Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. It seems odd writing this today without a Pay Per View around..but oh well, I think I can manage. I've done so to keep the streak, which is 190 today, alive! So with that being said, on to the PDC.


-Joy, one of the best up and coming talents that the WCW has is being put on hold on WCW booking. Good ol' Vampiro must have struck a nerve somewhere, as WCW took him off the booking sheets for a little over a month. I heard that none other than Big Kevin Nash had a huge part in this. Not much reason why Vampiro was taken off, and it's probably because he was getting pushed while Bischoff was around. But of course, it could just be Kevin Nash being himself...taking all the young great talent away to make himself look much better. But hey, it could be just the fact that there is no angles for Vampiro to be in, and that he's still a little banged up from some rough matches where he was the one taking the most of the bumps.

-It's very hard to say at this point if Macho Man will ever return to WCW television. He, along with Gorgeous George, have been doing promotional things, like ticket sales. Ever since Macho decided to hold out on WCW, it completely eliminated any push he was ever going to recieve. Both the old and the new WCW management feels that Macho had no real reason to hold out. Macho states it was because of Hogan's power and influence, and that he couldn't take any more of that. Hey, at least he stood up to it. Everyone else talks stuff one day about Hogan, but they are all kind and nice to him to his face.

-Damn it. Eddie Guerrero will be on the shelf for a little while with a hamstring injury that he suffered at a house show Wednesday. The timing of this injury is horrible, as Uncle Eddie was getting his career off the ground. This is indeed a damn shame because Eddie went through hell recovering from the car accident he went though at the beginning of the year. Speaking of injuries, I keep hearing that Big Poppa Pump's back injury is still really messed up. That boy needs to realize that it won't heal itself. Surgery is his only option, but of course, he's afraid he'll lose size.


-Oh my, the WWF was smoking something when they put Mankind on the WWF Divas page. But I suppose being a diva, you don't have to be a woman to make it. Speaking of Mankind, he's doing a ton of promotional tours this month, since his biography is coming out. His biography, from what I'm told, will tell all about his rough and great career. I just might have to pick up a copy, even though I really hate to read books! As for Mankind, keep your eyes open because he just might come to your area for a book signing!

-Many people are wondering why Fatu's match was held off. Well, I've been told that Fatu's performance was pretty impressive(sorry, I forgot who told me that). I heard that the main reason it was trimmed off the show was, of course, the fact that it Smackdown was only an hour and a half this week. Plus, the WWF, as they do with every new character they get, probably wanted to hold Fatu back and develope his character more. Well, he'll eventually debut on WWF television, and we'll see if he makes a difference!


-Does anyone else just love how Paul Heyman is shutting out past ECW wrestlers? I do! Wrestlers like the Public Enemy, who came back to ECW to get the Dudley Boys over, but of course, they skipped to the WWF before they could do the job. Yes, and that WWF stint lasted 5 seconds, and the WCW stint was even shorter. Now, they are begging to come back, and Heyman, I believe, keeps turning them down. Many other wrestlers are willing to come back, since ECW has their own cable show now. The question for those wrestlers is 'why did you bail on them in the first place?' The ones who have worked hard for ECW and have been there for a while are enjoying the spotlight, not those sellouts who left ECW for more money.

@Well kiddies, that's all I have for this edition of the Phat Daily Column. Nothing like a slow news day to make you happy. Anyway, thanks for reading, and enjoy your Sunday!

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