matches" tonight.

-People keep asking me about the rumored Triple H vs. Rock vs. Stone Cold for No Mercy. I've heard from a few people that the reason for adding the Rock to the match, was simply because everyone loves him now, and for the fact that the WWF wants a Stone Cold vs. Triple H one on one main event for Survival Series, and not No Mercy. I think they are running out of main event ideas. They obviously wouldn't have these multiple wrestler main events if they weren't strapped for ideas. But of course, everyone who tries to be a main eventer (ex. Mr. Ass) gets refused a match by the big boys.


-As for Nitro. We have Bret Hart vs. Chris Benoit, which should be an excellent "wrestling match". I'm not too sure what else will happen, but I'm hoping WCW beefs up their midcard a little better. Last week they put on their best first hour ever, only to put up weak matches in the second and third hour. They need something fresh, and bad! I don't know about you, but when I see Hogan limp down the ring, and clear it, it makes me feel stupid. Especially last week when he was limping badly, and he cleared out three WCW greats easily. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not bashing Hogan this morning, but I'm just saying that someone who is injured that bad shouldn't be able to clear the ring of three top WCW performers. Even if he was not hurt, it still shouldn't happen.

-Oh joy, Lenny Lane is rumored to be allowed on television this Monday? Does anybody care? That Jericho-lookalike might possibly wrestle Disco Inferno, according to Bob Ryder. I'm wondering if WCW will punish Lenny Lane and make him JOB that title away to the real wrestling icon, Disco. Whatever the case may be, I hated Lenny's angle. It was nasty as hell to watch, and it was a Too Much rip-off. Yeah, like that brother label really covers it up. I just hope the West Hollywood Blonds is no more...or at least they won't be as touchy with each other.

@That's it for today's edition. I'll be back tomorrow with the usual Monday Night Chaos, along with the usual stuff in the PDC. Hopefully, I don't blow up like I did last week when I failed both shows. So until the next PDC, just chill...till the next episode!

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