Welcome to the one and only Phat Daily Column. The Monday Night wars continued last night as WCW continued to fight a TNN RAW for the ratings. Did WCW put up a great effort? Did the WWF recognize any competition and step it up on their 2nd week on TNN? I'll attempt to answer that with opinions, so on to the PDC.

Note from Yesterday's PDC: I made a boo boo. In Heat review, I said "DJ Ran", who is WCW's music guy, when I should have said DJ Scribble. Actually, I don't care for that error because either way, they both are horrible.

Also, I had some interesting feedback on Disturbed. Again, whenever a music act comes on a WRESTLING show, they will be subject to an opinion in this column. Plus, they did Austin's theme, and that's a good enough excuse to fire away with opinions. Just relax...they are only opinions. Just ask Motley Crue, Megadeth, and Insane Clown Posse fans how they've been subject to criticism when appearing on wrestling shows.

Since Nick and Calvin did a great job last week with the Monday Night Impressions, why not bring them back this week?


Good hot opener by WCW, as they put "Boogie Knights" up against Konnan and Rey-Rey. Obviously, Juventud couldn't go this week. It was a pretty good ladder tag match, although NO WHERE near as good as Hardys vs. Edge/Christian. Of course, those two tag teams are ABOVE any tag team in any federation. I do get a good laugh out of what Alex Wright looks like now. Also, they are fighting over a duck? I really enjoyed some of Mysterio's moves from the ladder.

Hey, A Wall is your new Hardcore Champ. Get it??? A Wall? Get it? A Wall????????? Oh but wait!! Reno is your World Champ because Mike Sanders is a bad, bad person. Speaking of Sanders, he's your new Cruiserweight Champ!!! Of course, even I could win that title with Nash's help.

Please ditch that STUPID DAMN GIMMICK on Mike Awesome. I've had enough!!! I can't believe how fucking stupid WCW is on using this man. I guess Russo doesn't want this man to look better than his boys Kevin Nash and Scott Steiner (and even Bill Goldberg).

Poor Meng. If I'm counting right, this has been the 5th time ever that Meng has let Bill Goldberg run him over. Although I'm not a big fan of Meng, I do feel bad for him on this, especially for how long he's been in the business. However, after this match, I was provided with the biggest laugh of the night, KroniK came down and beat Goldberg's ass!!! High Time!! High Time!! I loved it!!! Goldberg sold it too!!! Whooooooooo!! Even better, Goldberg completely destroyed both of the Harris Boys. I LOVED that. Wow, I enjoyed Goldberg tonight. Impressive.

Alright, I enjoyed the Jeff Jarrett/Scott Steiner vs. Sting/Booker T match and the Booker T vs. Jeff Jarrett, but I felt they were too overbooked. I mean God, whoever pinned someone and the other who wasn't pinned got the title shot. Then, you had World Title in a box??? Ahhhhh. Look who cost Jarrett the title: Beetlejuice. SMELL THE RATINGS! Hey, at least they ditched that mixed tag match. Phew! Booker T is your world champ again, so let's hope Russo doesn't drop the ball....again! By the way, Jarrett was pissed when he couldn't get his guitar from under the ring.

49er's match? Dumbest title I've ever heard. I'm still loving the KRONIK attack on Goldberg. **laughs like Tazz** HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! By the way, Goldberg is running up his streak like Sid did in 1999. Hmmm. Buff returned, as FIRST REPORTED HERE ON LOP, to be the first "suspect" in the "Who Knocked Up Ms. Hancock" case.

NITRO Phat Stats

Matches: 9
Clean Wins: 4
Screwjobs: 5
No Contests: 0
Disqualifications: 0

Last Word: Wow, what a great Nitro. MUCH better than the Russo Ego filled Nitro of last week. The only thing I didn't like here was the overbooking in the main event, but I really enjoyed this show. I'll give them an


for a very good show. Notice....less Russo out in the ring, we have a better show. Now can you dig that? I predict a 2.6 in the second hour against RAW is TNN.

Calvin is NITRO

-Calvin "I'm All Over It" Martin

Disco and Alex as the Boogie Knights is lame. The duck above the ring ladder match was even worse. I guess it's kinda nice to see Konnan hopefully get out of that feud and work a program with Douglas.

A-Wall got fucked out of the Hardcore Title. Isn't a hardcore match not supposed to have any rules, even if someone does interfere? Oh well, I guess that was a good reason to make the rematch at Halloween Havoc between the two.

Notice how Goldberg kicked the window out instead of punching it? LOL!

Lex Luger was shown sitting in the crowd all night. What was the point if he never got involved?

As soon as I learned Goldberg would be fighting Meng I knew it would be a squash. Infact, my wife was sitting beside me at the time and I said "Watch this. Spear, jackhammer, stick a fork in him, Meng's done". She told me she hates when people say that phrase but I said it's true, it'll happen. And it did! How predictable. It's sad they brought Meng back just for that.

Now I know Nitro will not win the ratings but I'm gonna make a bold statement. As soon as the Jeff Jarrett and Booker T vs Scott Steiner and Sting match was over and everyone saw that Sting didn't win, I guarantee you that's when a lot of people got pissed, turned the channel, and didn't turn back. There are a lot of Sting fans and I am one of them. Remember when WCW.com did that poll on who should get the title shot and Sting won it? He even got screwed that night too! I haven't lost all hope yet though. I think (hope) Sting will beat Booker at Halloween Havoc. Havoc is still a few weeks away and knowing WCW Booker might not even be the champion by then but nonetheless I see Sting getting the shot. I wouldn't mind seeing him go up against JJ because they work good together. Ok I'm done with my Sting rant :)

Skipper vs Sanders and Nash was a joke. Skipper got screwed out of the cruiserweight title and they didn't make no bones about it. It was very interesting seeing Team Canada attack The Thrillers. I hope they go somewhere with that. Lance Storm could wrestle circles around anyone in The Thrillers.

Goldberg vs the Harris Brothers was so predictable, once again. If Goldberg has to beat his 176 win streak does that mean we are gonna be seeing him on TV alot for the next few months with the whole roster putting him over in multiple style matches? I hope not. Maybe The Cat will step in and do something about the stipulation Russo put on Goldberg.

Saturday I broke news on Bagwell returning. I thought for sure the plans would have been changed as soon as the word got out but I guess not. WWF changes plans most of the time when their storylines are revealed. Why not WCW? Oh well, I guess that's why WWF is better, ratings wise, because they keep such a tight ship.

I really liked the main event between Booker and Jarrett. It was unique. Certainly something that I have never seen before. It was funny when Booker pulled out the picture of Scott Hall from one of the boxes. Probably one of Nash's ideas. The only thing on this match was the ending was predictable. Not that it's a bad thing, because I like BeetleJuice, I just had a feeling he would come down and cost Jarrett the title. They put too much emphasis on him with the replays from last week when Jarrett laid him out. At the end of the match before BeetleJuice came out, it was one of them moments where I was almost on the edge of my seat. That's a good thing because I'm sure other people felt the same way.

The ending where Steiner put BeetleJuice in the steiner recliner was great! It was hilarious! BeetleJuice will be back. Bet on it.

This was a pretty good Nitro. Not excellent by no means but no where near terrible. They did a lot of building towards Halloween Havoc and a couple of new feuds were started. I'll give this show a


Calvin Martin


Usually the repetition of the WWF Main Eventers, Kane, Triple H, Rock, and the midcarders of Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, and Rikishi bore me when they are working together, but I enjoyed both the tag match and the singles main event match. Holy cow! Kurt Angle wins!!! Kurt Angle wins!!! I CAN'T WAIT until Chris Benoit and Triple H lock it up at No Mercy. Talk about an awesome match!

Oh god, the WWF did a 25 Minute interview to start the show. Let me say that again:

The WWF did a 25 Minute Interview to start the show!!!

Now what did that interview accomplish? Gee, it set up two matches: one, the main event of the first hour, and two, the main event of the second hour. The WWF is soooo lucky that the competition is weaker, or they'd get burned trying this everyweek. I can't wait for the quarter hour on the interview versus the Steiner/Jarrett vs. Booker T/Sting match. That will truly show if WCW's best wrestlers can match up with the WWF's interview.

Hardy Boyz rule! Since they have the World Titles, they are now allowed to wrestle on RAW and Smackdown for once! They are usually held back to Heat, but now they can truly shine on the big shows. That was one of my reasons for pushing them as World Champs. The former champs failed to "screw" the Hardys, and they also managed to lose to a NO HEAT DRAWING Steve Blackman. I'm sure Shane McMahon had tears in his eyes for that match. I guess that loss was to eventually split up the Blond duo?

Raven/Tazz/X-Pac vs. Dudley Boyz/Chris Jericho was the match of the night. All 6 wrestlers are great workers when they want to be, and they showed it with an exciting match with had the whole crowd on their feet. Raven did the job here, to you know, pay back Jericho from Smackdown. I'm convinced, early on, that Raven was a good pick up by the WWF.

Good stuff with Jackie and Lita backstage. Now watch, some kiddie site will swear a nipple popped out or that the person in the shower showed us something. I felt it was an odd finish to that segment with the fire extinguisher(sp?) and the moonsault. Who the hell called for that spot?

Wow, Mr. Ass came back. I guess as a show that Mr. Ass will work like the rest of them, he was thrown out to take a Stunner by Steve Austin. Hey, Austin refused to work with Billy Gunn in the past. Austin also stunned RTC and Eddie Guerrero. Yah, I'm soooo excited. How lame. Just find the driver, who I guess has blond hair(Debra), and move on please.

RAW is WAR Phat Stats

Matches: 6
Clean Wins: 3
Screw Jobs: 2
Disqualifications: 1
No Contests: 0

Last Word: The action or the matches tonight was awesome, but the WWF is so stupid. Why the hell do they talk so much during their shows??? They have the richest talent roster in the business, but they can only put up 6 matches, and various talking segments which add up to around 45 minutes of talking. For that, the WWF loses points, and gets a


for this week's show. WWF can't always live on their interview formula, as someday, sometime, someone will step up to the plate and chop away at this Viacom powerhouse. I predict a 5.3 in the first hour against Nitro.


-Nick "Best RAW recapper online" Ponton

Opening interview...argh. Somebody wake me up in 25 minutes!! What the heck? Why not bring out the whole locker room and have them cut promos instead of hearing the same damn thing all the time. As soon as they started talking about number one contenders, you knew Kane and Benoit were coming down. This promo accomplished nothing more than setting up two matches. Didnt' further any storylines or create new ones.

Great high energy match from the Hardyz and Too Cool. You got four great workers in this match and the DC crowd was hot and into the match.

Tazz, Raven, X-Pac vs. Jericho, Dudley Boyz was another great high energy match. This time with 6 of the WWF's better workers. Again, high energy, fast paced match that the crowd was on their feet for.

What the hell was that brawl between Jacky and Lita. Might as well of made it a hardcore for the women's title. It'll probably serve the purpose of setting up a fued between the two, but I'd rather see them in the ring. What a bunch of garbage.

Kane and Chris Benoit vs. Rock and Rikishi was yet another great high energy match. The crowd was really behind Rock and Rikishi and the end came out of no where. I had Rikishi pegged to turn, but instead, Benoit turns his back on Kane. Shows you how good Rock and Benoit are when they can carry a match with those two big men.

ugh...another Foley interview. I'm starting to really miss HBK as commish. He didn't interrupt the flow of the show every 10 minutes to cut a promo. Yeah, Foley is funny as hell, but this is really a show killer. You have three hot matches in a row, then you bring out Foley to kill the crowds heat and make them sit back down and listen. This one did serve a purpose those as Billy Gunn made his long awaited return. We found out the driver was blonde and Gunn has a problem with DX. The only main suspect that leaves is HBK. The other strong possibilities being Debrah or Triple H.

Edge vs. Christian vs. Blackman was, for the lack of a better term, blah. No heat. Crowd didn't care. Blackman needs to change his match. He fights the same match everytime out. Same weapons, etc.

Chyna/Eddie vs. RTC was just to keep the fued rolling. They've seem to gotten away from Eddie's temper for now to fued with RTC (which I think makes sense). Short match which really didn't accomplish anything though.

Austin stunning the RTC was expected because of their comments earlier, but Austin stunning Foley was quite funny. Adds more fuel to the fire and in my opinion proves Austin can't turn heel. Foley is a fan favorite and the crowd still popped when Austin stunned him.

Another good match from Triple H and Angle. I really thought Steph was finally going to turn, but instead, she just gave Triple H another reason to get rid of her. Can't wait to see what Triple H has to say on Smackdown and how Angle will react.

Overall, a great night of wrestling. If that damn 23!!! minute snooze fest didn't open the show, it would have been a great show. Lots of angles and fueds continued in the direction we thought they would for the most part, but still moving along nicely for the PPV in three weeks.

My grade:


because the opening interview just dragged this thing down, but the the last hour and a half would get an A- for a great show with really only one wasted segment.

Nick Ponton

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