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Hot first hour by Nitro, with a thrilling tag match between Jindrak/O'Haire and the Filthy Animals, and the match between Kwee Wee and Reno. Tag match was a given that it would be good, but I didn't expect Kwee Wee to perform like he did in that match. That sunset flip off the railing was just spectacular, and I got a cheap laugh everytime he hit Reno with that pink trashcan.

Then, we had the General Rection, which was very well done.....except for that fucking idiot, Mark Madden, just screaming off the top of his lungs during this segment. I really enjoyed Bill Goldberg's talk, and I REALLY hope he meant every word of it. Lance Storm interrupted the ceremony, making yet another match between MIA and Team Canada. No MORE!!!! AHHHHH!! Anyway, this was a wonderful tribute to Rection, as he's very well liked in the back...if you didn't notice.

Then the rollercoaster goes straight downhill..... What the hell is the point of David Flair any more? I'm sure Ace and Taylor(bookers in charge with Russo gone) are just pissed off that they have to work with this. Remember kids, Russo promised us swerve after swerve, and in the end, it will SHOCK THE WORLD for this very angle. Well, it better have a superior finally, because it's the lamest angle in wrestling as of right now.

Let's interview everyone tonight!

Oh God. Why did they let Buff Bagwell and Lex Luger wrestle? Why doesn't anybody listen to me when I say "Lex and Buff aren't well known for working together well, as that's proven in Starrcade 97". Geesh, how right can I be? At least WCW is *trying* to build up Flexy Lexy to be the next 4 minute squash for Luger, and that's good if you ask me. Anything that keeps those guys away from the other talent is fine with me.

Ric Flair?!?!? New CEO of WCW? How many times are they going to try to put Flair in this position? He's ruled the company so many times, and although it's better than the crap that's continually thrown at the wall, it's still ignorant to repeat old ideas. Maybe this is Russo's revenge for when Flair refused to be commissioner back in early 2000, when Terry Funk arrived on the scene. I guess if it gets Nature Boy more television time, I guess it will work for me. Hopefully, they give Flair the booking responsibilities too, so that we could have some well thought up angles for once. (See NWA 1989 for that reason)

Gee, KroniK isn't exactly the bad-ass team they were, thanks to the squashes of Goldberg. Oh darn, their credibility is gone. Oh boo hoo.

I don't get what is the deal with Shane Douglas and the Cat. Especially since Shane was riding on some good heel heat, but he lost to Konnan, and now he's doing stupid stuff with the Cat. It's pathetic how they use Douglas in WCW. You might as well make him a Dynamic Dude again, because you already have Johnny Ace! But of course, Douglas is sort of injured right now, even though he defeated Konnan cleanly last Nitro.

The 3 Way Dance Main Event was pretty good, but I had my FINGER OF SHAME ready if the World Title would have switched hands to Scott Steiner, since he didn't win it at Halloween Havoc. Instead, Booker T gets the clean win on Mike Awesome, and we go home happy, right?

NITRO Phat Stats

Matches: 7
Clean Wins: 3
Screwjobs: 3
Disqualifications: 0
No Contests: 1

Last Word: This show started out great, but then, after the Rection tribute, it all went downhill. That second hour is going to get MURDERED in the ratings, and probably give WCW their worst hourly rating to date. Trust me on that one. If I was grading the first half-hour, I'd easily give it an A/A-, but since we do the whole show, it gets a


for this week's show. Sort of ending a good streak for WCW. I predict a 1.7 for the second hour.


NO OPENING INTERVIEWS!!!! WHOOOOOOO!!! That stuff is funny what they are doing with Kat, although she acted like Chyna before...only now, in an evil slutty heel way with the biggest pimp alive known as Latino Heat! Eddie carried Chyna to a decent match, and in the end, BAM, Steviekick for Chyna to lose the match.

Let me tell you this: Steven Richards was all over it tonight! Good lord! First, he screwed Chyna out of her match, then he screws the Hardy Boyz/Lita in their match with the RTC, and FINALLY, Steven defeated Mr. Ass in his match later on. WWF is pushing Richards as a wrestler now? Wow.

Edge/Christian didn't wrestle, but damn, they cracked me up tonight. Those two are so looney.

You guys hear that pop for William Regal? Impressive if you ask me. The Undertaker ended Regal's rippage of Americans, completely squashing him. At least is wasn't a spear-jackhammer or a kick-stunner like those other repetitive performers....

Test vs. Crash....on RAW? Why don't you guys save that for Jakked/Metal instead?

Hey Adam Sandler will probably be on Smackdown to whore his latest movie. And they say wrestling isn't popular.... By the way, my favorite Sandler movie is Billy Madison, followed by Big Daddy. I was a big fan of Sandler back in his SNL days too... what the hell am I saying here?

Holy cow! A Great cage match for once!! And guess who the performers were? Stone Cold Steve Austin and Rikishi Phatu! I couldn't believe my eyes....these two put on a great cage match. Cage matches anymore suck, but they not only defeated that stereotype, but they gave us the match of the night. Of course, Austin went over Rikishi, which means that admitting that Rikishi was the driver means nothing since Austin destroyed him tonight.

Wow. Tori returned to the WWF tonight, and she slapped X-Pac at WWF NY. Good, because she wasn't doing much for that dried up Sean Waltman. Now she can advance with her career, either managing some wrestler who needs it, or jumping into the Women's division, destroying whoever wants some. Remember, Tori used to be one of the best lady wrestlers...named Terry Powers in her day.

Another Wow. Debra McAustin is your NEW "assistant" commissioner. I guess Austin was using his booking power to keep her away from managing any wrestlers right now...OH WAIT. They've admitted, several times on television, that Debra was his wife. My bad. I guess this is the only role for her, and I'll suggest it will be wise to NOT let her talk on that mic. It gets rather frightening when she tries to talk, especially since she probably learned it from her ex-husband, who just couldn't talk either. Oh my gosh, I better lay off while I'm ahead!

Another good match with Kurt Angle and Triple H, with a horrible ending. I don't need to go into detail. Really, it's another week with Kurt Angle looking like a fool as World Champ.

I LOVED Chris Jericho just laying into the Rock. This is really a first, as the WWF officials try to make the Rock untouchable. Oh, nobody can make fun of the Rock! I'm sure Jericho will really get de-pushed for what he was saying. Even worse, Rock won't put over younger talent, but hey, if Triple H won't put over Jericho, why should the Rock? Plus, Jericho already fought Angle on Smackdown..... Still. Watching the Rock as the same BORING superhero everyweek is getting very tiring to watch.

Hopefully, the Rock goes along with the fact that he might have been involved, because a heel turn would be something new for his lame duck wrestler.

RAW Phat Stats

Matches: 7
Clean Wins: 3
Screwjobs: 3
Disqualifications: 1
No Contests: 0

Last Word: Bah!! Horrible endings to two decent matches involving Rock and Triple H. At least this show wasn't boring, and that gives it some credibility. They get a


for this week's show. I predict a 5.0 for the first hour of RAW.

Overall, an average week of wrestling. Could we at least eliminate the violence on women please, both federations?


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