Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. Today is Wednesday, which is basically a throwaway day in terms of writing a column. For some reason, it always just seems dull in the wrestling world on this day, especially if you stay away from spoilers.

But today, I have something to work with. The Best of The Dudleys ECW video will be reviewed. Just note that I'm reviewing the VHS version, so if you notice a few things left out from the DVD version, then you should know why. I don't want any idiotic e-mails about how I left out matches, this time around, like what happened when I reviewed the VHS version of ECW's Hardcore History, especially when I stated that it was the VHS version.

And again, I'm not selling out to DVD anytime soon. The technology is too expensive, still, and I value recording programs off television and or recording movies, as well. I'm not a big movie collector, as I only buy wrestling videos. The only actual movies that I buy are some of my all time favorites, such as Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan, Superman 2, the Crow, and quality comedies like Bachelor Party, Spaceballs, or whatever. My library of taped stuff dwarfs my regular video collection. 'Nuff said.

I will, however, allow for the possibility of DVD reviews, by you, the readers, in my archives, whenever I put it back up. I can't find any good server space, that won't run stupid pop up ads, to host my large PDC archives. By the way, the PDC archives is a good 9 MB large, which is a nice chunk of space collected for 3 years now.

Well anyway, let's get on to the PDC, as we'll eat some Daily Apples and then review the Dudley video.


-The WWF did NOT improve in the ratings, despite what the number says. Monday Night RAW delivered a 4.1 rating, and that's without any competition from the baseball playoffs. That's nothing significant from the 3.9 that was received last week, and it's nothing for the WWF to pop a boner about. If the compelling storyline of a WWF wrestler jumping to the Alliance was soooo good, then the number would have been higher.

However, wrestling fans are now turned off from any heel turns anymore. Why? Over the course of the years, since 1996 when the Monday Night Wars started, everyone has jumped sides so much that nobody really cares. To make matters worse, some federations place no thought into their heel turns, like the Angle one. That's a product of booking on the fly, for Angle was supposed to wrestle Regal at Rebellion and for the fact that Angle was going to be booked on Team WWF, even before it was announced on Monday.

Great heel turns are well thought out and planned, and NOT done on the fly. Take, for instance, the Triple H turn of 1999 at Wrestlemania 15. The WWF prepared well for this one, as they made a controversy of how Chyna was now with Kane, and feuding with Triple H. They did this for weeks, and the plan was to make Triple H turn heel, as they were about to make him a mega-heel in the company because it was his time to shine. At Wrestlemania 15, the WWF made it look like Triple H just reunited with Chyna, and not that Triple H joined the Corporation... that was until Triple H screwed his DX buddy, X-Pac, in the European title match against Shane McMahon. It was an incredible heel turn, and most of all, it was well planned.

Angle's heel turn was not, as it came about because Shane McMahon and Vince McMahon probably figured out that they would be in trouble as RAW's main event. Probably around 2 - 5 pm of that day, when the production meetings occur (that's what I hear), the decision to turn Kurt Angle heel, was made. After that, they half-assed a quick storyline to possibly make wrestling fans speculate who would turn in just 2 hours. Obviously, the heel turn didn't generate big ratings.

-And speaking of Vince McMahon and Shane McMahon.... Isn't it just amazing that they'll be in the main event, as part of the 5 on 5 Alliance vs. WWF match? On Monday, I played off their egos in my parody that they'd put themselves in the match, and what do you know? They are in the match! That's so hilarious! It just proves my point that they feel that the WWF centers around themselves, and NOT the wrestlers they pay millions to. They have NO faith in the wrestlers.

-It's a shame about Kanyon's injury. He'll be out for at least 3 months. However, the bigger shame was the misuse of Kanyon as of recently. They don't even bother using him on television anymore, at least not for RAW/Smackdown. What did this guy actually do to receive this type of treatment? He's created NO problems backstage, and he wasn't even allowed to do much as United States Champion. I guess it just stems from his friendship with Diamond Dallas Page, or something.

Mr. Tito's PHAT Video Review

*****NOTE***** This is a review for the VHS version!!! Please remember that for this video review, to spare yourself at sending a hateful e-mail.

-ECW: The Best of the Dudley Boyz (VHS)-

First of all, I had heavy expectations of seeing a video capturing significant parts of the Dudleys' careers in ECW. However, there was a gigantic focus on the last few months of the Dudley dynasty, especially at the Queens, NY arena. This really hurt the video, overall.

The production of the video was just like the other ECW videos. Same graphics, same look, and in-between commentary by Joey Styles. Styles doesn't really seem to be on top of his game for this one, too, just for some reason.

Video starts out with some clips of various scenes in the Dudley's ECW career, like the more violent spots they performed. Then, we go into how they formed, which was a good sign that this video was going to deliver in the end. We are shown a match between D'Von Dudley/Axl Rotten against Buh Buh Ray Dudley/Big Dick Dudley, which was when Buh Buh and D'Von hated each other. It was sort of a mindless brawl, so to speak. Next, we see the origin of the Dudley Boyz team. After the D'Von vs. Sandman match, D'Von began attacking the Sandman, and with that, Buh Buh and Spike Dudley ran down for the save. Buh Buh starts attacking the Sandman, too. Then, we get the smile.....

I love seeing D'Von and Buh Buh with the evil stare towards each other. It's a moment that I'll always remember when I used to see the ECW Infomercials in 1996 - 1997. The newly formed Dudley team would then deliver the first 3D ever on Spike, which was quite stiff. Nothing like today's 3Ds.

Next, it's a quick look at some of the Dudley's World Title victories. The first was against the Eliminators. All they showed was the 3D on Perry Saturn. What a shame! In this match, Sign Guy Dudley drilled Perry with a glass window (!!!) to eventually help the Duds get the win. They didn't show this shocking moment!!! Even worse, they didn't touch on the heated feud with the Eliminators, which led up to the first ever ECW Pay Per View, Barely Legal. Then, they blow over the great John Kronus/New Jack against the Dudley feud, which firmly placed the Dudleys as a fierce heel team.

We fast foward through all of the other title victories, and then we hit the Guilty as Charged Pay Per View (I think). Whichever one was held in Florida. Anyway, the Duds and Joel Gertner killed the crowd down there. Gertner, especially, as he had me in tears from laughter! The Dudleys were nasty, too. After that, we then go to Queens, NY (the Elks lodge, I think???) for 4 straight matches. Ugh, the video really died at this point.

First, the Dudleys shot on the crowd, which was a funny moment to behold. Their opponents were Tommy Dreamer, Sandman, and Spike Dudley, with the Dudleys picking up Big Dick as their 3rd member. Boring match that took forever to start up! Crowd was super hot, but as a television viewer, it was boring. Then, we are treated to the Dudleys vs. Spike/Balls Mahoney for the World Titles, in the Dudleys last ever official ECW appearance. Decent match, with some interesting emotion beforehand. The Dudleys would win the titles, threatening to take them to the WWF. That is, until they called on Tommy Dreamer to fight them, where Raven made his big ECW return to win the Tag Titles.

After that match, though, we see the Dudleys and a lot of the ECW crew in a big salute. It was quite touching, as the Dudleys gave so much to ECW before deciding to jump to the WWF. Then, we get the one-time-only return of the Dudleys at the end of 2000, right when ECW was about to receive their final nail in their coffin. The Dudleys and Tommy Dreamer (I think), took on CW Anderson, Johnny Swinger, and Simon in a somewhat boring match. Funny thing was the fans' reaction to the Dudleys, who had a year in as WWF wrestlers. They were chanting "Tables, Tables, Tables", just like WWF fans. Wow. I guess ECW fans can evolve, too.

LAST WORD: Disappointing, for the most part. There were plenty of classic Dudley matches that were left untouched (like the Duds vs. Gangstas vs. Eliminators 3 way matches). It appears that Pioneer and what's remaining of ECW have lost their minds in producing their videos. It's like they just skip over the better matches in favor of others, as a way of holding stuff back. I'll give this video a


(C plus) for a disappointing format and too much of Queens, NY matches. They had better matches in other arenas, ya know.

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