Welcome, one and all, to the Phat Daily Column. After having a great weekend, I'm back here on campus to deliver some Monday Night Hype. Also, WCW put on a Pay Per View, for our viewing pleasure, last night to talk about. Without any more of an introduction, on to the PDC.

Before we get started, the feedback was rather interesting this week. For one, MAJOR PROPS to many of you out there who knew the movie reference I made yesterday. I said Konnan the Librarian(which should be Conan the Librarian), and asked what movie that was from. A good 30 or 40 people were all over it, and said Weird Al's movie UHF. Conan the Librarian would say "don't you know the Dewey Decimal System?", and then chop whoever asked that in half with his sword. Rather crazy stuff that is always a great rent.

ALSO, lots of feedback from the Best Feud Ever column about Ricky "the Dragon" Steamboat and Ric Flair from 1989 in the NWA. Many of you agreed, since a lot of us wrestling fans today, grew up watching this quality stuff before it turned into WCW. However, there was a mix of oldschool WWF fans and newer WWF fans that disagreed totally. The older going with mostly the Hogan and Macho Man feud in that same 1989, and many of the newer fans were picking feuds after the WWF became successful in 1998. I'm not dissing your opinions, but suggesting that you check out Chi-Town Rumble 1989 and Wrestle War 1989, and you won't be disappointed in Flair and Steamboat's matches. I'll at least guarantee you that.

Scott Hall drops the soap ball, again!

Gee, I hear a "I told you so" coming! A lot of WCW fans keep emailing me about how GREAT Scott Hall is for WCW, and that a return would help WCW attack the WWF's ratings. Bah. I don't believe that, because an incident would come up, just like the previous 6 or 7 times he tried to be with WCW. He's a menace to any federation, and he needs to face reality that life isn't one big party.

Drunken Scott Hall was arrested on charges of vandalism, since the 'bad guy' decided it would be fun to key a $65,000 limo. It violated his probation, and somebody might lock him up now and throw away the key! Seriously, you have to be the biggest goof if you are over 40 and you just decide to key a vehicle. What a waste of a wrestler.

The sad this is that many wrestling fans WANT to see Hall in the ring, including me. When Hall is at the top of his game, he's one of the best performers in the business, bar none. It was his persona that helped the Outsiders become cool to watch. In the ring, he always could wrestle a good match. But nooooo, his personal demons always had to come up and ruin a good thing. Of course, we don't see Hall trying to calm those personal demons, now do we?

Get this waste of space out of wrestling for good please.


-Halloween Havoc-

I went a nice and cool 8-2 on my Havoc predictions, missing only the Tag Title match and the Hardcore title match. That's the best I've done for WCW in a long time.

I'm glad to see that WCW is putting some confidence into Jindrak/O'Haire. They are truly the best tag team that is NOT in the WWF, and with a little more development, they will be the BEST tag team around. WCW just needs to continually push these guys as the champs, because they have something special here.

See, I told you Scott Steiner would NOT win due to the fact that he wrestled Mike Awesome on last week's Nitro. It was *that* predictable folks, as Taylor/Ace need to watch out for those kinds of errors. Now, we'll get Booker T vs. Mike Awesome, tonight, and it should be decent due to their past matches holding up pretty well. Of course, this might not be good since Mike Awesome is a badass 70s guy, which I still don't understand the logic about.

Looks like WCW bookers have won the backstage war about who will be the Commissioner. Cat was pushing to remain commissioner, while the bookers wanted Sanders to be it because Heel commissioners work better than face commissioners. You know, the Cat was a heel commissioner, and then they turned him face. Rather odd.

The current opinion was that this Pay Per View was possibly the worst booked PPV ever, as the polls sort of show that from other sites, and the feedback keeps on coming in via e-mail to somewhat prove that. I guess we'll just have to tune into Nitro tonight to see if WCW can rise in the ratings from this PPV experience. Remember, last week's Nitro was the worst rated Nitro ever!

-Nitro Hype-

I'll try to be a Nice Tito for this hype, although it could get pretty rough.

We'll have Mike Awesome vs. Booker T for the world title tonight. How about having the 70s guy just drop his gimmick, before this match, just like GI Bro did to become Booker T again. It should be a pretty good match, just as long as Steiner gives it at least 8 minutes before running in.

It looks like we'll have Lex Luger vs. Buff Bagwell, in a match where either guy will probably walk out of WCW for losing. I say that WCW should tag up Buff and Lex to take on KroniK for a good laugh. Lex and Buff aren't known for working together well, as that's proven from Starrcade 1997, when Buff went over Lex at the time. Watch that if you dare.....

Bill Goldberg will continue his streak, and crush more younger wrestlers as usual. The scary thing is that Goldberg is lined up to win the World Title at Starrcade, as I question if Starrcade will actually happen now.

Jeff Jarrett and Sting will continue their feud, which is two great old school workers going against each other. Sting, however, needs to do something because his character is taking some harsh shots lately with the Jarrett angle. Kudos to Jarrett for drawing some good heat to this match, although the rest of the federation can't say the same...

Oh please let the WWF buy this federation!


Long interview will probably start RAW, because hot opening matches are NEVER given a chance to prove themselves!

JUST ANNOUNCED: Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Rikishi Phatu in a Cage Match for tonight! Now if Rikishi performs like he did with Val Venis in the cage, I'll go home happy. However, if this is the blowoff match between Rikishi and Austin, which has Austin going right over Rikishi, I'll then question why it didn't happen at No Mercy. Oh yeah, cheap ratings are needed for RAW! I have an idea for a shocker if you REALLY want Rikishi over as a heel: let him beat Austin.

Of course, that won't happen because Austin books his own material now at the WWF. Just like Hogan......

WWF laid the groundwork for the latest chapter in Eddie Guerrero's feud with Chyna, as he was staring down Kat last night on Heat, who was in a Chyna outfit. So I am guessing Eddie will extend this feud before reforming the Radicals with Saturn, Malenko, and Benoit?

Not much else that I could tell you that you don't already know. Plus, I only have info on this Cage match to work with, since the WWF releases their preview later in the afternoon. I just wish somebody was able to compete with the WWF, and give them the energy they need....


@That's all for today. I shall be back, tomorrow, with the Monday Night Impressions. So just chill....till the next episode!

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