Welcome back to the Saturday edition of the Phat Daily Column. While many take the weekends off, we here at LoP don't believe in that. But anyway, it has been a very rough week for me personally and with the news, as it's been a very dead news week. Oh well, I'm just glad it's over now. Oh, I finally caught ECW on TNN since I taped it, so I've got the ECW is TNN Impressions for you! On to the PDC!


-Alright, the show that's too good for me to see, Smackdown, got a 4.8 rating this week, as it is slowly growing. Smackdown has some mighty stiff competition on Thursdays, and to get anything in that market is well noticeable. All of the other Thursday shows, from what I hear, are still doing great numbers, with not much change at all. The only shows that were affected, or at least they claimed to be, were the few shows on FOX that were cancelled a few weeks ago.

-Jim Ross stated in his Report that the Rock will now have his own biography now. I suppose he's noticing the tremendous demand for Mick's book. Ross also stated somehow that the Rock was under a Long term contract. That's very good for Rock fans, because he's going no where. Besides, do you think he would fit in WCW? I don't think so. Besides, with the Rock's star potential, I believe the WWF would match any offer that WCW would make him....if that were to happen. But for a long time now, the Rock will be in the WWF.

-Ross also stated that lots of unemployed talent are floating around, looking for work in the WWF. He's probably meaning those wrestlers who were released from WCW. He said they were asking for ridiculous amounts of money to work. I guess they were just used to the ludicrous amount of money they were making in WCW, as many were making $300,000 a year and never wrestled much. Rather ignorant.


-Thunder improved this week with a 2.3 rating, which is the highest it's been in a while. It shows interest in the WCW product now, or it could be people like me are finally starting to watch Thunder for once. It had decent matches this past Thursday, but not that many superstars were on the card. Many, like I've said before, have those darn guarantees not to wrestle Thunder in their contract. Hopefully, WCW can find a way to break those, or at least convince a few of them to work one here and there.

-Well, Dr. Harvey Schiller resigned officially as president of Turner Sports, despite many at Turner denying that he was leaving. Will this hurt WCW? I highly doubt it, as the only thing this man really did was finally taking Bischoff out of power, and that's it! When WCW has having some major backstage problems, he never came around to check things out. He only stepped in when things were about to explode in the WCW locker room, and for that, his loss means nothing to WCW. (Credit: Calvin for the news part)


Great opening match, as it was Taz and Sabu going one on one. I remember the last time I saw these two wrestle, and it was during the Wrestlepalooza or however that's spelled in 1997. Sabu got the win then when he reversed the Tazmission for the pin. This time, he did an leg drop from the top onto a table which Taz was on for the win. It was a good match, but when he pinned him when normally Taz would kick out, it shocked me. I guess that's what you get when you are WWF bound. At the end, Van Dam came down, and both Taz and Sabu beat his ass. For Sabu and RVD, neither of them want to lay down and do the job to the other when they do eventually fight each other.

Lots of highlights this week, as they showed the Tammy Sytch incident, which nobody probably minded, many times. There are still a lot of new time viewers coming in, so I guess reviewing it again isn't so bad.

Decent match with Dreamer and Storm, as Raven came down and screwed Dreamer out of the match. I like this angle how they one up the other, but yet they are still the cohesive tag team they say they are.

The Super Nova attack was stupid! They just had Doring and Road Kill, along with those big Baldies beat Nova down. I just hope they actually show Nova wrestle soon, because that boy's got skills! The chair shots afterwards with Balls and Axl were amusing, but I really found that Jasmine beating even more amusing on that Miss Congeniality(sp?). Jasmine is tough!

At the end, Joey Styles said we are going to see a former WCW hardcore wrestler come back, and I'm happy, because I know that was the surprise of the ECW Arena show! So that means they will have that great match on TNN next week!

ECW on TNN Phat Stats

Matches: 3
Clean Wins: 2, because anyone can interfere in ECW, so everything is legal.
Screwjobs: 0
Disqualifications: 0
No Contests: 1

Last Word: Alright, I enjoyed this show for the most part. They had a lot of highlight segments, and they didn't really have a final main event match this week. It seems that they had their best matches in their first half hour. Oh well, I'll give it a


for a pretty decent show. I predict, and I'll go out on a limb here, that WCW will get a 1.3 this week. I think they'll slowly grow from now on.

Just a quick plug for the new Rob Zombie cd, "American Made Music to Strip By". I bought it yesterday, and it's F'N great. Check it out, you won't be disappointed. That's a Tito guarantee!

@That's all the damage that I can do today. I hope you are enjoying this weekend, and it's a weekend without a Pay Per View!! Oh well, that's just the way it is. Thanks for reading, and take it easy. This is Mr. Tito, a former great Intercontinental Champ, signing off!

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